Craft it Foward: Flowers and Oscar Wilde

I’m really enjoying my Craft it Forward projects. You can read about my first project here. The second project took on a life of its own. You could even say its been a bit of a drama.

The effervescent Betsy receives the second Craft it Forward. Betsy lives life in two worlds: a life in the theater and as a wonderful homemaker for two active girls. I wanted this craft to reflect both worlds. Bets and I have a number of mutual friends from our years in the theater, but didn’t actually meet until a few years ago through our children.

The white picket fence pays homage to domestic life, a quiet home in the suburbs. Look a little closer, however and you’ll see theater come to life.  Theatre folks…

  • paint scenery (white picket fence)
  • decorate props (gold leaf)
  • ‘distress’ the new to look old (sanded gold leaf along the fence posts)
  • memorize lines (an Oscar Wilde quote lines the picket fence)
  • dress in costumes (those flowers are pretty darn theatrical.  They also happen to be her favorite color); and
  • gather on stage (or in the garden) for opening night.

The quote on the fence, printed on vellum in purple ink, says:

“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.” – Oscar Wilde

Craft Supplies

Metal ‘gold’ leaf, adhesive, acrylic paint and Mod Podge

Unfinished planter box from Michael's

Unfinished planter box from Michael’s

White picket fence planter

White picket fence planter

Potted Campanula

Potted Campanula

B is for Betsy

B is for Betsy with a bit of bling

Michael J. Fox quote

The oldest form of theater is the dinner table. It’s got five or six people, new show every night, same players. Good ensemble; the people have worked together a lot. Michael J. Fox

Craft it Forward:

craft it forward buttonHere’s how it works. The first five people to comment on the original post receive a handmade item with the gardening nirvana touch.  In return, they agree to pay it forward, crafting their own unique item for the first five people on their list. Craft it Forward encourages community, creative spirit and camaraderie.  It also encourages flexibility, so I expanded my list from five to seven based on interest in the project. Isn’t it fun making your own rules?

Further, in the era of the internet, who doesn’t like ‘real’ mail?  If you haven’t started your own Craft it Forward, today is a good day to get one going.

23 thoughts on “Craft it Foward: Flowers and Oscar Wilde

  1. Ooh, I’m effervescent! I love that! And I love my present! Did I tell you my favorite color was purple? You are so amazing! Now I have to go and find who I am supposed to be making gifts for before the year goes by. P.S. I love that Michael J. Fox quote-it is great.


    • I’m so glad you like it, Betsy. I knew from a few years ago that purple was your favorite color. It’s one of my top three (green, purple, blue).

      I hadn’t seen that Michael J. Fox quote before today. I’m so glad to have stumbled upon it. I admire him so much.


  2. What a fun, crafty idea, Alys! I love the planter box you created for your friend, Betsy. The purple letter “B” with bling was the element that really pulled it all together in a personal way. I’m sure she will be thrilled!


  3. So sweet and thoughtful to create a portable garden in Betsy’s favourite colour. I know how happy Betsy was to receive your ‘Craft It Forward’ treasure too. Really clever how you correlated the theatre with gardening. It’s so true, yet I never made that connection in so many ways. I really loved that part of your post today Alys. I see your special kitty mug was used as a prop too and adds the perfect little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the vignette. BTW, how adorable an observation by Michael J Fox, I’d never heard that quote before, it made me smile.


    • Your thoughtful comments are always a treasure. Thank you for that, Boomdee.

      Thank you, too, for noticing all the details (like the cat mug). I’m having fun trying my hand at a few different things like painting and leafing.

      I love that M.J. Fox quote! I hadn’t seen it before yesterday. I thought he was adorable in my youth, and now have great admiration for the man. I’ve read one of his books, and really enjoyed it.


      • 😀 I’m itching to get to Greenland today after spending time in your garden, I just can’t resist. I was thinking how hard it might be to garden year round, remain enthused and engaged. You really make it seem effortless. For us it’s a little like Christmas. Your get all excited for it to come, make everything pretty and then it flies by quickly. I’m enjoying it now but at the lake it was such a big job, I actually looked forward to winter by the end. I think in our next home, I’ll try not to get to carried away so I can always enjoy it and take time to relax in the garden too. I loved your patio and raised beds and fountain, a perfect little oasis. xo I miss you


        • Things really slow down here in the winter, and my attempts at winter vegetables are modest, but that said, I do love gardening year round. We have fewer weeds in the winter, virtually no snails, little pruning and once the fall leaves drop, no raking either. I don’t hand water much, if at all. What remains in the pots either goes dormant (like the roses) or dies off (summer annuals). The rest manage on our bits of rain, morning fog and dew and the occasional splash of water on parched, windy days.

          Managing a garden at a lake property must have been a huge undertaking. You saw how small my garden is so by comparison, I can well imagine you were tuckered out at season’s end.

          I hope you made it to Greenland. It was this time last year that we were first connecting here. I found the original comment. Must share!

          Thanks for your sweet words. my little oasis misses you.


          • 😀 you’re too sweet. I did make it to Greenland and didn’t buy any flowers. That’s a first. I just couldn’t see what I wanted. I think they’ve been busy already and the pre-planted pots were picked over. The nicest pots were the same colour I used last year and I want to do something different. I’m going to trek out to where I used to work. I got some good planter soil and a giant bag of moss to redo the Fairy Garden for Summer and freshen it up. I want to find a big container for the patio that I can cover in the rain if I want……..might be tricky.


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