Fairy Garden Valentines: Giving and Receiving

My heart is brimming with love today and the fairy garden is brimming with hearts.  Don’t you just love the yin-yang of that?


I had exactly enough baker’s twine to string a line between the Magnolia and the garden bench. I clipped paper valentine’s to the string (one for each of my neighbor Jazzy’s day care kids), then sent her the word. The world of make-believe is a powerful thing when you’re young. It’s fun for me to watch the children play each afternoon and to see the way they interact with the fairy garden. Although they all received the cards with gratitude, one of the older boys turned to me and said: “I don’t believe in that.” I asked him what it was he didn’t believe in and he said, “fairies.”  I smiled and added “that’s okay.” It was sweet that he was still willing to go along with it for the sake of the others. Love and gratitude. It’s there when you look for it.

Valentine's Day 2013

Valentine’s on a String


On the subject of gratitude, I received a package filled with love and creativity from a dear soul and kindred spirit over at Boomdeeada.  She brightens my day with her artful crafts, creative blog and always thoughtful and generous comments.  We’re actually going to meet for the first time this summer!

I found a tiny ceramic deer for the fairy garden tucked inside layers of the most remarkable gift wrap.  I’m in love! The package also included the sweetest little banner, nestled inside a customized envelope.  I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, below.  Its great fun discovering all the artful details.

Boomdeeadda Valentine

Boomdeeadda Valentine

A deer from a dear


I’ve come to think of Valentine’s Day as what you make it. You can view it as a crass and commercial Hallmark holiday, or as a day to share a little extra love and care in the world.  If you’re a garden fairy, it’s a day to let your imagination soar.  ♥♥♥


25 thoughts on “Fairy Garden Valentines: Giving and Receiving

  1. Wow! Just lovely! You’ve got everything looking wonderful ((Alys)). I am just tickled that you’ve already got it all in place. I might be a wee bit bias but your deer looks dear, HA! You are an amazing neighbour, those little cuties next door will be talking about you to their own little ones one day. What a cute idea Alys, you would have been a great teacher. I was a little worried the banner would be all tangled. Thank you for hanging it at the fairy garden, it looks perfect there today. What a day, what a day. I love my life and I love you, xoK/B/P

    PS, you’re sweet to share it here at Gardening Nirvana, thank you for that and linking back, mwaaa to infinity.


    • Mwaaa to infinity, (infinity cubed), etc. etc.

      I love the deer and it is dear in the garden. You are so good to me. The banner arrived in perfect shape and was quite a surprise, too. I didn’t expected it to be connected when I opened it up. I’ll be moving it around from place to place. It is so sweet.

      I loved the details on the box you covered, all the inked edges so nicely lined up. The stamps of the nest, the birds, the little bits of blue ribbon. Every day I realize another new detail.

      Thank you for sharing your gifts and your heart with me. I feel so lucky.


      • You are so very welcome. I actually almost didn’t send that box, I wished I had fit the paper better but in the end I wanted it to arrive on time. I knew my heart would be in good hands from early on my dear, I could just tell. xoK


        • I love it! It’s propped up on my crafting space. I’m surrounded with your goodness: Anne of Green Gables on my magnet board, your Love border in the hallway (I brought it inside since we had a heavy rain and wind yesterday….for about ten seconds!)

          Your lovely tags, gift wrapping. I may start a Boomdee Board.


          • Hehe, a Boomdee board. You’re cute. In my dream craft room, I’d have an open bookshelf to show and save all my treasures. I’ve re-organized my desk to enjoy it all……and I do, so much, everyday.

            I hope you get all the rain now…..LOL, come-on mother nature, lay it on now because May is OFF limits.


  2. The world needs more people like you who encourage a childs imagination. I wish I lived in your neighborhood so I could come by as see. But the pictures are a wonderful second best to being there. It’s just lovely and so is the wonderful banner.


    • Thank you, Marlene! We’ve built a nice community here on WordPress, haven’t we? It’s a wonderful thing.

      I think we’re losing the sense of play and imagination more and more. Kids need to be kids. I’ve let my boys direct their extra curricular activities, and I think they are better for it. They aren’t brilliant musicians or super star athletes, but they are bright, creative, relaxed young men. I’m happy for it.


  3. Fantastic! I wish I lived next door to you! Making friends over the internet and sharing ideas is wonderful! Yeah Alys, and thanks to those pesky fairies for making a wonderful day for all!


  4. The girls and I will have to come by to see the newest fairy garden! Did you know that Blythe collects fairies? I wish I had been invited to see a fairy garden when I was little! You are the sweetest, Alsy!! Love your package too-so much fun to get presents in the mail!


    • It is amazing getting presents or cards in the mail. I love it. It never, ever, ever gets old…but it sure is rare. I’m so lucky.

      I would have loved to visit a fairy garden in my youth as well. I’m making up for lost time!

      Come by and see.


  5. You must be so excited at meeting Boomdee this year 🙂 I’m sure you’ll have so much to talk about that the time will whizz by! You really are the kindest soul Alys… you are making lovely memories for the children and the fairy garden is divine.
    Boomdee is so clever! I love the deer and all the beautiful details she included x


    • Awwww…that is so kind of you to say, PJ. Thank you. It’s fun to see them enjoy themselves. That is my reward.

      Yes, I’m over-the-top excited to meet Boomdee this year. I can hardly believe it will finally happen. She is clever, kind and talented. I’m so glad to have found her and you. I still pinch myself. There are millions of blogs. How did we manage to find each other!?


  6. Lovely, just lovely! Alys, when do you sleep, my friend? You’re always doing such clever things. I’m glad you let us have a peek at all your little projects;-)

    Spashionista (Alicia)


    • Thank you, Alicia! So nice of you to say. I used to wait for large chunks of time to come along to craft here and there and realized that was never going to happen. So, I got better at finding the little moments here and there. I’m also giving myself permission to leave a messy pile of paper and string for a few days, so that I can jump in when I have the time. Once it’s put away, it won’t happen. I’m reworking my craft space a bit to improve on that. Thanks for asking!


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