Craft it Forward: Did I Say Five?

I never was good at math.  What I meant was, five seven of my fellow readers can take part in Craft it Forward.  Since Catja was nice enough to let me in on her pay it forward, even though I was number six, I decided to pay forward her generosity as well.  Without further ado, the following readers win the Gardening Nirvana craft-it-forward prize.

  1. Laura
  2. Sheila
  3. Boomdeeadda
  4. Greenhouse Starter
  5. Betsy
  6. The Pyjama Gardener
  7. Where the journey takes me

You can read more about the Pay it Forward (Craft it Forward) concept in my February 1, 2013 post.  In return, please pay it forward by offering the same deal to five other people, via your blog, Facebook or Google +.  I created a ‘Craft it Forward’ button, below.  Feel free to use it on your own post.

I’ll be in touch privately if I don’t already have your snail-mail address.  Thank you for your wonderful comments. I’m already having so much fun.

craft it forward button

Craft it Forward button

36 thoughts on “Craft it Forward: Did I Say Five?

  1. Way too much fun Alys. I’m totally excited to make something and see who it goes too. What a good Idea. Thank you for including a button and so pretty with your Cosmos. I absolutely will include it and clip to my Home page. I’m off to swing by the other links too…I see our friend PJ’s in on the fun I can’t wait to see what she makes….I love her style 😀 Mwwwaaaaa to infinity


    • I’m glad you are as excited as I am. Thanks for your nice words on the button, too. I thought it would be a fun little touch. Yes, PJ is on the list, and trying to convince me she has no crafting abilities. I’m not buying it, knowing what talent she presents on her blog. 🙂 We love you, PJ.


      • Dear PJ, imagine Alys and me climbing together, arm and arm to the tippy top of the Statue of Liberty and peaking thru her crown, big smiles on our faces and waving with all our might eastward to you…that would be the bomb 😀
        I’m so looking forward to creating something special, I’m at work for a couple of days but back on Tuesday for all the fun. xoxo K


          • They’d have to catch us first 😀 xo I’ve never been to the Liberty, you? I’d love to one day, we’ve talked about New York a few times and did some homework, it’s really expensive but might be worth it for the experience.


            • I visited New York many years ago and at the time the Statue of Liberty was under scaffolding. I had a few friends living there at the time. I didn’t stay in a hotel, and flew on the cheap, so the expenses weren’t too bad. I was 26 and single so didn’t have a lot of money to burn.

              It’s an amazing place, though. I saw three shows using the half price tickets. Its been so long though that much of it is a blur.


              • You sure were an independent young woman, so smart to travel, see the world and enjoy your youth. Stupid me, I got all hooked up with a boyfriend and a house and a mortgage…blah blah. My dad always said “I couldn’t pick out a better man for my daughter, if I had done it myself”….we were both conned. I almost felt worse for my dad. He was heartbroken, and worried for me. I forgave all, except the fact that he really gave my dad a lot of sleepless nights….I believe in Karma though.


  2. Oh my goodness I’m thrilled and terrified in equal measures! I love the beautiful things you make so I would absolutely love a little surprise…. but the unfortunate thing is that I really am hopeless at crafty things!! Does anyone really want me to send them a bookmark that looks like a left over scrap of wallpaper or a drawing that looks like a kitten got carried away with the crayon box?? LOL.
    If so, bring it on!! It will be fun if nothing else 🙂 Thanks Alys x


    • PJ you’ve got me chuckling away. I don’t believe you for a minute! You have a beautiful home and garden, and a cabinet full of ribbon if I recall. I know you’ll create something fabulous for your top five. Go forth and have a blast.


  3. I missed the party – hate it when Gmail decides certain blog updates are Spam. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what cool goodies you’ve created to give to others!

    Spashionista (Alicia)


    • Oh know! I was SPAM. Be still my blogging heart. Alicia, I plan to do this every year, so stay tuned. I’ve been a bit under the weather this week, so I need to catch up with your blog as well. I hope you are feeling better, too.


  4. I came over here for a catch up and can’t believe my luck – I am sending lots of hugs – but now am fretting about what I will craft for 5 other people!!! Love the link button you are so creative.
    I also wondered when you were going to come over to my place and collect your award that I nominated you for – it is still waiting but it is on my Re-routed blog you can get there from Where the Journey takes me by clicking on the link in the sidebar then head for the heading Drum Roll – Do come and collect it soon. xx


    • Oh my goodness, I am so behind this week. I worked over the weekend, then fell in with a stomach bug. Thanks for the award. I will come check it out (with my gratitude and apologies). Thanks so much.

      No fretting aloud! It should be fun. Think of it as a way to challenge yourself to try something new, perhaps something you’ve always thought about but haven’t tried. May I suggest a trip through Etsy or Pinterest for inspiration?


  5. So exciting! I posted this on facebook & need to go back and check how many takers I had? I have no idea what I am going to make but I am so excited just thinking of the possibilities. Thanks for increasing the number so I could be included. Generous, as always. Hope you are feeling better and are up and around quickly


    • Hurray, Betsy! I’ll have to go take a look at your list. I’m so glad you are joining in the fun. You’ve been wanting to be more creative (I remember that comment a few months ago). This is the perfect opportunity!

      Thank you for playing!


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