Under the Weather

Bee's Make HoneyI’ve been moving deftly through the fall and winter months, avoiding the seasonal crud.  Alas, I didn’t move fast enough and one of this winter’s ‘offerings’ caught up with me.

With rest and fluids, I hope to be back to my blogging self soon.  In the meantime, sending good health vibes to you and yours.

It will come as no surprise that, although not a cure for a cold or flu, many things in nature can help alleviate the symptoms including garlic, honey, peppermint, oranges, cauliflower and foods containing zinc.


32 thoughts on “Under the Weather

    • LOL! That was funny. Dogs have infinite patience, don’t they? Thanks for the pick me up. I’ve stayed home from fitness camp and Pilates this week and had a day in bed. Being sick is a bore, though. Not for the faint of heart. Thanks for the hug. Right back atcha (((Boomdee)))


      • Mwwwwaaa, I’m thinking of you and on my way to bed finally too. Oh boy, I have to get up early, ooopps. Glad I made you laugh, I bet your family is missing your help and company too. Have a great and hopefully relaxing Friday…talk to you on the weekend xoxoxoK


          • It’s actually nice to get out of the house for something other than groceries and errands. Adele hired a really nice girl and guess what her name is? Kelly! So it’s the ‘Kelly & Kelly’ show HA. It can get pretty crazy but for the most part we have lots of laughs. Are you having to work this weekend too Alys?


            • Oh how funny! Good thing you have your back up names. Does she call you Boomdee, too?

              Yes, I have a client Saturday. Then off Sunday and work again Monday.

              Are you working this weekend as well? I think you said so someplace, but I’ve been bouncing along and I’m not sure where I saw it.


              • I know, funny right? Kelly is a mom of 4 with a 21 year old in collage. I thought she was like 35 or something. Adele could use Boomdee, HA. Thanks Alys, you’re thinking. Her new shop looks amazing, very contemporary and mod. Kenny is doing all the work, he looks tired but did a really good job and they’re almost done. He built these awesome bookshelves. I’ll take some pictures on Monday. Not working the weekend though. Mon, Wed and Thurs AM till maybe noon….just until most of everything is wrapped and ready for delivery. The phone is bananas so it will be awesome with Kelly there. Well, I’ve had so much fun catching up, thank you for all your fabulous messages, comments, encouragements, hugs!!!! I guess this j.o.b. thing has made me sleepy. I’m off to bed my dear Cali girl. Good sleep wishes for you, enjoy your client tomorrow! Sweet Dreams xK


                • Thank you, Boomdee! Mwaaaa.

                  I hope the week flies by and is successful for all. Will the weather hold for deliveries?

                  I can’t wait to see the shelves your brother built. They sound like a good team, those two. I’m hoping for a full blog post on the new place too, when they are ready. 🙂


                  • I see a whole bunch of Alys’s on my comment list 😀 !!!!!! (that’s big smile)

                    I think it will be pretty mild Thursday, maybe +2 C or so. Which is good, because nothing will freeze and nothing will wilt in heat.

                    Thanks for cheering on Adele, I’ll be sure to let her know and I’ll bring home some photo’s to share for sure. The week will fly by, that’s the nature of Valentines Week. It’s banana’s but you blink and it’s done. xo

                    I be around, but if I forget, have a wonderful week and I hope you are on the mend soon xoK


                    • Yahoo! I’m so happy to hear! It’s nice to be down 2.4 too but that’s too hard to lose that way and then to go to boot camp too! WOW wow….you amaze me Cali girl. You are so strong in your commitment to your health. I have a good day, then a bad day..bad day…good day. I’m allllll over the place. I need one of those mean coaches that scream at you..HA


                    • Two things have worked best for me over the years: one is to pay for classes and two is having a buddy to exercise with. When my friends cancel our walk, do I go alone? No. Why? I don’t know why. So Pilates and Fitness Camp are paid for in advance. I do feel virtuous when I go and by now I’ve made a set of new friends and friendly acquaintances so that makes it fun. The sit ups aren’t fun. The push ups are worse. Today was near impossible to climb out from a warm bed and an even warmer Lindy sitting on my chest purring up a storm. But, I knew I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t go.

                      Does all that make sense?

                      When Jim is home, the two of you enjoy long walks and skating on occasion, because he is good company and you have fun.

                      I’ve heard that some of the indoor malls have walking programs during the long winter months. Is there anything close by like that?


                    • Surprise! (Adele had enough helpers)…I hear you on the buddy thing. I have been known to go to the driving range alone and went swimming last Wednesday alone. I bought a swim card so that should get me there. I would’ve planned today but thought I was going to the shop. Fridays the next class, good start to the weekend.
                      I have seen the mall walkers, I’d hate to intimate anyone, usually they are very senior and I’m a very speedy walker….beep, beep coming thru…watch the cane…LOL
                      You are a goal setter, doer, accomplisher to the max…you’re a great friend to try and keep up with!!!! Thanks Alys. 😀


                    • I’m so glad you got in a swim or too. That’s what Sharon does at the Y. It sets up her day. If she can’t swim, she’s more stiff and more tired. Just 15 minutes in the pool and she feels worlds better.

                      Me…I hate being too cold, too hot, too…well, you get the picture. Swimming is supposed to be so good for you, too.

                      Do you swim laps or do you do other activities.


                    • Or…I should have thought of this sooner, started walking to Cali now. You’ll weigh 75 pounds when you get here, but think how virtuous you’ll feel. [snicker]

                      I’ll have a beverage waiting for you. 😉


                    • Thank you. Oh and I do both at one swim visit. The deep water aqua-size is 45 min then I swim laps for .5 hour. I like the feeling of weightlessness and actually the pool is in a mature area with older swimmers so they keep it pretty warm. I can imagine Sharon would love it, she has a phenomenal figure.


                    • She will be delighted with your compliment!

                      Good job doing both. Wow, that’s dedication. I know a lot of rehab is done in the pool as well, since you can work the muscles and joints, but without jarring them or worsening the injury. Resistance without pain.


  1. Oh my, oh my! So sorry to hear, I think. It’s natures way of slowing us down. I managed to get myself to a Sunday service but was a tiny bit late. The man sitting next to me had a bad cough and was snizzling the whole time and breathing on me. I wish he had stayed home and rested more. So far, I’m lucky. I’ve had enough rest to be more immune than most. Your list is a good one. Thanks for sharing. Feel better soon. Good time for a good book. 🙂


  2. Look after yourself and take things easy. When I hit the “post comment” button at the end of this post you will automatically be sent a dose of good health to counteract the effects of the bug you’re feeling now…..
    The transatlantic crossing may mean a couple of days delay but you’ll feel better by the weekend 🙂 Big Hugs!


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