In a Vase on Monday: The Colors of Spring

In a vase on Monday

Ceramic chick filled with yellow and white Freesia, Salvia and purple Anemone

I’m joining “The Cathys” once again for their weekly feature, In a Vase on Monday.

I look forward to filling this pink ceramic chick every year. The vase is a gift from Nichole, a family friend and our go-to babysitter when our boys were young. She’s always been a wonderful presence in our lives.

Pink Ceramic Chick in a vase on Monday

Pink Ceramic Chick

Today’s vase features yellow and white Freesia, purple Anemone and sprigs of purple Salvia.

Spring colors

purple Anemone in a vase on Monday

Purple Anemone ready to open

These blooms have had the benefit of the loveliest, late-season rain here in San Jose. After an unseasonably dry winter, March arrived with a series of storms dumping much-needed snow on the Sierras and bringing gentle rain to the garden.

wooden Easter eggs

Wooden eggs and Freesia

Tessa smelling flowers in a vase on Monday

Tessa smelling the flowers (I thought this might be the end of the vase, but she treaded lightly)

Click on over to see some of the other beautiful vases featured on In A Vase on Monday.

Thank you Cathy at Words and Herbs and Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for your ongoing inspiration.

in a vase on Monday

The cutest little end

61 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: The Colors of Spring

    • Happy Wednesday to you, Pauline. You’re right: the freesia are scenting the garden and the house. I also got a second round off hyacinth and they too are potently fragrant. I’m glad you were uplifting by the flowers. I love spring!

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      • Me too – though I’m actually quite enjoying the Autumnal feeling that is pervading us here. The courtyard is turning red with all the leaves of the Boston Ivy taking over from the summer time green, the nights are cooler and that little nesting feeling is rising up 🙂 You enjoy your Spring and I’ll enjoy my Autumn and in six months time we’ll be happily looking to swap about again 🙂


        • I love that nesting feeling! I love autumn too, as you know. Every year I go back and forth: spring is my favorite, no autumn, no spring. It’s nice to have a choice twice a year between favorite seasons. 😉

          I’m so glad I got to sit in your courtyard, see all the flowers, a few spiders, and your freshly painted walls. I’ve also been thinking about your conservatory some more. I’ll work out my thoughts and will share in an email.

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          • I did enjoy those brief moments we had in the courtyard and in my house – having you all around my table was a real treat! I shall look forward to your thoughts on the conservatory. We are approaching the time of year when it is a very cold hallway instead of a very hot one. At least it is dry 🙂


  1. I’m so glad you decided to participate in this meme. I’ve been visiting the other bloggers and enjoying everyone’s vases of color. What a wonderful way to start a Monday! Unfortunately the side effect is the frustration of not being able to get out and do more in my own garden. 😦

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    • Lilacs are gorgeous! I’ve always dreamed of planting them in my “English garden” but I’ve come to settle for natives. Do they grow well in your area, Cindy? My friend, Kelly, has a large lilac bush in front of her house in Canada. It’s beautiful.


  2. Such a lovely breath of Springtime, Alys! It’s such fun to know the story of your special vase, too. We are waiting for our first peeks of Springtime color here. We have lots of green foliage and large buds on the daffodils. It won’t be long now! Wishing you a happy week!💗

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    • Dawn, California jumps into spring while so much of the country is waiting at the gate. It must be all the more precious when those spring days arrive. I love the look of bulbs peaking up through the snow. I’ve not seen that since visiting a friend in Connecticut many years ago. I’m looking forward to reading about your garden as it blooms.

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  3. Ah, fresh flowers!!! I bought some this past weekend and freshened up the house–changing table runners and coffee table covers and it all looks so good and clean handspring like! I like your chick and can see why it would be something to look forward to arranging flowers in.

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  4. It’s just breath taking! Those flowers in that vase make me feel like it’s spring. Gloomy, cold and wet here…still. Looks like you are back into some form of routine. 🙂 I’ve saved the photo of Tessa sniffing the flowers in my animals folder. Where I go for my happy fix. Enjoy your spring. I know mine is coming. 🙂 Hugs.

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    • Gloomy and wet!? Well darn it, that’s no fun. When do you start seeing flowers and bulbs popping out of the ground? I’m glad you enjoyed the photo of Tessa enough to save it. It’s blurry but I included it any way. She’s just a gem.

      Hugs! Let’s fit in a phone call soon.

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      • All photos are blurry to me, Alys. 🙂 It’s my norm. I have some bulbs up already and tomorrow will be day for weeding and some clearing…finally. Tessa is a gem. Did you get the e-mail I sent? A phone call would be lovely. Hugs.


        • Hurray for bulbs! I’ve been weeding today myself. It’s the Oxalis that never goes away. It creeps under the edges of walkways making the roots near impossible to extricate. Smart plant! C goes back to school on Tuesday next week. We can chat after that. Are you around? I will check email. I remember a post from you, but perhaps I answered it “in my head”. 😉

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  5. Mmm, simply gorgeous Alys! Looks like Spring! I bet the Freesias smell nice too. I adore your little chick vase! It reminds me of egg cups we had as children. 🙂 Enjoy your spring garden! 🙂

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    • Cathy, you’re right! That little vase does look a lot like an egg cup. We see egg cups so rarely these days, but I think they’re a charming addition to any table. The Freesia smell wonderful and the sage does too, though it’s a bit overpowered by the others. No matter. They’re all a welcome addition to the vase.

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  6. The chick vase is adorable and the blooms you selected show it off well, Alys! I love Freesia, even if they do tend to flop when we get rain – one or 2 blooms are enough to scent a room.


  7. Pingback: Looking for some colour…. | Flowery Prose

    • Thank you, Debra! I read both of your posts this weekend, then was pulled away and didn’t get back to reply. I have a friend living in Santa Rosa and lived here myself for three summers. It all felt so close to home. I will get back to your posts for a proper reply.


  8. Hi Alys. I too go back and forth trying to figure out whether Autumn or Spring is my favorite season. Think I just decided I can have two favorites! I especially love seeing your pumpkins and Halloween costumes during Fall and your beautiful flowers in the Spring! Love this color combo of flowers and the unique cute pink chick vase. As always, thanks for sharing and have a Happy Easter!


    • It’s nice to have two favorite, Maria. It keeps things interesting. Thanks for your kind words on my pumpkin posts. That is always a fun time of year for me. This will be my first October with both boys away at college. That will be really strange. Have a happy Easter, and thanks for stopping by. xo


  9. Goodness, I’m way behind on visits to your lovely posts. I must have been in a Coma. I see this is March! Your little vase of garden goodness is really sweet. It almost radiates sunshine right through the screen. The freesia are still bloom too? Wow! I’m seeing them in the markets here currently. But I just stop for a sniff because it’s still too cool at night to leave anything outside and the kitties at my house make short work of pretty flowers. xo K


    • Freesia have such an intoxicating scent. Mine came up in I think February and they are just now finishing up. The greenery is also lovely so unlike some bulbs, it will hold some color for awhile. Too bad your kitties do in all your flowers and houseplants. I had a roommate years ago with a cat who loved houseplants. He would visit my room in the early morning, and I would wake up to the sound of cat-chomping.

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      • I’m familiar with the chomp, chomp of yummy leaves. I have four little house plants on one table near the bathroom. They’re all gathered tightly around one prickly cactus. For the most part, they’re ignored (I assume the cactus did it’s job once) but when I last watered, I noticed little teeth holes in one. I’m pointing a paw at Petals, because she’s the one small enough to have carefully pearched herself behind the cactus on the narrowest slip of table. Not even Simon Biles could have managed as well 😀 sneaky kitties x


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