Marauding Leprachauns: A Race Through the Fairy Garden

Mischievous Leprechauns passed through the fairy garden yesterday. Guess what they’ve been up to?

For starters, they turned the garden path a glossy emerald. No stone was left un-greened.

Leprechaun Path

Follow the emerald-green path

As they skipped along the path they tossed Mardi Gras beads hither and yon. I missed the parade! Our precious little deer caught a few baubles. She looks surprised at the turn of events and wonders if she should have stayed in Canada.

Festive Deer

Festive Deer

Nah…she’s having fun! Really.

Those crafty Leprechauns turned the garden furniture upside down, then dotted the path with sparkling shamrocks. I sure hope the fairies have a sense of humour. I think I spotted a pot of gold but no rainbow. Months with barely a drop of rain means the pot of gold is at the end of a dry, brittle twig.

St. Patrick's Day Fairy Garden

St. Patrick’s Day Fairy Garden

I wonder if Leprechauns negotiate? I’m willing to return the pot of gold for a week of spring rains.ย  Sounds like a fair exchange to me. Let me know if you see a friendly Leprechaun dashing through your garden.ย  I’m ready to make a deal.

A glimmer of gold

A glimmer of gold

Pot of Gold at the end of a very dry stick

Pot of Gold at the end of a very dry stick (no rain, no rainbows)

St. Patrick's Day Fairy Garden

Sea glass, Alyssum, pot of gold, tiny cyclamen, fescue, and a fashionably dressed deer. Lantern by Tim Holtz

Many thanks to Boomdee for the charming ceramic deer.ย  You can see her cousins Grace, Alyster and a couple of charming gnomes at Boomdeeadda.


35 thoughts on “Marauding Leprachauns: A Race Through the Fairy Garden

  1. WOW, O_SO_Cute St Patty’s make-over Alys. You always have a way of writing that’s so darn charming, “hither and yon”…just sweet as can be. I love that your little deer is having so much fun in California. Once you go ‘San Jose’, never more ‘Canada’, NO Way. It’s so funny that the little devils tipped over the furniture, LOL…OUT of control! giggle. Did you ‘gold leaf’ your pot of gold? I hope these little green marauder’s lucky charms will bring some rain to your garden, I know you really need it. Thank you for the link back to the Canadian cousins…I think we’ll start a craze…any moment now! I know I’m hooked. Mwwwaaaa!


    • Thanks so much for that, Boomdee! It was a fun makeover, but for some reason challenging to photograph. I re-took the pics today with better luck. Perhaps you have some good advice for me for these miniature closeups.

      I love your little poem, above.

      Yes, that is metal leaf. You have a good eye. I bought a small bag of mixed metal leaf to use on a craft it forward project, then realized I could also use it for the pot of gold. I used a small pot from one of my son’s crafts, filled it with laundry lint, then covered with a scrap of gold paper. I added the sizing, then sprinkled bits of leaf. It really shines in the sun. I’m like a kid with a new box of crayons…what else can I use this on??? ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for always noticing, and commenting, on the details.


      • Golden laundry lint!! BAM….take that Martha. LOL. mmmmm what else? I’m thinking maybe your boot camp water jug? Everyone will want one.
        I’m still such a novice at the whole photography thang. I think we’re both doing it the same…..take a mess of photo’s and some are bound to turn out ๐Ÿ˜‰


        • LOL! Yep…I can’t figure out why the fairy gardens are so tricky. I love making them and love writing about them, but getting good shots are tricky. I think part of the problem is so many small things in one shot. The camera doesn’t know where to focus, and many of the shots are blurred. There must be a better way!

          Hmmmm…gold leaf water jug….you may be on to something.


            • We have several small earthquakes every day (1.2 to 3.4). I’ve not heard about the larger one, but you would definitely feel a 5.2. I sure don’t want to relive the 1989 level of quake. That was scary! I’ve experienced several 5s over the years, and they are pretty disconcerting, too, but generally no injuries and only mild property damage.


                • ๐Ÿ™‚ I was at a mixer on the third floor of an old building the last time I felt a substantial quake. My extincts kicked in and I was under a table in seconds. It was scary. When I left the building, a man walked up to me (from another country) and asked “is that it or will there be more.” It struck me that day how we are so used to it here, but that someone who never experienced one wouldn’t know what came next. After the 1989 quake we had multiple, aftershocks. They were quite scary as they kept coming and coming. It felt like the buildings were shuddering. It’s an experience to be sure.


                    • Duck and cover, never run into or out of a building, pull to the side of the road if you are driving (when safe) and if out in the open, avoid anywhere with the potential of falling objects. That said, building codes have changed over the years, so buildings don’t have a lot of false facades that can fall and hurt you. Towering buildings are on rollers to absorb the shock. Houses need to be bolted to foundations, and water heaters need to be bolted to the wall.

                      I’ve put in an order with Mother Nature (and we’re on good terms): no earthquakes during Boomdee’s visit.


                    • LOL, you are the ultimate hostess Alys! I don’t really think of these things on vacations, but last trip to San Diego we noticed signs that said “Now Entering Tsunami Zone” and I winced a bit. What can you do, Coronado is only 11 ft above sea level…run like h.e. double L….hehe


                    • No kidding. And Hawaii, too. We noticed the signs when we were on the Big Island. After the devastation in Indonesia and later Japan, no one wants to take chances, but honestly, both of those were so extreme, there was nothing anyone could do. Tragic.


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