There’s No Place Like It

Flowers in a cup

Flowers in a cup
‘Kiss me I’m a Scrapbooker’

What a fun weekend!  A group of us stayed at a local hotel and worked on crafts and photo albums the entire time. We did lots of eating, laughing, and impromptu dancing as well.  Michelle Obama’s not the only one doing the ‘Sprinkler.’

I finished one of my craft-it-forward projects, and got a start on a second one. I came away with lots of great ideas, one of the perks of spending a weekend with so many creative souls.

One of the women at my table gave each of us a St. Patrick’s Day cup. March crept up on me and now Saint Patty’s day is just a week away. I bought the silliest of impulse purchases at the craft store before I left: a small shamrock kit, promising a sprouted plant within the week.  We’ll see.

I walked in the door around 5 today, to the smell of homemade carrot soup and decadent brownies. A lovely bouquet of flowers were waiting on the counter.

My youngest son wanted to plant the shamrock seeds with me, something we often did together when he was younger. It was fun, proof that you have to go away once in a while to be missed. That little pot of seeds already brought me luck, whether it grows or not. 

If I had to summarize the perfect time away it would be this: feeling lucky to get away, and even luckier to come back home.

Will you be wearing green next Sunday?

5 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like It

  1. What fun to be part of a scrap happy group, I could tell it was a blast. Other than you, none of my friends scrapbook. I guess I would make new friends if I signed up for one of these events, but it’s so fun to go with a pal. Your guys are sweet to treat you to supper and flowers. It’s true, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I always like the ‘Kermit Mums’ (small green ones) or that’s what Adele calls them. I love the bright green and they go with absolutely everything. Congrats on doing one of your ‘craft it forwards’ all while brownie munching. I’m almost on to the 3rd, just thinking what to do.


    • None of your friends scrapbook?!?

      [stunned silence follows]

      Holy die cut, something must be done. I think you should just move here. I’ll start looking for houses now, and I’ll send you a list. 🙂

      Kermit Mums…that is so sweet. I’ve not heard that term, but it sounds perfect.

      It is fun to go with a pal, but you’re right, too, that you may meet someone who’s into it. Then everyone will want to sit next to you to see your great ideas.


      • Holy die cut…LOL LOL…are you slicing everything in site. How fun!! I think that unit sounds spectacular and like you said you don’t have to buy or store dies….I might have to upgrade. I need to go to their website to have a lookie.

        I’m a renegade scrapbooker, true story..HA. Like you, most pals have j.o.b.’s or kids or both, Karen’s got two houses, two yards, two kids and a job. So while they’ve dabbled, it never caught on. You are an enigma Alys 😀 You seem to make time for it all and do it with flare and a flaming red mane…ha! I love your sense of fun.

        This is my new mission, find a scrap class that looks fun and infiltrate….giggle. NO no, I think everyone probably wants to sit by YOU! xoK


  2. Alys, I’ll have you know that I vicariously craft through you LOL! Your projects and the joy you pour into them make me happy 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia)


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