We’re Off to See a Different Mouse

We’re waving goodbye to Mouse (the cat) today as we fly to Disneyland for a short holiday.  Mickey Mouse, here we come!

My traveling companions are two active 13-year-old boys.  There will be no moss growing under my toes this week!  My son asked me to take photos of the garden today and then again on Friday to compare.  Without further ado, here’s a snapshot of some of the faster-growing garden favorites.

pumpkin buds

June 24, 2013
Female pumpkin buds

young pumpkin

June 24, 2013
Young pumpkin

pumpkin with two snails

June 24, 2013
This pumpkin is further along, but those two snails look suspicious to me. We may not have a pumpkin to photograph.

Basil in the rain

June 24, 2013
Basil in the rain. It’s looking fresh and tasty.


June 24, 2013
Three stages of hydrangeas


June 24, 2013
One of these things is not like the other
The sunflower on the left continues to grow up

Have a terrific week!

8 thoughts on “We’re Off to See a Different Mouse

  1. Ah, Disney Land. I remember it well. Had to go everytime visitors came to town. After 7 trips, even the kids were done with it. Two thirteen year old boys are going to keep you young, That garden will look darn good when you get back. I’ve always admired all the plantings at Disney though. Have a great time. 🙂


  2. Have a good time. Sounds busy! Your garden looks lovely!! We’ve been busy with appointments and homework for next year! Gotta get it finished before we leave on our family visit. Hope to bump in to you some time soon!


  3. Look at everything growing! I think you might have planted magic beens there and not a sunflower 😀 Have a great trip, you are a good woman. That was one of the first trips Mr B and I ever took together and I cried in Disneyland, LOL It was spring break and I just couldn’t deal with the crowds….I guess it must have been love, he didn’t ditch me after that. Hope you have an awesome time!! mwaaaa


  4. Happy holidays! Hope you have had a great time. I bet you will be pleased to put your feet up for a while in your garden after running around with two 13 year olds. The pumpkins look lovely. I bought one from a local charity shop this week – a hearty young plant so we will see how it does in England.


    • Oh how fun! A charity shop selling pumpkin plants. I love that idea. I’ve not seen that here. Best of luck growing your own. One small tip: we had a late season volunteer, so we made an enclosure with PVC pipe and painter’s plastic. It kept the plant warm enough that it continued to grow for a bit.

      It is good to be home. The boys ran me ragged, closing out the park two nights at midnight! They had a great time, though, and I had fun connecting with a few friends down south. Thanks for checking in!


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