(Almost) Blooming Thursday: Tulips!

Tulips Break Ground

Tulips Break Ground

Did you hear me squeal with delight?

Tulips are popping up all over the garden. They won’t flower for a little while, but the fact that they’ve survived this long (shh…don’t tip off the squirrels) is amazing.

Last fall I planted three varieties, purchased at a local garden center. They are all sourced from Van Zyverden.

I planted:

  • 15 Tulip ‘Angélique
  • 15 Tulip ‘Attila‘; and
  • 5 Tulip ‘Passionale

In other words, the potential for 35 stunning acts of nature. Guess what? I counted over twenty, ground-breaking bulbs! The last time I planted tulips, nothing came up. Zip. Zero. Nada. I’m really liking these odds.

tulip bulbs break ground

Tulips all Around!

While I had my nose to the earth, I noticed several more bulbs breaking through: Crocus, Narcissus and a few others, to-be-determined when they bloom.

Oh happy day!  What’s ‘cooking’ in your garden this Thursday?

spring bulbs collage

Assorted Spring Bulbs Break Ground

Tulip Bulbs

Tulip Bulbs


17 thoughts on “(Almost) Blooming Thursday: Tulips!

  1. That is going to look so darn pretty with the pinks and purples mixing together. I can’t believe the squirrelly friends haven’t carried them off to their dinner table. They are well on their way, wow I can’t believe it. Tulips in February! Awesome. Nothing blooming in my garden but I found the cutest accoutrement for my fairy garden today, I was in two antique malls and stuck to my mission only. (pat on back)…I’m going to do a small garden in a glass container I bought at Pottery Barn three years ago. It has a lid so the kitty’s can’t disturb it. I couldn’t find any small plants at this time of year here so I bought two potted garden herbs at the grocery store and moss at Michaels with a coupon, oh so fun. I’m going to copy you and make a little banner….giggle!


    • I’ve seen those ‘garden in a jars’ and think they’re stunning. Oh, I know you’re going to work some amazing magic. I can’t wait to see what you design.

      Herbs are a great idea. You can divide them, trim them and they will love the moisture in your jar. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait1


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