Rain, Glorious Rain!

rain globeWe’ve had abysmal rain fall this year, one of the driest winters in two centuries.  Spring arrived, but omitted the April showers.  Last month ended with stifling heat waves. Though areas of the country and the world wish the rain would stop, it’s a welcome respite here from so many dry, dry months.

If you’re among those fed up with umbrellas, boots and long days indoors, my apologies.  Too much of anything tries our patience and gets on our nerves.

Our skies are already clearing, with sun in the forecast tomorrow.  So, just for a while, I’m enjoying our rainy day.

salivia in the rain

Salvia Refreshed (Is it just me, or do those tiny raindrops look like a pair of eyes?)

sunflower gathers rain

A tiny pool of rain gathers in the center of a sunflower

hummingbird in the rain

I think the hummingbirds are enjoying the rain too.

lavender reflections

Lavender reflections on the rainy deck.


Rain= snails and weeds
It’s a gardener’s life

What is Nature up to in your corner of the world?


16 thoughts on “Rain, Glorious Rain!

  1. I’m with you on the rain. I’m not one of the people in Portland that complains about the rain. I cherish every drop. I sure hope there are a few more drops out there somewhere for you.


  2. Hip hip hooray! I guess it’s true, all good things are worth waiting for. Look how happy those snails are, there’s so many of them. All your photo’s are just glorious, but I especially love the hummer. I like how the background is left to the imagination, it lets your little feathery friend steal the spot light and so rightfully so. You’ve made a raining day so charming, it’s the Alys magic wand 😀


    • Awww! (((YOU)))

      During the summer months, we hang the sail shade over the table using ropes. The hummers like to light there before heading to the feeders. It makes a nice backdrop for photos.

      Thank you! smooches


  3. Beautiful photos! We also had a fairly dry winter with some near record heat a few days back. Then a very freak and powerful thunder storm in May! This never happens. If we get any thunder showers, they usually occur in July or August. I too enjoyed the little bit of rain we got, especially since it ended with a rainbow at sunset :).


    • I’m so glad you got a rainbow! What a treat. Our rain was short-lived but refreshing. Today it was back up into the eighties and dry. Sigh. We’re in for a dangerous fire season. How about you?


  4. Hello there! I’m glad to hear you have enjoyed some rain and I like the hummingbird picture, how lucky to see them visiting regularly. I haven’t actually seen that many snails and slugs YET but I’m sure they are creeping up on the garden! I have been very good and popped them in the green bin with garden recycling instead of killing them. All these lives saved because of you – you will be a slug and snail goddess when I tell them why I am being kinder! Happy gardening!😀🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌


    • You are so sweet. You make me smile! I love, love, love that snail trail along the bottom. All those happy snails in your bin look just like that.

      No snails yet? We’ve got plenty. I took some shots the other night of a pair sliming my little secret garden sign. Too funny.

      I’ve never been awarded the title “Snail Goddess” I feel positively giddy with that honor. 😉


  5. I love the photo of the reflection on the deck! And yes, we have had a ton of rain … and the rare sunny day. The good news? No drought!


    • Thank you! They’re fascinating to watch. If only they were a bit less voracious. I knew a gardener years ago that simply relocated all of her snails to one area of the garden. I’m going to give that more thought.


  6. Slugs and snails sometimes drive me to distraction but I just have to outwit them (harder than I thought!!) but I cannot bring myself to harm them – although a particularly fat and slimy slug did get accidently hurled over the fence the other day when I accidently impaled it on my index finger and freaked out! Yuck!!


    • I’m just like you. I’m not happy that they eat my garden, but see no reason to harm them. I had planned to relocate several to a nearby trail, but I never quite get around to it. As a result, my third round of cosmos have been eaten to the quick. I realized (too late) that planting them in front of the deck was a foolish move. They probably hide under the deck all day, then head out and practically trip over the cosmos.


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