Sweetheart Celebrations in the Fairy Garden

Button flowers on a ribbon-wrapped spool

Button flowers on a ribbon-wrapped spool.

St. Valentine’s Day is just ten days away.  Is your fairy garden ready?

I’ve been busy with mine all afternoon.  First up, the fescue needed a haircut.  Once the ends where neatly trimmed, I tied them together with a red bow. I cut the top in the shape of a heart, but you’ll need to squint your eyes and conjure up lots of imagination to see it properly.

Next up, dead-heading the miniature cyclamen. These jobs take seconds when working in a tiny garden.The baby tears are healthy but given the cool weather, they’re holding their growth. No extra work there.

I scraped up the remaining ‘snow’ and glitter from New Year’s Eve, then turned my sights to decorating. I challenge myself to use materials on hand, pulling together a bit of this and that. I’m never sure how things will turn out, but always have a great time with the process.


Martha Stewart’s Pomegranate Red Glitter paint makes yet another appearance.  I’ve used the same 10 OZ/295 ML jar for four different projects and I’ve barely put a dent in my supply.  I freshened up the chairs with a coat of red, then painted the legs of the chair with Craft Smart silver acrylic paint.  While I was at it, I painted the patio and dance floor silver, too.

Valentine's Day Fairy Garden

Fruit tree branch fence
Painted chair
Button flowers
A lantern lights the way

The table is set


When I pruned the fruit cocktail tree last month, I saved several small branches. They’d make a perfect fence. Today I fashioned open-style posts,dipped in a bit of Martha paint.

Beeswax hearts and bunting

Beeswax hearts and bunting, red fence posts


At last, I could hang the bunting fashioned from last year’s garden calendar.  I made tiny triangles from one of the pages, glued them back-to-back, then passed them through a piece of baker’s twine.  A small ‘floral’ arrangement made from crafting buttons provides a focal point. Heart-shaped ‘plates’ complete the setting.

The ‘oil cloth’ table cover is a piece of beeswax, left over from a candle-making class.  Additional hearts, tucked here and there, provide cover for a fairy game of hide and seek.

Heart shaped bench shows the long view

Heart shaped bench shows the long view

Fescue Heart

Fescue cut in the shape of a heart


We’re all set.  Garden fairies welcome!  Please help spread the word.

Sailing into the New Year: Party in the Fairy Garden

I’ve been sprucing up the fairy garden today.  Word has it there will be a party going on.  I cleared away the furniture to make room on the dance floor.  It’s freshly swept and covered with fairy dust.  You haven’t really danced till you’ve danced atop some fairy dust.

Aerial View

Aerial View

I was fresh out of fairy-sized disco balls, so I improvised using a glass bauble from an old flower arrangement.  I squeezed out the last drops of Stickles™ glitter, brushed it on all the surfaces, then rolled it in sparkles for that extra-special glow.  What do you think?  Won’t those fairies have fun!

Please have a seat

Please have a seat

I tucked the table inside the garden yurt, decorated with pink candles (their favorite).  The party theme is “Sailing into the New Year.”  Will you look at that fancy ice sculpture?  It almost looks like…glass.

Candles and Sculpture

Candles and Sculpture

I draped some glittery blue ribbon flown in all the way from Canada to create a small, flowing walkway.  Fairies have wings, but they enjoy slippery ramps as well.  The invitations read: B.Y.O.B. or bring your own bauble, so I’ll be anxious to see what they bring.

Entrance to the Fairy Garden

Entrance to the Fairy Garden. Won’t you please come in?

Blue Ribbon ramp

Blue Ribbon Ramp

As for you, my dear reader, wishing you all things wonderful in the coming year.  Thanks for your love and support, your likes, votes and comments.  I’ve learned so much this year and I’ve had a great time along the way.

Happy New Year!!!

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Cranberry Hydrangea: A Lovely Bloom to See in the New Year

Cranberry Colored Hydrangea

Cranberry Colored Hydrangea

My ever-changing Hydrangeas are now a brilliant shade of cranberry. I love their ruddy complexion. They’ve set buds for spring, but the pom-pom like blooms linger.

It’s a challenge pulling together a flower arrangement from the garden this time of year.  That said, I wanted to come up with a creative way to use what I had, including these lovely flowers.

Here’s what I did:

I removed the bloom above the last set of buds, leaving a short but sturdy stem to work with.

I filled one small jar with leftover florist’s foam.  I filled a second, slightly wider jar with a handful of crystal beads.  Together they create the illusion of a tall vase, even though the stem itself is less than three inches long.

Hydrangea blossom

Hydrangea blossom with short stem, supported with florist foam

florist foam

Florist foam…or volcanic rock?

stacked jars

Glass jars, stacked and slightly nested

Hydrangea blossom

Do they make a crayon this color? I would name it “Spectacular”

Bacopa Cordata

Bacopa Cordata

Winter Flower Arrangement

Winter Flower Arrangement

And there you have it.  Simple and festive and ready to see in the new year.

How will you celebrate the start of a new year?