A Broccoli We Will Grow

What do you think?  Catchy song title, eh?


Okay, I’ll stick to growing instead. I’m happy to report that the broccoli is doing well, growing and showing signs of decent production.  I snapped off one large leaf with a cluster of pests (yuck), but the plants look healthy. The leaves are a nice, dark green and small heads are forming on all six plants.

Broccoli Head

Broccoli Head

I grew broccoli last year, but it bolted early.  I managed just a few small heads. Since the cauliflower is looking worse by the day, I’ve set my sights on the great green veg.

I enjoy eating broccoli in a number of ways:

  • Steamed till tender but still crunchy,
  • sautéed with almonds (my husbands yummy recipe),
  • and blended in soup

It’s hard not to feel virtuous when munching on this cruciferous darling

Broccoli contains more vitamin C than oranges, ounce for ounce.  It has a much calcium as a glass of milk, and contains folate, important for the production and maintenance of new cells.  It’s an excellent source of iron as well as fiber.

Broccoli Plants

Broccoli Plants

It will be an excellent source of pride as well, if I can get past these next few weeks. Fingers crossed for cooperative weather, and a pest-free, bolt-free crop.

Broccoli Leaves

Broccoli Leaves

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27 thoughts on “A Broccoli We Will Grow

  1. Bravo Alys, your last photo is amazing, with the little pearl of water just about ready to fall. You are not only a patient gardener, you must be a patient photographer too. It doesn’t get much fresher than that! We eat a lot of broccoli too. Mostly steamed for 4-5 minutes and served with lemon juice and lemon pepper. I glad it’s so good for you since I have so many bad habits, ha. High Ho the Dario, I wish bread was low carb too 😀


  2. I grew broccoli a few years ago. It was amazing!!! I grew so much that every time the neighbors stuck their head over the fence I was throwing heads of huge broccoli at them to eat. I think we all binged on greens that year!


  3. Our broccoli wasn’t great this year, I did plant some sprouting broccoli though and it’s trying really hard to produce something. Broccoli and cauliflower simply don’t grow well here which is a real shame.


      • We can grow quite a lot so I really shouldn’t complain! It’s mainly some of the brassicas that we struggle with: brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. Cabbages grow like mad here, you could almost carve one out and live in it. I’m trying kohl rabi this year so it will be interesting to see how that grows.


        • Wow! Well that is great to hear, then. I love cabbage, but I’ve not grown that yet. I really have a tiny area to grow in, so each year I’m limited to one or two. I really need to get on the vertical veg bandwagon, making that space work for me.

          Can’t wait to see your updates, Eleenie.


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