Our ‘No Fall’ Fall

My Calendar says October but the thermometer says July. We’d normally be enjoying cooler temps by now and the house would be decorated for Halloween. It’s our no-fall, fall.

I thought about decorating every day last week. But when I stepped outside and felt a ‘wall’ of heat, I high-tailed it back inside. Is hot-and-dry the new norm?

Our seasonal average is 76 degrees F or 24C.  Instead it’s been in the 90’s F  or 34 C for days.  What’s especially strange is that the angle of the sun and the behavior of the trees indicates early autumn. I find myself clinging to the ‘old’ normal: moderate temps and perhaps a bit of rain. What do you suppose the scientists will have to say about these changes one hundred years from now? Is the weather turned upside down where you live, too?

No-Candy Countdown:

Throughout October, I’m keeping track of the candy I **don’t** eat.  I’m enjoying all the things I love about October while continuing to lose the extra pounds.  It’s day six and all is well.  I’m also reconsidering my Halloween night giveaway. Mini bags of pretzels are another option.  I met someone who gives away books for Halloween, but with close to 200 children, ranging in age from 1 to 16, I don’t think I could pull that off. I love that she does, though.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Under-the-sea Costume Updates:

Though it was blazing hot all weekend, we braved the heat in short spurts to paint. We huddled in the side year in the shade and added layers of blue to the rubberized chest for Mike’s Guardian of the Sea costume.

This is the package photo:

Starter Costume: Perseus

Starter Costume: Perseus

And our color additions:

halloween mike's costume

Transitioning to Sea Guardian

I found a gorgeous button on clearance for $1.87 that I’ll incorporate into the costume:

swordfish button halloween costume

Awesome button from a clearance rack

My sea gardener costume is still a pile of fabric. Hopefully I can get to it today.

Pumpkins on Parade

Special thanks to Boomdee for the second suggestion this month: a baker. Boomdee says:

I’d like to see a pumpkin dressed as a baker because when I see pumpkins, I see pie……mmmmmm pumpkin pie 😀 Yum

baker pumpkin collage


You can read more about pumpkin-dress up month at, NEWS FLASH! Halloween Takes Over Gardening Blog.

If you have any suggestions for ‘pumpkin costume of the day’ please let me know. I’ll see what I can do.

16 thoughts on “Our ‘No Fall’ Fall

  1. I am MOST impressed by the colour of Mike’s new pecs! If nothing else you both shall meet the colour requirements to make me and Boomdee swoon with happiness 🙂 If I remember right last year you also struggled to find time to start and finish your costume and look how that turned out. So don’t worry I am confident it will be a stunner!

    I very much like your Baker Pumpkin – good on Boomdee for making that pick! – and I would like to suggest a gardening pumpkin in honour of the hard work and the hours you put in to your actual garden and your blog garden 🙂

    Congrats for the ‘so-far-so-good’ score on no candy. And kudos for considering a swap for something else. Not having the foggiest notion of what else might work, I googled and found this site http://fun.familyeducation.com/slideshow/halloween/candy/64042.html and thought maybe you could offer a bookmark with those pretzels……?

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    • [Snicker]
      Pauline! You made me laugh.Yes, happy to oblige on the colour front. Mike has nice legs, too, to go with his aqua pecs.

      You’re right of course, I did struggle to get it all done last year. So many pieces. Mike was traveling out of the country for 8 days so it also seemed more hectic. AND I planned, shopped and decorated for the boys party. No excuses this year, eh?

      I’m so glad you like the baker. I usually start with one idea, and then go in a slightly different direction. When I remembered I had that page boy wig, it sealed the deal.

      I love the idea of a gardening pumpkin! Excellent suggestion. And thanks for the kind sentiments, too.

      Thank for the link and yes!!! bookmarks might be fun. I’ll got check this out. Thanks, Pauline, for championing the cause. xox

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  2. Oooow! a baker pumpkin! I like it. Love what you are doing with Mike’s costume. Looking forward to the finish. I was going to decorate too but we are swarmed with Japanese Beetles and they don’t sing. Just bang into everything and fly into your hair. I’ve been hiding in the house for days. The heat here is intense and unusual too. Come on cold and rain. I’m so ready. The beetles are doing a number on the hazelnut crops and fruit trees. They cover the house and windows as well as the doors. It’s a horror movie come true. My neighbor called because she hadn’t seen me out in days. I only go out when the little buggers go to bed. I don’t know what’s with the weather but I don’t like it much.

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    • Hello Marlene! Swarmed with beetles??? Good gravy that’s Halloween spooky all in itself. Is that a common phenomena in your area? Will they settle down soon? Yikes! I don’t envy you at all. That is truly creepy. I’m really sorry to hear about the crops as well. We’re a mess up and down this coast, aren’t we?

      On a different front, I’m delighted to hear that your neighbor called to check on you. That’s wonderful and as neighbors should be. Makes me smile.

      I hope your heat and the beetles are gone soon. It’s after 5 here and still 87 degrees.


      • My son is outside of LA so I keep close tabs on your weather. It’s a continual summer. It’s 82 at almost 7 pm. Unreal for here. The bugs go away soon but looks like mating season so they are more prolific than usual. Come on rain. It feels like a Halloween movie.

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  3. We don’t dress up as pumpkins over at Marking Our Territory, we just perform unlicensed medical surgery on them. Very crafty costume redux – I always appreciate creativity over store bought.


  4. Man alive, I read about your weather and Marlene’s creepfest of beetle’s and thought maybe we’re lucky in Northern Canada that things freeze for 8 months a year here. It’s getting really scary isn’t it? Who know’s what winter will bring. It can be very different year to year. I sure hope it cools down along the coast. I predict that by December 8th, it will be raining like mad. That’s when we arrive in San Diego, LOL.

    Thank’s for the pumpkin baker today sweet cheeks! I wish I had a piece of pie right now 😀 Way to go on the non-candy front though. This baker actually looks familiar some how. Hey !? Is that the face of the girl cook in Ratatouille?

    And instead of Ratatouille in her hat it’s a Halloween cat !!! LOL. That’s so clever and I loooovvve that Pixar. Thank you Alys, you’re the best!

    I’m gobsmacked at what’s transpiring on Mikes Halloween attire. WOW, what a good idea and Pauline’s right, I’m loving the colours. You’re both going to be so Aqualicious. I think once you get going on your costume, it’ll come together quickly. No sweat ! xoxox Sending some northern twinkle your way. ❤

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  5. We see pumpkins on sale for hollowing out here, but it looks like hard work. love the idea of drssing them up though – might have to try that! Keep up the good work Alys!


    • It is hard work. I’ve done it myself off and on over the years and usually break parts of the pumpkin. My husband takes a day off of work to lovingly carve them. He uses tiny carving saws and does amazing work. I immediately take pictures, since they rot within two or three days.


  6. I feel like I’ve been especially invited to your Halloween party with all these fun posts. Could you dress your pumpkin as a ? See it’s just not in my blood, I can’t think of anything, but I WILL try!


  7. The baker is a wonderful addition to Pumpkins on Parade!
    You are getting me in the Halloween spirit, Alys, and I’m looking forward to each post!


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