Mr. Mischievous: Mighty Mouse Mayhem

cat in the garden

Secret Garden: Under Construction

Though gardening can be a solitary activity it’s rare that I’m alone in the dirt. Mr. Mischievous, aka the neighbor’s cat is always along on the journey.

Mouse finds it irresistible when I’m down on all fours in the garden. Apparently it’s equally irresistible causing trouble.

Kitty rolls at my feet, nibbles on the swaying grass and chases clods of dirt at the end of a weed. Unfortunately, he’s also a bit of a ‘bull in a china shop.’  Last week, while I had my back turned, he made himself comfortable on top of the City Picker.  I’ve done plenty of reading on mulching tomatoes and cat mulch wasn’t on the list.

keeping the seedlings warm

Mouse keeping the tomato seedlings warm

My fairy garden is under (re) construction after he sent the entire pot, heal over castors on to the deck.  It gave us both quite the start, and sadly snapped off the tiny leg of my treasured Boomdeeadda deer.  My husband worked his magic with a few drops of super glue, but that deer now looks askance when he sees Mouse headed his way.

Fairy Garden Kerfuffle

Fairy Garden Kerfuffle

This week I started a second miniature garden, tucked between a few plants at the base of our Magnolia tree.  The garden is at ground level so nothing can fall and break.  That’s not to say that a curious cat can’t wedge himself into the same tiny space, confident that the new little clearing is just for him.

Mighty Mouse in the Secret Garden

Mighty Mouse in the Secret Garden

cat and deer

Help me!!!

Once he tires of making mischief, he’ll demand I pick him up. On several occasions, he simply climbs on my stooped back and curls himself in to a ball.  It’s hard not to admire that level of confidence.

cat named mouse

It’s all about me!

If you’re in the neighborhood and you see me down on all fours with a white kitty napping on my back, be sure to wave hello.  More likely than not, Mr. Mischievous will trot out to the curb to say hello.

mouse in the garden

I’m trying to get some shut-eye here.

Be sure to check back for the Secret Garden debut later this week.

15 thoughts on “Mr. Mischievous: Mighty Mouse Mayhem

  1. What a guy! Yes, ‘air of confidence’ to be sure. Cracks me up how he just walked in the front door with us the first night we came for dinner. Just like, “Hi! we’re ALL here!”. Talk about steal the show, LOL. He has personality to spare and isn’t afraid to show it. It’s a blessing that he can ‘live’ with you whenever he wants. I remember you posted a picture of him on a neighbours roof, and we saw him up the block from your house crossing the street. I said to Mr B, “hey, that’s Mouse”. I wonder if he naps in other homes too? LOL The guy is like a cute little gypsy. Why would he ever go home, I know I didn’t want to either. xK


    • LOL. You’re right! That is so funny the way you say it.

      As for napping in other homes, yes: he was on his way up Jasmin’s stairs yesterday when she caught him and brought him back out. They have an English Bulldog who would not appreciate the visit!

      And to your final comment, awww…what a sweet thing to say. How I wish you lived closer. xo


      • You need a Mouse-cam. How fun would that be? You’d see where he goes and who he snuggles with when he’s working his way thru the neighbourhood. Might be a fun project for your guys, Mac’s such a wiz with technology. Or maybe his allure and mystique should be left to the imagination, LOL I wish I lived in one of the cute houses on your street, we could watch the other neighbours go by from your perfect front deck and compare Mouse stories and laugh. I’ll bring the refreshments, mwaaaa


  2. I love it LOL!
    My two ridicu-twitted dogs are fond of digging holes in the path of my exercise laps on their never-ending quest to find a mole. Jack is also bound and determined to catch a squirrel and Sasha is being tormented by a chipmunk who has taken residence inside the cinder-blocked back steps.

    Spashionista (Alicia)


    • Good afternoon, Alicia! I love hearing about your dogs. I can almost hear that chipmunk, too, scolding away and letting the dogs no who’s in charge. LOL.

      I hope they don’t leave holes for you to trip in. What characters.


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