Blooming Thursday: It’s a Stretch

Here’s the view from my back door.

View from my back door

View from my back door

At first glance, it looks like nothing is blooming. In my under-dressed (put on a coat, Alys!) and overzealous quest for something in bloom, I poked around here and there and teased out the following:


Somehow this Begonia escaped the frost

drying hydrangea

Faded but beautiful drying hydrangea


Flowering Daphne

Serbian Bellflower

The first of the Serbian Bellflowers

An over-do thank you to Laura for these wonderful Forget-me-not seeds. I’m excited to plant them come spring.

Forget-me-not seeds

Forget-me-not seeds

Vernal Equinox, 49 days and counting.

5 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: It’s a Stretch

  1. I really fancy all the soft curves in your garden. The patio, pavers and rock garden look so cohesive. I also would enjoy the little spot of grass, I’m sure the kitties do too. We also left a little oasis of grass (Blossum is totally climbing on me right now and my tap top is full of hair) for Buddy. I always had a hard time getting the mower in there and resorted to a little push mower I could lift up and over the perennials. A neighbour said I should plant it all up but I always thought of it like a little island in an ocean of flowers. It just makes your garden so inviting and a nice place to linger or throw a blanket down….who needs a chair right? It’s fun sitting on the lawn, down with the kitties…lets do that for sure! I love that you are able to see beauty where others may miss it, that’s such an endearing quality. xK


    • I love that idea of a green oasis in the center of a garden. I think it helps set off the flowers and shrubs growing around it too.

      Yes, we will definitely sit on the grass together, and will be surrounded by cats in no time.

      Thanks for your nice words about the garden. We worked with a talented landscape designer who helped incorporate what we had with what we wanted and at the same time recycling some of the stone from our original patio. We spend so much time out there in the summer months. Last summer it felt like an extra room to decorate. Such fun!


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