Beijing in the Garden

It’s been a rough couple of days.  Our aging, arthritic kitty Beijing suffered a ‘collapsing episode.’  I drove her to the emergency animal hospital Sunday night where they immediately placed her in an oxygen tank.  In addition to the arthritis and mild kidney disease we knew about, it turns out she has an enlarged heart, known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy along with an irregular heart rhythm.  Our poor, sweet kitty.

The vet weaned her off of the oxygen and stabilized her overnight.  I moved her to our regular vet Monday morning.

The better news is that all three conditions are manageable with medications.  She gets to come home in a few days.

I’ve had two sad boys on my hands since sharing the bad news.  It will be nice to let them know she’s coming home.  The goal is a simple one:  keep her feeling good.

Here are a few favorite pics of our ‘Beige’ enjoying life in the garden.  I can’t wait to see her lounging there again soon.


Beijing Warms Up: Half in, half out

Flame Point Cat

My Bowl Appears to be Empty

Beijing sleeping in the garden

Trying to stay cool

Beijing in the flower bed

Now that those pesky pumpkins are gone, I can finally take a nap in the vegetable bed.

Under the Weather

Bee's Make HoneyI’ve been moving deftly through the fall and winter months, avoiding the seasonal crud.  Alas, I didn’t move fast enough and one of this winter’s ‘offerings’ caught up with me.

With rest and fluids, I hope to be back to my blogging self soon.  In the meantime, sending good health vibes to you and yours.

It will come as no surprise that, although not a cure for a cold or flu, many things in nature can help alleviate the symptoms including garlic, honey, peppermint, oranges, cauliflower and foods containing zinc.


Slinky Malinki: Garden Kitty and a Paradigm Shift

Slinky Walks

Slinky Malinki in the Garden

Slinky Malinki is a character in a well-loved children’s book by author Lynley Dodd.  Slinky is “a cat as black as midnight with a kink in his tail.”

Our beloved Slinky is a shiny black cat, too, with a kink in her tail. The resemblance, however, ends there.  Dodd’s character is a “thief in the night;” bold and adventurous.  Our Slinky spent the last two years hiding in the garden, afraid of her own shadow, and everything else.  The paradigm shift happened today.

In recent months, Slinky in the garden finally became a house cat, venturing outside for five or ten minutes a day, but otherwise spending her day asleep at my feet under the desk.  She’s come a long way from the cat we first knew.   She used to swat and bite, refusing all attempts at affection. Gradually I’ve figured out ways to stroke her chin, avoiding the business end of her claws.  As she spent more and more time indoors, I started to wonder if her hearing might be impaired.  I would call her with her back turned without a response.  Was she hard of hearing or simply aloof?  I wondered if poor eyesight might by the reason she swung at me with my hand extended.  Perhaps she was once mistreated, learning to distrust human hands.

Slinky Stretching

Slinky Stretching

The Paradigm Shift

We saw the vet today and here’s what we learned: The kitty we thought was three to five years old is probably in her teens. They ordered a geriatric blood panel, the last thing I expected on today’s visit.  Slinky is hard of hearing, picking up some sounds but definitely hearing-impaired.  She doesn’t see well either and things will likely get worse.

Our wonderful vet was decidedly upbeat.  I’m grateful there are people in the world like her. Results from the lab work will be back tomorrow.

I’ve thought about the time we shared in the garden, Slinky and me. She tentatively rounded the corner each day, then kept a watchful eye on the proceedings. Any sudden move and she was out of their lickety split.  She ran from my outstretched hand. One day Slinky gave me a gentle headbutt, a clear sign of cat affection. I knew at last we had turned a corner together.

If cats could talk, she would have her own tales to tell.  A Haiku:

Slinky Malinki
lived more winters than I knew.
Safe and warm at last.

Slinky Moves In Collage