Beijing in the Garden

It’s been a rough couple of days.  Our aging, arthritic kitty Beijing suffered a ‘collapsing episode.’  I drove her to the emergency animal hospital Sunday night where they immediately placed her in an oxygen tank.  In addition to the arthritis and mild kidney disease we knew about, it turns out she has an enlarged heart, known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy along with an irregular heart rhythm.  Our poor, sweet kitty.

The vet weaned her off of the oxygen and stabilized her overnight.  I moved her to our regular vet Monday morning.

The better news is that all three conditions are manageable with medications.  She gets to come home in a few days.

I’ve had two sad boys on my hands since sharing the bad news.  It will be nice to let them know she’s coming home.  The goal is a simple one:  keep her feeling good.

Here are a few favorite pics of our ‘Beige’ enjoying life in the garden.  I can’t wait to see her lounging there again soon.


Beijing Warms Up: Half in, half out

Flame Point Cat

My Bowl Appears to be Empty

Beijing sleeping in the garden

Trying to stay cool

Beijing in the flower bed

Now that those pesky pumpkins are gone, I can finally take a nap in the vegetable bed.

39 thoughts on “Beijing in the Garden

  1. Beautiful, beautiful Beijing! I’m sending her lots of hugs and kisses. It’s a scary and emotional time when our beloved pets gets sick. So glad to hear there is medication for what ails her. Can’t wait to see future pics of her sunning herself in the garden. Xxx


    • Awww. Thanks for that T and T! It was scary and disconcerting and so hard to tell my boys. My younger son joined me for a visit to the Cat Hospital this afternoon, and was relieved to see her looking so well. My older son just didn’t have it in him. It will be good when she’s home. We have the most caring and affectionate vet. I love her.



  2. I’ve been away from the blogosphere for so long…. I continue to regularly receive notices of your postings, reading as many as I can, rarely commenting, but always enjoying. Beijing’s story has stirred me to action, and I want you to know that she is in my thoughts as I send you all heartfelt sympathy, and wishes for perseverance. What a relief to know that Beijing’s condition is manageable. She’s such a sweet, precious girl , and I know so dear to you. Your unwavering care for all your darlings is commendable. I know you’ll strive, as you always do, to provide the best possible life for Beijing in her remaining time on this earth, and she will feel your love embracing her. I hope you’ll enjoy many more days together, doing your favorite things, cherishing each other’s company. I’ll look forward to hearing the happy news of Beijing’s homecoming, and seeing the accompanying photos. =(^,,^)=


  3. I keep trying to comment and it just doesn’t stick. I was so sorry to hear about Beijing. I’m glad she is able to be treated and will be home soon. My thoughts are with you all!


  4. Oh those kitties!! They are so important to us aren’t they? Mine crossed the road tonight and I went out and gave it a spank. The last thing I want is my kitty squashed on the highway. Glad yours is doing better.


    • Scary to hear he crossed a busy road. The problem is, they don’t understand what that means. Cats are geared to be leery of sudden moves, loud noises and predators, but a road is so abstract. Can you keep kitty indoors?


  5. Oh Alys, I’m sorry to hear your sweet Beijing has been ill. I know you must have been frantic. I hope everything will be ok. I’m glad you’ll be able to help Beijing with the right medication. I loved all the photo’s, what a sweetheart. Especially snoozing in the grass. Big hugs to everyone, your guys must have been so scared, I know I would have been. Tomorrow we’re going to lay low and relax, talk soon xoxoK


    • Thanks, Boomdee. It was a terrible night. We’ve been to visit twice now and she looks really good. She has her appetite back and even purred a bit. They said she was quite vocal, but both times we were there she was quiet. We’re hoping to get the house back together as much as possible Friday so we can bring her home to a calm space.

      What a week.

      I hope you’ve had a good time so far. I’m so excited to see you.


      • What a week for sure ((( big hugs ))). I’m so glad to hear Beijing is coming home soon. Would it be easier to go out Saturday night? We are happy to lesson your hectic schedule in any way. It’s all been so much. With the house, pet emergency, gardening like mad and us arriving. I don’t want you to collapse!!! xoxo Please, please how can we help? Going over to FB xK


          • Only if you promise not to work yourself to bits trying to achieve plan A. We love your roomy digs…LOL. We’re looking for a house just like that! Saturday, you, me, laying around on perfectly manicured floors with the kitties……that sounds lovely to me 😀


            • Me too! It seems a shame to put all that furniture back. 😉

              We walked in our socks on the floor tonight. They did a great job, getting out all the scratches and dents. They completely replaced the water-damaged boards since they couldn’t get the stains out. I’m so glad they did.

              Lindy was so happy to have us home. She let me carry her all over the house while she purred and purred. Then she sat down in the middle of the room. Mouse was Mouse…you know, “I own the place so whatever.’ LOL

              Slinky is hiding in the shrubs and for that I feel sad. She’ll come around.

              You make me smile. Thank you for that.


              • Home sweet home, that’s AWESOME Alys! It’s great when you hire someone and they’ve done a good job. Breath a sigh of relief, I’m really happy for you!

                Poor Slinky girl, if only she would realize what she’s missing. You’re going to have Lindy Lou sticking to you like glue 😀 Mouse you cad…..he’s probably playing like he didn’t notice you were gone but secretly freaking out…LOL

                Thanks for updating, now you just need Beijing home and all will be right in the world again. mwaaaa, sleep well my dear, I’m off to bed…only 2 more sleeps xo


                • Mwaaaaa…

                  I’m so glad you’ve finally met Mouse. You got a real flavor of his personality. He’s more cuddly during his non-active times, so perhaps you’ll catch that as well later in the week.

                  It is so good to be home, to have Beijing home and to have you and Mr. B in our home. What a week this has been.

                  I feel like I’ve always known you.


                  • Oh boy, teary now. ((( Alys ))) thank you for being so lovely and welcoming, we feel right at home. I had such a good time today, I know J did too. Supper both evenings was so wonderful, your company and getting to know your adorable guys. I just feel blessed, You bring out the best in me.

                    We’re so hoping that sweet Beijing is on the road to recovery. They’re all so precious and having wonderful lives because of you and your family. I love that so much about you my dear, you see animals with a big big heart, and make their world a better place. Until the morning then, sweet dreams Cali girl, I’m off to bed xoxok


                    • Oh, how could I have missed this lovely missive. Mwaaa, mwaaa, mwaaa. She is doing so well (well appears well even though we know she’s not).

                      We had such a good time while you were here. It went by so fast, but we really filled it with sustaining memories. Thank you for your friendship, love and support. xox


  6. Just popping back to see that sweet face. My previous message was May 6, I didn’t want to say anything while we were visiting because I already was emotional but my dear dad passed away May 7, 1999. I was thinking about him and was so glad that I got to spend the time with you because I know what it’s all about. Here’s to all the love in our lives, past and present, including kitties. Mwaaaaa.


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