Hardenbergia Violacea



Through the wonder of encoded DNA, the Hardenbergia always knows it’s time to bloom. Don’t you just love nature?

It’s a lush vine most of the year, with glossy green leaves. The vines twist like rope, braiding themselves around the trellis. It’s easy to forget it’s there. Then year after year, when February rolls around, tiny purple clusters begin to form. It’s subtle at first, with just the hint of lavender. Within a week, it’s like time-lapse photography. Brilliant purple flowers cluster at the tips of the vines, putting on a show that last two weeks.

Then, as quickly as they appear, it’s over. I find myself searching for the last few clusters here and there, until they really are gone.

The vine, pictured below, grows against the fence outside my laundry room.  If you’re going to do laundry, I can’t think of better company.

Hardenbergia Vine

Hardenbergia Vine

Hardenbergia, Member of the Pea Family

Hardenbergia, Member of the Pea Family

18 thoughts on “Hardenbergia Violacea

  1. They are really pretty and the speed at which they bloom and die back is amazing. It must make you enjoy them even more. I’m still loving your Spring countdown and look forward to when it’s measured in days!


    • Thanks, PJ.

      You know I’ve tried twice to get it to count down in days. I was able to do a Halloween countdown that way. Perhaps it only works for the last thirty. It won’t be long now. Just 39 more days..or less depending on when you read this. 🙂


        • Agreed! Berries are so pricey. We also find that when we buy a basket, they seem to go from unripe to spoiled, lickety-split. At $4 a basket US we feel robbed. Last summer, we would head out back and eat them right off the vine, warm, sweet and “free”…or at least it seemed so.

          My blueberry bush, on the other hand is four years old now and still hasn’t produced. Not sure what to do next. Any pointers?


  2. Popped in late last night and went to bed with thoughts of your beautiful view in my head. I might not even mind the laundry if I enjoyed this outside the window. I thought when I first saw it, it looked a little like wild sweet pea that we see in the country ditches here. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it available commercially in our garden centres though. Doe the hummers go for it? February has been pretty mild this year so far. Seems that talk you had with mother nature really worked, thanks Alys 😀 xK


    • I’ll have to drop Mother Nature a line and tell her thanks on our behalf. 🙂

      You know I’ve never seen the hummers near the Hardenbergia, though it does seem like they would like it. Perhaps the nectar is not to their liking.

      I’m glad you were able to fall asleep with visions of purple flowers. I would have thought you would be up to your eyeballs in flowers, especially roses, by now.

      I hope you’re having good days at the shop. Just another half day now.

      Personally I’m counting down to the day I can open my wonderful Boomdee box which is sitting patiently on my craft table. Can’t wait to see the magic you shipped. Hugs xxoo


      • I had the day away from the shop today but will go back tomorrow, stay overnight and help Valentine’s Day morning. Jim and I have plans so I want to get home to relax, shower and change to be ready for 5pm.

        You couldn’t imagine so many roses in one little space. To top it off, there was a power outage that messed up the computer system. Adele stays pretty calm but oh man this time of year is stressful for her.

        You are so cute waiting for Valentines day to open your package, I hope you’ll enjoy it. xoK Hugs 2U2


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