Craft it Forward: Tiny Album, Big Heart

DSC_0197My kindred spirit Boomdee is flying home to Canada today.  Mr. B and the kitties can’t wait to see her.  I tried to convince her to stay through the end of October, but she didn’t want to miss the first snow of the season. 😉 I reluctantly took her to the airport this afternoon after seven, extraordinary days.

Although I’m partially responsible for bumping her suitcase over the fifty-pound limit, I was happy to deliver Craft it Forward #5 directly into her hands.  (It can’t possibly weigh more than four pounds (two kilograms).  It must have been those cute new shoes.

Boomdee’s charming blog is about ‘art, life and other bits.’  She says

“Picking a Blog name is such a personal thing.  Should it be a play on words, funny or witty?  I want to do so many things and I’m passionate about a ton of stuff. What will I write about? That’s how I landed on Boomdeeadda.  It’s a bit of a nonsense word but says so much about me.”.

The Challenge

I like to challenge myself with each of these projects. Though I’ve created many photo albums in the past, the challenge this time was creating something for such a talented crafter. If you haven’t seen her paper masterpieces, you are in for a treat.  Take a look.

She encourages me to go the extra mile.  I inked the edges, added layers of flowers, ribbon and photo corners here and there.  Mostly, I had fun, choosing her colors and mixing it in with a garden theme.

Album pages are viewable in the gallery below.  Please click on the gallery slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 What is Craft it Forward?

Here’s how it works. The first five people to comment on the original post receive a handmade item with the gardening nirvana touch. In return, they agree to pay it forward, crafting their own unique item for the first five people on their list. Craft it Forward encourages community, creative spirit and camaraderie. It also encourages flexibility, so I expanded my list from five to seven based on interest in the project. Isn’t it fun making your own rules?

craft it forward button

Craft it Forward: Grab a button

Further, in the era of the internet, who doesn’t like ‘real’ mail? If you haven’t started your own Craft it Forward, today is a good day to get going.

25 thoughts on “Craft it Forward: Tiny Album, Big Heart

  1. The album turned out beautifully. I’m sure she was thrilled to get it. You don’t give yourself enough credit for your own creativity, not to mention thoughtfulness! The extent of my creativity is in my card making, but that is it! You and she do it all, and with quite amazing results. ;0}


  2. The album is beautiful, Alys. The palette is soft and the garden theme is perfect coming from you. I’m sorry your dear friend had to go home…..maybe after the 29th snowfall she might want to feel the warm sun here!


    • LOL! 29th snowfall…May I quote you?

      Thanks, ME. You’ll recognize that special sized album. Sad to think they won’t be making them any more. I’ve put together a few over the years as I’m sure you have too. You’ll have to let me know the latest when you can.


  3. OH MY GOSH! where o’ where to start. xoxoxo

    As nice as it is to be home (big hugs from Mr B…lot’s of snuggly kitties) my day is so mixed up, I can’t even figure out what to do next. Where’s my sweet Alys and her green magic van??? How will I get back to my little routine?? It’s almost 3pm and I haven’t had a Starbucks LOL.

    What I do know is every single gorgeous page reminds me of your thoughtfulness. I can see how carefully you picked out all the co-ordinating papers that are ‘ALL about me’. The aqua’s and pinks, flowers and birds are so perfectly and lovingly crafted into one giant ‘Alys-hug’. I wish you could take a picture of my heart as a photo can not convey how much I adore and love every single minute we spend together. I’m not surprised that we’ve chosen to the same collection for projects, I’m still laughing as I look thru it right now. Oh Alys, you ARE 1 in a million-billion and somehow we’ve stumbled across each other.

    I can’t wait to fill it up with all our holiday memories together. Thank you for being YOU. Thank you for spoiling me rotten at every turn, I hope you’re not creating a monster…LOL. Every single day was above and beyond. I love just chatting in the hotel driveway as much as finding treasures together in San Francisco. I loved cooking together in your kitchen as much as my lesson on your new Cameo. Sorry this is so long, I’m just so full of happiness. From the bottom of my heart dear, I thank you and love you xoxo

    PS. So thoughtful to include links to me, Your post is awesome.


    • We fell quickly into a wonderful routine, didn’t we? Love our time chatting in the van at curbside, too. Just one more thing…and one more thing…tea in the mornings, linking arm, all those shared stories. Hay rides, BART rides, car rides and hikes. Weeeeee we kept on moving, didn’t we?

      I loved making that album, choosing the papers, flowers, ribbons and what-nots. So much of you and me mixed into that little book.

      Thanks for your lovely words and deeds, for making my birthday week so special, for sharing of your time, love and talent. My lovely birthday was one in a million. I’m dying to say ‘same time next year’ so I’ll just float the balloon and let it drop gradually at Mr. B’s feet. 🙂

      Love and hugs to infinity, dear Boomdee.


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