Craft it Forward: Do You Want to Play?

Lavender Bath Salts

Lavender Bath Salts

What a fun day! I discovered a great new blog and at the same time squeaked in on her pay-it-forward 2013 offer.

What is ‘pay-it-forward’ you ask? I took part in something similar several years ago on Facebook. Here is how it works:

The first five people to comment on this post will receive something I’ve handmade. You’ll receive your handmade gift via snail mail sometime during 2013. Who doesn’t like ‘real’ mail?

I can’t say what  exactly it will be but it will follow a gardening theme. It might be a set of cards, a decorative piece, who knows. Surprises are part of the fun.

In return, please pay it forward by offering the same deal to five other people, via your blog, Facebook or Google +.

If you want to play, please comment below.  Remember, the first five to comment receive a Gardening Nirvana craft-it-forward creation.

kitty cat tag board album

Kitty-cat chipboard album

tag board purse album

Purse-shaped tag board album

Fold-out greeting card

Fold-out greeting card

Here’s a peak at a few of the crafts I put together back in 2009’s pay-it-forward.

In the meantime, check out Gjeometry.  Sewing, an adorable cat and her sidekick pooch figure prominently in her blog. Catja says:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning from the blogs and websites of other sewers, DIY enthusiasts, crafters, designers and fashion entrepreneurs around the globe and wanted to set up shop in a little corner of that community.  Let’s be friends.”

48 thoughts on “Craft it Forward: Do You Want to Play?

  1. OMG I’m laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes….what the heck Alys, I typed that so fast I didn’t even stop to correct all the spelling. LOL 😀 woop woop!! count me in, Whew, just made it.
    Anywho, this is soooo fun. I can’t wait! Those kitty cats were sure cute. Did you sew the handbag? I can’t even imagine how much work that was. I’m going to pop over to your link and see what’s happening over there.

    That’s such a pretty card you’ve made, the papers are totally gorgeous. I’ve never seen that collection here. Jim wore a purple shirt today as did the other two guys that work with him…I of course unplanned but I guess they got a lot of ribbing for being so matching.

    I know you’re working thru the weekend, but I hope you’ll find some time for fun. It warmed up to 3 C today and I had the windows open. It felt wonderful. Looking forward to playing along xoK


    • Oh how fun that they all arrived in purple shirts. I love that.

      The handbag is actually a tag board book. I covered all the pages and used some hardware on the cover. I was delighted to find the black and white purse paper, then colored several of it in with markers. My friend Laura collects purses, so this was perfect for her.

      I made the card using Japanese Washi paper. They sold it at the Island, but it wasn’t successful, so I found small bags of it on clearance. It was hard to cut and glue, but I liked the texture and the finished effect. It’s pretty cool paper.


      • Laura must have been totally in love when she saw it. I’ve never seen that idea b4, very cute! I have seen the Washi paper around but I’ve never crafted with it. Gorgeous results though. Congratulations on filling up your player list so fast too, people are being shy over at Boomtown, one so far!


        • I just stopped by to check your list today. I think we’re all intimidated by your over the top creativity and impeccable implementation of all things crafty. I’m sure you’ll build your list. I sense that everyone wants to be on the receiving end, but is cautionary before committing. I get that. Love you,


          • Thanks for watching out for me Alys. I was a little nervous for a bit that no one would play but It’s ok with only a few. Darn, I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated. I need to post a flub craft day….I’m pretty sure there’s a few…LOL. I feel the love 😀 and love you too!


              • You are always so generous my dear sweet friend. I didn’t think anything negative at all….never, you don’t have a judgemental bone in your body. It’s one of the wonderful things about Blogging, everyone gets to shine at so many things. Wonderful writing, gardening, crafts, baking…I couldn’t have imagined and wish I had started blogging long ago..xox


  2. What a lovely idea Alys – I hope you’ll keep us informed about what you share? Obviously after the event to save spoiling any surprises,
    I’m still laughing at Boomdee’s reply! Classic!


  3. Hi there Alys! I’m so happy you’ve already set up your Pay It Forward and had such a warm response. That’s the name of the game 🙂 Thanks for the ‘shout out’ as well. This should be a lot of fun! (I’m also going to use your numbered list idea and add my top five (six 🙂 ) at the bottom of my post).


  4. Oh I am so upset I missed your post and a chance to win – that will teach me to check my wordpress reader more often! The fold out card is just beautiful. I’ll make sure I check in more often now as I want to see what you’re going to make for the lucky five.


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