Sweetheart Celebrations in the Fairy Garden

Button flowers on a ribbon-wrapped spool

Button flowers on a ribbon-wrapped spool.

St. Valentine’s Day is just ten days away.  Is your fairy garden ready?

I’ve been busy with mine all afternoon.  First up, the fescue needed a haircut.  Once the ends where neatly trimmed, I tied them together with a red bow. I cut the top in the shape of a heart, but you’ll need to squint your eyes and conjure up lots of imagination to see it properly.

Next up, dead-heading the miniature cyclamen. These jobs take seconds when working in a tiny garden.The baby tears are healthy but given the cool weather, they’re holding their growth. No extra work there.

I scraped up the remaining ‘snow’ and glitter from New Year’s Eve, then turned my sights to decorating. I challenge myself to use materials on hand, pulling together a bit of this and that. I’m never sure how things will turn out, but always have a great time with the process.


Martha Stewart’s Pomegranate Red Glitter paint makes yet another appearance.  I’ve used the same 10 OZ/295 ML jar for four different projects and I’ve barely put a dent in my supply.  I freshened up the chairs with a coat of red, then painted the legs of the chair with Craft Smart silver acrylic paint.  While I was at it, I painted the patio and dance floor silver, too.

Valentine's Day Fairy Garden

Fruit tree branch fence
Painted chair
Button flowers
A lantern lights the way

The table is set


When I pruned the fruit cocktail tree last month, I saved several small branches. They’d make a perfect fence. Today I fashioned open-style posts,dipped in a bit of Martha paint.

Beeswax hearts and bunting

Beeswax hearts and bunting, red fence posts


At last, I could hang the bunting fashioned from last year’s garden calendar.  I made tiny triangles from one of the pages, glued them back-to-back, then passed them through a piece of baker’s twine.  A small ‘floral’ arrangement made from crafting buttons provides a focal point. Heart-shaped ‘plates’ complete the setting.

The ‘oil cloth’ table cover is a piece of beeswax, left over from a candle-making class.  Additional hearts, tucked here and there, provide cover for a fairy game of hide and seek.

Heart shaped bench shows the long view

Heart shaped bench shows the long view

Fescue Heart

Fescue cut in the shape of a heart


We’re all set.  Garden fairies welcome!  Please help spread the word.

23 thoughts on “Sweetheart Celebrations in the Fairy Garden

  1. If only I could shrink myself really, really small and fly on by. You’ve outdone yourself Alys, this might be my favourite Fairy Garden so far. Lunch on heart shaped plates, how divine! Your creativeness is always so inspiring, especially given that many of your items are recycled. I love your banner with the two tone twine. I’ve got some of that too and must remember to make one. All your photo’s were awesome. As a viewer, I felt like a little fairy sneaking a peak before landing. Your vignette is so welcoming on your heart shaped bench too. I’m so glad I saved this post for my morning coffee, what an perfect start to my day. mwaaaa xk


    • You always say the nicest things. Thanks for that! I do have fun trying to use what’s on hand. It’s an extra challenge, and I find creative ideas tend to flow.

      I think I can smell that cup of coffee from here. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I could smell it all day long.


        • A j.o.b? Now don’t go getting carried away. The blogging and crafting world needs you? 😉

          Mike usually has two cups a day and he never drinks it past 4:00 or he can’t sleep. Does it keep you awake at night, too?


          • HA, I almost got silly there. A j.o.b.? Who am I kidding, my resume is dismal. “Why have you not had full time worked since 2004 Boomdee, if that in fact is your real name?” “Oh, I had to many craft thingy’s to do”….LOL

            Good idea with the coffee Mike! I usually make 4 cups in the morning but don’t finish it then. I have a carafe, and I might have a cup around 2pm if I’m home and them I heat up the last cup after supper. We always had coffee after supper at home and it’s such a habit. I’m sure I’d sleep much earlier if I skipped it……. 😦 not willing too….yet. I wonder what time the kitchen closes in those senior homes….they’re going to just love me….beep beep beep (granny microwaving coffee at 8pm)


            • You are too funny! Let’s move in together during our dottering years. I’ll drink tea, you can drink coffee, and we’ll craft our fingers away.

              I’ll eat all the chocolate I want too, as I’ll stop caring about my waistline. Won’t we have fun?

              As for the j.o.b., I’ve no doubt you have plenty of work and life experiences to offer the working world. But as you’ve said a time or too, you’ve got a good gig going. No sense rocking that lovely boat.


              • First of all, I must tell you….I’ve been told……by more than one person…..but it’s disputable…and somewhat unlikely…..and never proven…..I SNORE….LOL

                Besides that, SIGN ME UP! You would be the best room mate an old friend could wish for. Crafts, Coffee and Chocolate….Yum. We could be the Thelma and Louise of the joint.

                I’ll move on down there since there’s no sense of you buying a winter coat….LOL Mwwwwaaaa.


  2. My fairy friends tell me you are a little bit crazy but they love your makeover and are heading off your way. It should take them until Valentine’s Day to get there so I’m glad you are prepared for tiny visitors. I like the bunting and beeswax, very inventive!


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