Punny Garden: The Sequel



This time last year, I published a post called Punny Garden: Garden Jokes and Puns.  It proved to be one of my most popular. It continues to get hits most days.  People like to smile, laugh or guffaw.  Even the groaners are fun.

Without further ado, I give you Punny Garden: The Sequel.  Thank you, Google, and all the individual contributors, for making this possible.


  • When kissing flowers, tulips are better than one.
  • Organic farmers till it like it is.
  • Why do melons have fancy weddings? Because they cantaloupe.
  • I once heard that the most popular thing to download on the internet is corn.

Books and Theater:

  • My Fair Lilac
  • Hello, Dahlia
  • Crocus Pocus
  • Bird of Paradise Lost
  • A Midsummer Nightshade’s Dream
  • The Garden of Weedin’


King Tut’s favorite flower? Chrysanthemums

Thanks to reader Marcella Rouseau of For Your Good Health. Marcella won a pun contest at Organic Gardening and Farming with these:

  • Nevergreen by Barbra Drysand
  • Little Fruit Coup by the Peachboys

For more laughs, be sure to check out David Hobson’s Garden Humour

4 thoughts on “Punny Garden: The Sequel

  1. I’ve been trying to think of one to add but I’m no Marcella, LOL. When we were little and driving out to the farm, pee breaks meant just stopping on the side of the road. My dad used to say to my brothers “Lettuce, Turnip and Pea”….as in “there’s a driveway….Let us, turn up and pee” and we’d all laugh. Hope that’s not to blue for your lovely post. You’re so cute peeking thru your garden, you look like how I’d imagine mother nature would look…if she was gorgeous! MWwwwwaa xoK


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