June Bug #2: Happy Birthday in the Fairy Garden

Both of my sons were born in June, so I affectionately call them my June Bugs. My youngest son turns 13 today, and will enjoy a new right of passage in our world of technology: his own YouTube account.  He’s already at work on a logo, safety features in place and an awe-struck mom (that’s me) amazed at the things he can do. He loves all things Apple, so this month’s fairy garden theme is my low-tech tribute to a young man who is going places.

Happy birthday, M!

Fairy Garden Birthday

Fairy Garden Birthday


Table coverings, Apple motif

We’re serving birthday cake once again among the moss-covered stones. We hope you’ll stop by for an apple-sized bite.

I like to furnish the fairy gardens with an eclectic mix of ‘this and that.’ It’s fun challenging myself.

  • The garden table base is the metal twist top from a bottle of champagne.
  • The table top is the cover from a set of ear-buds, topped with the Apple logo.
  • I reversed the birthday banner from earlier this month, using iconic black lettering
  • I re-painted the chairs, featured in last year’s fairy garden, in the boys favorite colors.
  • The table and chairs rest on part of a broken fountain.
  • The tiny cake appeared early this month it the post Sweet 16 in the Fairy Garden.

birthday cake in the apple fairy garden

22 thoughts on “June Bug #2: Happy Birthday in the Fairy Garden

  1. It’s such a treat to spend some time in your delightful fairy gardens – especially when there’s a birthday in progress! What a special birthday, too – 13. MANY HAPPY RETURNS JUNE BUGS!! It’s so appropriate you decorated with the Apple logo, because it sounds as though you have an Apple Genius Bar right there in your home!! xxx


    • LOL! Jump right in…these fairy gardens are great fun and can be scaled to fit any environment. This one is in a moss-lined pot sitting on a bench outside my front door. Boomdee has one in a large glass container in her home so she can enjoy it in the winter months as well.


  2. It’s really a ‘Celebration Station’ in the fairy garden this month! Awesome use of the Earbud case, I’m sure M thought so too. I can also see your other little prince sitting there, waiting for the party to start 😉 Good Grief, 13! I can hardly remember that far back but I know going into middle school was a big deal. Grade 7 is a whole new world with so many more privileges, clubs and new friends to compliment the old. Have a great year M!


    • Thank you! He’s enjoyed all the extra attention to be sure.

      When I was a girl middle school (or as it was called then Jr. High) was only two years, 7th and 8th. Now they start in 6th grade which seems so young. That said, M. is now going into his final middle school year. I can hardly believe it.

      Thanks for your well wishes!


      • Oh, that’s really different from here. Jr High or Middle School is 7,8,9 then High School is 10,11,12. In all cases, they are separate school buildings. I guess I might have been 13 in grade 8 too, although 12 seemed young for middle school in my mind….huh, sooooooo long ago 😀


        • Oh, that is interesting. I think it makes more sense, actually. We combined 6th grade simply because of a population decline. The closed a lot of elementary schools, consolidated, then changed the middle school mix. I like hearing all the different ways education systems work.


  3. Isn’t it great when something serves many purposes. Having two young men around is such a blessing. I’m delighted to have at least one. He’s worth his weight in gold. You’ll see. 🙂


  4. Congratulations to the birthday boys! Fairy garden is looking great but I feel you need more tables….therefore you NEED to drink more Champagne so you can use the metal thingies to make tables!🌝🐌🎂


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