Rain, Glorious Rain!

rain globeWe’ve had abysmal rain fall this year, one of the driest winters in two centuries.  Spring arrived, but omitted the April showers.  Last month ended with stifling heat waves. Though areas of the country and the world wish the rain would stop, it’s a welcome respite here from so many dry, dry months.

If you’re among those fed up with umbrellas, boots and long days indoors, my apologies.  Too much of anything tries our patience and gets on our nerves.

Our skies are already clearing, with sun in the forecast tomorrow.  So, just for a while, I’m enjoying our rainy day.

salivia in the rain

Salvia Refreshed (Is it just me, or do those tiny raindrops look like a pair of eyes?)

sunflower gathers rain

A tiny pool of rain gathers in the center of a sunflower

hummingbird in the rain

I think the hummingbirds are enjoying the rain too.

lavender reflections

Lavender reflections on the rainy deck.


Rain= snails and weeds
It’s a gardener’s life

What is Nature up to in your corner of the world?


Under the Weather

Bee's Make HoneyI’ve been moving deftly through the fall and winter months, avoiding the seasonal crud.  Alas, I didn’t move fast enough and one of this winter’s ‘offerings’ caught up with me.

With rest and fluids, I hope to be back to my blogging self soon.  In the meantime, sending good health vibes to you and yours.

It will come as no surprise that, although not a cure for a cold or flu, many things in nature can help alleviate the symptoms including garlic, honey, peppermint, oranges, cauliflower and foods containing zinc.