Sweet 16 in the Fairy Garden

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Sweet 16

No one is more shocked than I am.  My oldest son turned 16 today.  He’s grown into a tall, charming and kind young man, nice enough to compliment me on the fairy garden, even though the idea of one is long past its prime.

We’re serving birthday cake down among the moss-covered stones.  It would be lovely if you stopped by for a wee slice.

fairy sized birthday cake

Fairy-sized birthday cake

Happy birthday, C!!!

cat proofing

Thwarting the curious cat: small links attach to the bench, keeping the fairy garden upright.

My fairy garden decor is often a mix of ‘this and that.’  It’s fun challenging myself to use what I can find.

  • The garden table base is the metal cap from a wine bottle, topped with a scrap of paper and a geranium leaf.
  • The birthday banner uses scraps of paper and string
  • I re-painted the chairs, featured in last year’s fairy garden, in my ‘June Bugs’ favorite colors.
  • The table and chairs rest on part of a broken fountain.
  • I purchased the tiny cake from my friend Donna’s booth at antique colony.  They once belonged to her young daughter.  They’re making the rounds.
Tile Chairs

Tile Chairs for my “June Bugs” born 6/4 and 6/18

17 thoughts on “Sweet 16 in the Fairy Garden

  1. Happy Birthday to your son. Oh, to have one 16 again. Mine is a few months shy of 47. That makes me very old. You should feel quite young yet. I love the tiny cake and slices. How on earth you had those is a mystery to me. I’m so glad the fairies are celebrating with you. 🙂


  2. You’re a good mum Alys! I bet C was tickled. You’re probably spending a special evening together, hope you’re having a great time. I remember you throwing a champagne cap into your kitchen drawer when we had dinner that first night, I wonder if it’s the same one under your cute geranium leaf table? Those treats are just perfection! What a great find. I was just on Donna’s FB Page and saw something I want 😀 She’s got such a nice way of showing things.

    For Chris (via cafeastrology dot com)
    If You Were Born Today, June 4
    You are ambitious with a good head on your shoulders, particularly for business. You know what to do to get the job done. You are hard working and very conscientious, no matter what job you do, but especially so when inspired. At times you can drive yourself too hard. Famous people born today: Angelina Jolie, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Parker Stevenson, Bruce Dern.


    • What a nice thing to say. Thank you, Boomdee. 🙂

      We had a nice evening: dinner at Giorgio’s and a trip to B & R for an ice cream cake. He opened gifts in the morning, then went to school for two finals (receiving A’s in both). All in all a good birthday.

      Oh what a memory you have. That must be the wire from the champagne bottle. It was indeed in the ‘fairy garden’ drawer. You are good.

      Donna is a pro at display, isn’t she? I love the way she arranges her shop and the different things she does to change it up all the time. I hope she still has that truck. If not, I’ll be she can keep an eye out for one for you. She’s at estate sales all the time.

      Thanks for sharing the cafestrology. He’s off to bed, but I’ll show him tomorrow.



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