Craft it Forward: Three’s a Charm

I dubbed this month’s Craft it Forward: Three’s a Charm. I incorporated three loves (photo manipulation, paper and cats) to create my third craft it forward: a series of greeting cards. If you’re new to the concept of Craft it Forward, you can read about it here.  Links to the first and second project are at the end of this post.

I’m trying a little something different with each craft, stretching the old comfort zone if you will.  It’s good challenging myself.

This set of cards is for Sheila.  She’s an animal lover, photographer and all-around nice person. She fosters cats and nurtures children and is always quick with support or a compliment.  She’s guiding and supporting a young woman through a difficult time now.  I hope these cards serve as a little pick-me-up.

At my request, Sheila sent a digital photo of one of her cats, a stunner named Rodent. I altered the photo using Picasa software, creating three different images. Sheila loves purple and robin’s egg blue, so I applied colored filters to the photo to achieve the effect you see below. The third photo is in its original form. After manipulating the image, I printed the photo on heavy-duty watercolor paper. The paper absorbs some of the color, creating a mat finish. Let me know what you think.

Included with Three’s a Charm:

  • Twelve, 5 x 7 greeting cards, 4 of each design
  • Twelve ‘Secret Garden’ envelope seals
  • A small, faux birdcage.

The small faux cage currently houses the cards.  Once empty, she can reuse it to hold a small house plant or fill it with laundry lint and other soft materials for nesting birds.

Birdhouse of Cards

Birdhouse of Cards

Purple cards

Lovely Lavender

Kitty in the Garden

Kitty in the Garden

blue cards

Shades of Blue

cards in a cage

Cards in a cage

Craft it Forward:

craft it forward buttonHere’s how it works. The first five people to comment on the original post receive a handmade item with the gardening nirvana touch. In return, they agree to pay it forward, crafting their own unique item for the first five people on their list. Craft it Forward encourages community, creative spirit and camaraderie. It also encourages flexibility, so I expanded my list from five to seven based on interest in the project. Isn’t it fun making your own rules?

Further, in the era of the internet, who doesn’t like ‘real’ mail? If you haven’t started your own Craft it Forward, today is a good day to get one going.

16 thoughts on “Craft it Forward: Three’s a Charm

  1. Ah Alys this came at the perfect time you have made me cry! That is so stunning an such a wonderful idea. I had to show Mike he and Jen both love it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤


  2. I’m really giggling right now because I picked up that exact wire bird cage when I was shopping for a ‘Bird Nesting’ holder. I saw them at Michaels and though they were so darn cute. In the end I decided to take a page out of the AM Handbook and re-purpose the wire wreath from Xmas. Such a nice presentation you’ve made with it, Sheila will love using it after the cards are all used up.

    I was keen to know you used watercolour paper to print those gorgeous/altered photo’s. I was admiring them at an art store last week when I was buying a paint pen. I really like how the photo’s turned out. Sheila will be tickled. Rat is very photogenic, what a cutie.

    I still have PJ’s CIF to do. I actually left her a little message a couple of weeks ago to say hello and I was thinking of her. I hope all is well with her. So quiet at PJG.


    • Oh my gosh, we are peas in a pod. I can’t get over it. Of all the things you can buy at Michael’s, to think we both bought the little cage. Fantastic!

      I really enjoyed working with the watercolor paper. Let me know if you buy some and try it out. Sheila left a lovely comment. I’m hoping to drop off the cards this week/weekend.

      Rat is a cutey, isn’t he? The perfect pic for those cards.

      I share your concern for PJ. I have her CIF ready to go too. Need to send her a note.


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