Garden Bulbs: Putting on a Show

Today, I was ready! I’ve been enjoying these beautiful tulips putting on a show and wanted to share them with you. I kept missing the chance to grab a picture of their buttery centers. The tulips start to ‘disrobe’ around mid-day, usually when I’m gone. They’re wrapped up snugly first thing in the morning and again by dusk. Aren’t they something?

Tulip opens up

Tulip opens up

three tulips

Trio of Beauties

Petite and purple crocus broke ground this week, blooming with sporty stripes and tailored leaves to match They’re small put powerful, and once established, appear year after year. I planted crocus in several pots and as a border under the Acer and around the steps. Next year I’ll be far more adventurous, planting in greater volume. They’re magnificent!

Purple crocus

Purple Crocus with Lemony Centers

This lovely should burst on the scene tomorrow, just in time for Blooming Thursday. (No pressure, little flower.)

Tomorrow's promise

Tomorrow’s promise

I’ll close with this luscious number. I don’t remember planting it and don’t know what it is. Suggestions welcome.


25 thoughts on “Garden Bulbs: Putting on a Show

  1. I’m in love with those striped purple and white crocus, stunning. You’ve made awesome photo’s for us Alys. Hey I wonder if your last picture is a pink Freesia. They are one of my favourite treats from the flower shop. I adore the yellow, very heavenly scented and the white scented spicey. I love that there’s no pressure in your garden…giggle…so funny.…0.0…1ac.1.5.img._2sw5qrh9tU


  2. Loving my autumn harvest but really really missing those lovely spring beauties. I can practically smell them through my screen. Seriously! Good job, Alys.


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