Craft if Forward: Garden Journal

This month’s craft it forward goes to Emma at Greenhousing.   Emma is a fellow gardener, helping things grow in her own special garden in the UK.

She started Greenhousing: Big Plans for a Small Garden with her husband to:

plan and keep a record of our hard and not-so-hard work.

Luckily we have been hoarding lots of plant pots of various sizes, seed and drip trays, pot trays, seeds, weed suppressant fabric, vegetable and tomato fertiliser, etc. so we can make big plans without having to spend a lot of money.

The garden is an odd shape at the back of the house, with fencing on three sides and a corner of a neighbour’s garage jutting into it.  The big plan is to work around any obstacles and grow some tasty food and lovely flowers and plants.

She hasn’t posted for a while, so I’m hoping life simply got busy and that all is okay.

Garden Memories

I started by gathering garden-inspired paper and embellishments.  Oh how I tax myself [wink-wink]). I assembled an 8 x 8 book/album, small enough to carry into the garden to record notes on garden progress.  It can also be used to save photos of her garden successes or remembrances of her first year with a lovely greenhouse.

Here are a few sample pages:

garden journal page 1 garden journal page 2 garden journal page 3 garden journal page 4 garden journal page 5 garden journal page 6 garden journal back cover

What is Craft it Forward?

Here’s how it works. The first five people to comment on the original post receive a handmade item with the gardening nirvana touch. In return, they agree to pay it forward, crafting their own unique item for the first five people on their list. Craft it Forward encourages community, creative spirit and camaraderie. It also encourages flexibility, so I expanded my list from five to seven based on interest in the project. Isn’t it fun making your own rules?

Further, in the era of the internet, who doesn’t like ‘real’ mail? If you haven’t started your own Craft it Forward, today is a good day to get going.

16 thoughts on “Craft if Forward: Garden Journal

  1. That looks very pretty and very handy Alys – how wonderful to have something especially made to keep all your records and memories in – fabulous idea!!

    I love this ‘craft it forward’ idea and must organise myself to take part…… sigh!


    • Craft it forward is great fun for us crafty types. It’s a chance to craft year round and to share it with others who love and appreciate the effort.

      When you’re ready, and as I mentioned to Marlene, it can be whatever you want it to be.


  2. Another beautiful CIF off to inspire and delight. Gorgeous paper selection, I recognize a few of them Alys. I guess my favourite is page 4. I just can’t resist gingham, I think it’s cheery and timeless and I use it a lot. It’s the perfect third in a trio of co-ordinating papers. The little Aqua bee buzzing around on the honeycomb is cute too. I’m still mad for hexagons. I have my sweet album at arms length on my craft desk. I haven’t added pictures yet because I need a new photo printer b4 I start. But I want to look at reviews on the net and figure out which one is best for me. This week, I’ve been getting Jim’s Birthday together and finally mailed two promised parcels. I’m slowly catching up 😀 You must be rolling your eyes. With all that’s on your plate you manage to also get a CIF ready to go. Honestly, I’m not worthy 😀


    • Gingham is pretty darn cheery, isn’t it? It will forever remind me of the pair of baby blue gingham pants I made in sewing class in grade 8. With a white belt buckle, in case you were wondering. LOL.

      Yes, those bees are cute. I’m really enjoying the trend in paper in general these days. Lots of elegance, fun vintage and not so cutsey as it once was.

      You “aren’t worthy?????” You are crazy to say that. You accomplish many things, with grace and style. I bow down at your cute little aqua feet.


  3. I just love it and the idea of a garden journal. As soon as I can trust my body and brain to allow more lengthy craft work, I’ll give it a shot at participating. Right now, it’s long dry spells where I can do little. But on the bright side, a year ago, I could do next to nothing. It’s such a beautiful journal and I know she will love it.


  4. Hey! Howdy! I’ve climbed out of my hermit cave and am VERY happy about my crafty wonder gift! You have cheered me immensely despite our grey and short days and I so look forward to using the book!! It looks fabulous. I don’t know how you find the time for all your activities, gardening, crafts, being a wife, mum and working. Thanks very much x


    • Hey! So nice to hear from you. Sorry about the rainy gloom and doom weather. Hopefully this little package will bring some cheer.

      Thanks for the re-blog! Thank you for your lovely comments, too. You’re the best.


  5. Reblogged this on Greenhousing and commented:
    The days are getting much shorter, it is raining regularly and the summer veg plants are dying off if not already in the recycling bin. I have been quiet of late but am spurred back into action by the lovely Alys at Gardening Nirvana. Check out her lovely blog after admiring the nifty garden journal I’ll be using next year! Happy Sunday everyone!


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