Crafts and Plants: My Winning Combination

Before Pinterest, when you found an idea you liked, you simply tore it out of a magazine. Way back in 2008, I did just that. I thought it would be fun to make this stack of terracotta pots. It looked easy, affordable and fun.

Flower Tower

Stacking Terracotta

I saved the picture and instructions to do as a summer project with my son. Life threw us some curve balls that year, so the clipping was forgotten. Every year since, I pull it out of the folder, think “wouldn’t that be fun?” and then for some reason, I never get around to it. Does that ever happen to you?

Well, not this year.

The beauty of blogging is the sense of accountability.  I’m telling you that I will do this fun project. Soon. Maybe even this weekend.

I could simple stack and plant the pots as shown, but I’ve decided to make it even more crafty. I saw another cool idea on a design blog using gold leaf to jazz up clay pots.  Doesn’t this look like fun?

I’ve never applied gold leaf before, so I’m challenging myself to try something new. Stay tuned.

What do you have planned this weekend?

24 thoughts on “Crafts and Plants: My Winning Combination

  1. I have one- by uncle made a metal rod to hold up through the middle holes which allows you to off set the pots at an angle so it looks they’re pouring out the plant. When I first put it in my front yard I used to love watching people stop and stare. Painting it would be awesome- have fun!


    • Oh, what a great idea! I bet you had fun planting it every year, too. I can’t quite decide what to put in mine. I wanted to see how it came together, then decide if I would have it in the sun or shade. The sun will play nicely on the metal look, but the shade will hide the boo-boos. Lots to complaint. I’m having fun!


  2. Ooooh la la, looks so pretty. Gold leafing isn’t something I’ve ever tried either so I’m anxious to see your project. You asked if we ever have more project idea’s than time and yes, guilty! There are 153 ideas on my Craft board at Pinterest, not to mention all the earmarks in the many magazines I couldn’t part with when we moved. Ha, I better get cracking. I can’t wait to see your sparkly terra cotta garden come to life. Happy gardening my friend xK


    • Thank you, my dear! Wow…153 projects of Pinterest. I’m going to have to go check them out. Now that we’re crafting forward, we’ll have the chance to try out a thing or two…or three.

      I’ve been getting my fingers sticky in the garage this morning. I’m having fun with the leaf project and learning as I go. It’s actually a lot of fun.


      • LOL, I will never do many of them but it’s sure fun to collect ideas. I was crafting today too. Actually started one of my craft it forwards.
        I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up too today…giggle…are you and the kitties all gold? You know, when we were in Maui last February, I saw a beautiful piece of art. We actually both loved it. It’s gold leaf on canvas and then glazes over that, then tiny little hummingbirds painted on…here’s the link:


        • Oh wow! What an artist. Those are beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it. Thanks so much for sharing the link. It amazes me how people continue to find new and fresh approaches to their art. We’re you tempted to bring one home?

          I’m excited to hear you started a craft it forward. I won’t ask for details (though I’m dying too). Must wait for the reveal on Boomdeeadda. Yippee!


          • Aren’t they gorgeous? Yes we were tempted but then inquired on the price. $7,000 for a large canvas. Gulp. Maybe we could design one of our own design one day?

            I might well do a post but not reveal where it’s going….giggle. I need more time…HA. How is that even possible? I don’t even work. The weekend flew by, did you enjoy it too? OMG, did you watch the Downton finale?


            • We watched the Downton finale last night and were floored! I didn’t see that coming. No spoilers here, gentle readers. But….wow.

              We were still talking about it this morning.

              We had a three day weekend here which was nice. I had a client appointment for just two hours on Sunday, then went to a long over-due lunch and movie with Sharon. We saw Warm Bodies, which was actually sweet and funny. We really enjoyed it.

              Saturday I did the leafing, potting, planting project. Today we worked around the house, then took the boys out to dinner. C. has been sick since Friday, but it on the mend. He had something entirely different then me. So ready for the end of creeping-crud season.


              • Cranky, I didn’t fancy the finale a tall (I’m speaking Downtown).

                Lucky you! Your weekend sounded action packed. I’ve seen that movie advertised and the gal…who’s actually Aussie was on Jay Leno one night. She was a lot of
                fun. We also had a 3 day weekend. We call it ‘Family Day’. Lot’s of activities round town which we avoid for the crowds HA.
                Geez, I had to look up creeping-crud, I hadn’t heard that before. Well darn, hope C is on the mend quickly. Poor guy. Feel better soon C.
                Thank you for all your visits tonight Alys. I’m off to bed since the kitties woke me up at 6:30am. Which is normal for most but I had only gone to bed at 2am. Sweet dreams Cali-girl xoK Later-Aligator


                • Oh those kitties. When they want you up, they have a bag full of tricks to ensure success, don’t they? I once had the sweetest cat name Estare. He would walk up the bed, lean over, and ever so gently bite my nose. It worked every time!

                  Family Day. I like that. What a nice excuse for a holiday. I get you on the whole crowd thing. We never do anything on three day weekends for the same reason.

                  We’re cranky too re Downton Abbey. It seems so…so…wrong! Sigh.


  3. I look at my spam mail sometimes too and it’s usually generalised trash just as yours is but what with a mean tone. I feel sorry for anyone who would post something like that, just to generally send it out in the blogosphere to annoy people! You know it is nothing personal and I for one (of many) love your blog posts. Mou make me smile! 🙂


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