What do Trugs and Raspberries Have in Common?

Absolutely nothing!

Does this every happen to you?  You go into the store for one thing, then leave with something else? I popped into Home Depot today looking for another ‘Trug,’ the light but strong, flexible buckets known as Tubtrugs®. They are really handy in the garden.  I bought one a few years ago, and although they say the handles are ‘super strong,’ one of the handles on mine broke.  No matter.  I turned it into a worm bin. When I went looking for a replacement at the end of the season, they only had the smaller size.

Today I wandered around the store for a while, then asked for help from two associates. They had never heard of them before. As I readied to leave empty-handed I saw these:

Early Heritage Raspberries

Early Heritage Raspberries

Mmmmm…raspberries. The containers alone intrigued me along with the price.  $6.98 for an entire shrub of raspberries!!!  Holy cow.  I’ll take two, please. I thought all raspberries grew as vines until Boomdee mentioned growing them as shrubs.  Low and behold, there they were.  We really enjoyed eating berries off the vine last summer, so I figured the more the merrier.

I’m still in the market for a Tubtrug, but I left the store in a good mood anyway. Did anything interesting making it into your shopping cart this week?

9 thoughts on “What do Trugs and Raspberries Have in Common?

  1. That’s always a dangrous question at my house LOL! Let’s see, I’m typing this usiing a portable bluetootth keyboard I found at TJ Maxx for $29.99. I’ve paired it with my Samsung tabllet because it’s easier for me to use than the Note’s keyboard. Hubby bought a scanner at Goodwill for $6 he’s going to make into a UV developer to do plates and circuitboards..

    Spashionista (Alicia)


  2. Over here Alys, GUILTY ! Impulse purchase lady right here (my hands up high and waving) LOL. I can’t stop for just scrapbook adhesive, there’ll be a number of other things in my basket and I’ll get home and notice “I didn’t even by adhesive…dah”

    I bet those raspberries will grow so fast in California. One thing I noticed in my mom inlaws yard was all the suckers her’s sent out. They were hard to contain in the bed. Might have just been the variety and they were never cut back well either. I had a beautiful muffin last weekend at an Urban coffee shop…it was called Sunrise Muffin and was a lemon muffin with fresh raspberries baked in…OMgosh…heavenly.


    • Oh, those scrapbooking stores are notorious for “robbing you blind…wink wink.” It’s as if they open your wallet and empty it before you come to your senses!

      There you are ready to craft again and no adhesive. LOL

      I love raspberry muffins. Yum-yum for you, Boomdee.

      As for the suckers, I’ve heard that too. I pulled out quite a few last year as the summer went on. I had the funniest dream last night. Instead of the house that really is next door, we had a falling down but full of potential house instead and I was ready to tell Mike we should buy it, renovate it, and of course double our garden space. Nice dream.


      • That’s so funny that you dream’t about gardening. I sometimes dream about arriving at some crazy-awesome antique store and I’m always mad when I wake up that it isn’t really a place and I didn’t really get all that great stuff.

        Wouldn’t that just be fantastic to have another whole yard to expand in? Then the house that you renovate can be a guest house LOL…oh yah wink wink. Or run your business out of there and offer gardening classes or organizational seminars. Maybe you could become the worst neighbour ever and they’ll want to move. Well crumb, that’s not a possibility at all. You’re a dream neighbour.

        How did Mike like your idea? Jim would roll his eyes at the thought of two yards…LOL


  3. I went shopping for new work shoes and came home with a gorgeous bag and Bagpuss video. They made me smile much more than a plain black pair of shoes would 🙂
    My raspberries didn’t do very well last year but there again it did rain for most of the Summer & Autumn.


    • Your rain last year was epic. Its a wonder ever single plant didn’t drown. I’m hoping things are much better for you this year.

      Congrats on your nice, new bag. Far more interesting than work shoes, to be sure. More fun, too. I find trying on shoes such a bore. I see the cute little shoe in display size, then they bring out my size and I can hardly recognize it as the same shoe.


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