Boomdeeadda, Boomdeeadda

Welcome Boomdee and Mr. B.

A Fairy Garden Welcome for Boomdee and Mr. B.

I once marveled at friendships forged by letter-writing, the back and forth exchange of lives via the written word. What fun it would be to share the minutia of life with a kindred soul.

I’ve found that kindred spirit here on WordPress at Boomdeeadda!  Instead of forging a paper friendship, we’ve connected through our blogs. It started simply enough, with an exchange of comments. Before I knew it, I was following Boomdee and checking in every day. We connected on Facebook, Pinterest and finally Skype.

It’s been an extraordinary journey, one of affection and discovery, leading the Boomster to my doorstep this week. The odds that we would ever meet seemed improbable: she lives in Alberta, Canada; I’m in San Jose, California. But connect we did and due to this amazing blogging community, we found ourselves together in a cozy tea shop swapping stories and sharing our mutual admiration of our fellow bloggers.

Boomdee is warm and kind, generous to a fault, clever, creative and fun. I wish you could hear her laugh or collect one of her spontaneous hugs. Like a couple of school girls, we found something to laugh about around every corner.

Beautiful Boomdee Near the Fairy Garden

Beautiful Boomdee Near the Fairy Garden

Alyster dropped by for a visit.

Alyster came with!  What a nice surprise.

Lisa's Tea Treasures with Boomdee and Sharon

We donned wigs and false eyelashes, then went out for tea.

I’ve been teasing all week that I would like her to move here, but in reality, well… I would like her to move here.  Sure, it’s impractical with jobs and family and lives, but the alternative meant saying goodbye at the curb. Alas, with heavy hearts, we did.

Safe travels my friend. You’ve filled me with joyful memories…until we meet again.

Boomdeeadda is…

No need to take my word for it.  You can go see for yourself. 🙂

38 thoughts on “Boomdeeadda, Boomdeeadda

  1. Alys, kindred spirits is just the way I would describe the two of you. It was a joy to spend time with you both (thank you so much for sharing your Boomdee with me) & I hope that you get your wish (however impractical it may be) Now that we finally had our date, we must not wait so long!! XOXO
    I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend and don’t feel too sad without your partner in crime! Hugs!


  2. Oh boy, It’s the next best thing to an ALYS HUG without being there. Thank you for your amazing post Alys. You make me feel so special and loved. The tea house pictures just crack me up like crazy. What didn’t I become an actress? I’m so darn good at it…LOL, LOL. LOOK at what a stunning woman you are! Gorgeous, generous, loving, inspiring, intelligent, funny, playful and so much more, I just love you!

    PS, and all the links are above and beyond. xoxoxoxoxoxo k/b/p


    • I’ve been thinking about you all day, picturing you on the drive to the City, wondering what your B & B is like. Sounds like you picked a good one in the heart of lots of fun places. SF is an amazing city. I hope tomorrow is just as grand.

      Our eye lash and wig tea was great fun. So was Great America, the Island, dinners out, and everything in between. Did you wear your new skirt today?

      Can’t wait for your next few posts with pics of all your activities. Mwaaa


      • I couldn’t wait to log on and say hello. Thanks for cheering us on here in SF. I didn’t wear my skirt today, I just recycled an outfit. Super duper windy down at the water. I’m afraid I flashed a few tourists when my skirt flew up….and that is not a cute thing AT ALL. How about you? Did you model your top for MF today? I’m off to sleep so will say sweet dreams Cali girl. I can’t believe our trip is 2/3’s done xoK


        • Oh you Marilyn Monroe you!

          It can be quite chilly in San Francisco when the winds pick up off the ocean. I hope you were able to stay warm. It’s amazing how different the climate is just 50 miles away.

          I modeled my top for hub on Friday. He loved it! You’re such a good influence on me. I took your advice and paired it with a navy blue knit skirt. It works really well.


  3. Aw, SO SWEET!! I’m so glad you two had a chance to meet up and spend some time together. It sounds like you had such fun together. LOVE the wigs! Lol. Very heartwarming to read something joyeous and lovely, thanks for posting! 🙂


  4. So happy that u finally met and had a great time enjoying the sites, the wigs were awesoe. Have a safe trip home and see u soon – LUL Auntie Kathleen xoxo


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  6. Alys – I’ve not been in blog land for a while so it’s been great to catch up on your adventures. You look like you had an amazing time and the tea party looked such fun. Loving the wigs 🙂


    • Hi PJ! So nice to see you here. We had a wonderful time at tea, laughing our heads off in between tasty morsels. Boomdee wrote a clever post about the day as well. We sure hope to meet you one day. That would really be something.

      I hope all is well with you. xox


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