Sailing into the New Year: Party in the Fairy Garden

I’ve been sprucing up the fairy garden today.  Word has it there will be a party going on.  I cleared away the furniture to make room on the dance floor.  It’s freshly swept and covered with fairy dust.  You haven’t really danced till you’ve danced atop some fairy dust.

Aerial View

Aerial View

I was fresh out of fairy-sized disco balls, so I improvised using a glass bauble from an old flower arrangement.  I squeezed out the last drops of Stickles™ glitter, brushed it on all the surfaces, then rolled it in sparkles for that extra-special glow.  What do you think?  Won’t those fairies have fun!

Please have a seat

Please have a seat

I tucked the table inside the garden yurt, decorated with pink candles (their favorite).  The party theme is “Sailing into the New Year.”  Will you look at that fancy ice sculpture?  It almost looks like…glass.

Candles and Sculpture

Candles and Sculpture

I draped some glittery blue ribbon flown in all the way from Canada to create a small, flowing walkway.  Fairies have wings, but they enjoy slippery ramps as well.  The invitations read: B.Y.O.B. or bring your own bauble, so I’ll be anxious to see what they bring.

Entrance to the Fairy Garden

Entrance to the Fairy Garden. Won’t you please come in?

Blue Ribbon ramp

Blue Ribbon Ramp

As for you, my dear reader, wishing you all things wonderful in the coming year.  Thanks for your love and support, your likes, votes and comments.  I’ve learned so much this year and I’ve had a great time along the way.

Happy New Year!!!

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17 thoughts on “Sailing into the New Year: Party in the Fairy Garden

  1. “Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you if you’re young at heart”
    Such a lovely place to spend the evening, I think I’ll wish myself very small and grow wings to zip on down there. You can call me Boomdeebell 🙂 Because pink candle light is so flattering, I’ll find a spot to bask in the glow as the Stickles ball twinkles all around the garden. I’ll have to do the Blue Ribbon slide a few times, it looks like one of those scream, laugh, scream things that I love so much. I’m tickled to see you’ve included it, you are so sweet and creative Alys. Thank you for linking back too, I’m off to check your other favourites. This is such a happy place, I love it. xoK Happy New Year!


  2. Oh! That’s one party that would have been fun to attend!
    Sliding up the silk ribbon and dancing the night away under the disco ball.
    What a magical night it would be!
    Thanks for mentioning me, I rather like visiting your place too. 🙂


  3. I’ve left this open all night as I was so blown away, I was speechless. That’s saying a lot. The imagination you display with a fairy garden leaves me breathless. I have no experience with something like that. Then to top it off, you added a link back to me. I had to show my son and asked him to show me how to to do that myself. I keep trying but it never seems to work. So we will experiment this week before he heads back to California. I can’t thank you enough. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your wisdom and delightful imagination this year. Happy New Year. Hugs M


    • For some reason, all the wonderful comments on this post, including yours, went into an “unread” folder. My apologies for not replying sooner. Thanks so much, Marlene. I’m really glad you enjoyed it. let me know if you’ve been able to figure out how to link back. If not, I’ll send you a paragraph explaining how. xxoo


  4. I believe that fairies don’t get hangovers so I’m sure they enjoyed last night just fine! You’ve inspired me to make a fairy garden in Spring Alys – thanks for sharing your lovely part of the world and making me smile 🙂 Happy new Year x


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