A Different Kind of Selfie

A selfie is a photo of oneself taken with a smart phone for posting to social media.

This is a different kind of selfie.

It’s soft and full-bodied like me and it closely approximates my size. This selfie, however, is headless.

[cue the horror movie soundtrack]

Introducing my body double:

dress form box

Dress Form Selfie

While working on a degree in theatre arts, I learned a variety of pattern-making techniques. In the fashion industry, the person making patterns is a pattern maker, however in theatre we’re referred to as cutters. In addition to flat patterns, you can create costumes by draping fabric on a dress form. I fell in love with this technique working summer stock. I draped half a dozen, bias-cut, ball gowns for a scene in the Sound of Music. I’ve lusted after a dress-making form ever since.

The theatrical versions are heavy and I assumed quite pricey.They also come in pre-determined sizes so costume shops have several. Then I found this:

dress maker form

Singer Dress Form Selfie

I looked at several versions on different sites and finally decided upon the Singer. It was on sale for $107, no tax and free shipping. Score!!!

The form has several adjustable dials so you can get a more precise fit. You can adjust the height, the neck and the bust, waist and hips. Most importantly for me, the length. I have a long torso and find it challenging getting the right fit. I’m really having fun with her.

No-Candy Countdown:

Throughout October, I’m keeping track of the candy I **don’t** eat.  Candy is not my friend. I’m trying to whittle my waistline and develop better eating habits. Please join me in the countdown.

Yesterday I tried downloading several calendars for my countdown. Everyone else makes it look so easy but in my ineptness, I finally gave up. I’ve just re-read yesterdays blog and saw the dangling sentence suggesting as much.  Oops. Sorry about that.

I mentioned that I was looking for a candy alternative to give out Halloween night and Pauline had this to say:

Congrats for the ‘so-far-so-good’ score on no candy. And kudos for considering a swap for something else. Not having the foggiest notion of what else might work, I Googled and found this site: Family Education and thought maybe you could offer a bookmark with those pretzels?

Thanks, Pauline. I love that idea, and many of the others featured in the article.  If you’re looking for a candy alternative for the door-to-door goblins, please give it a look.

Under-the-sea Costume Updates:

Now that I’ve assembled my form and it accurately reflects my size I’m ready to drape my costume. I’m starting with this peacock patterned dress from The Cancer Society store. I picked it up for $9.

under the sea costume fabric

Under the Sea Costume Components

I’ll be layering from here, using the chiffon from the bottom half of a second dress, and making trim from a third dress. I shopped at three different thrift stores and made purchases for a song: two yards of silky aqua fabric for $4, another panel of fabric for $3 and the dress. I spent much less than I would spend in a fabric store, and the money goes to a variety of non-profits.

Pumpkins on Parade:

Special thanks to LB of Life on the Bike for the third suggestion this month. LB says:

Well, you know I’m going to suggest a helmet … bicycle, motorcycle, whatever!
Looking forward to your Halloween blog take over!

pumpkin biker

Biker Pumpkin

You can read more about pumpkin-dress up month at, NEWS FLASH! Halloween Takes Over Gardening Blog.

If you have any suggestions for ‘pumpkin costume of the day’ please let me know. I’ll see what I can do.

18 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Selfie

  1. Oh sqee! A dress-making form. What fun! I love that peacock dress I can so appreciate where you are going with your plans – can’t wait to see it in all it’s form-fitting lovely floatiness……

    Perfect – a helmet for Laurie – and very cool dark glasses with just a wee touch of tortoiseshell do I see? Now you need a pumpkin bike 🙂

    I’m pleased you found that site helpful – you taught me how to turn to google for help and I’m becoming quite handy at it 🙂 There were a number of other sites that also showed up, which shows a number of folk must be thinking about alternatives which is very good to hear.

    I’m so enjoying your countdown to Halloween this year! Did I tell you this already?


    • Thank you, Pauline.

      A pumpkin bike. I’ve been thinking about that ever since you posted. Might be out of time for that one this month, but I can imagine the possibilities using small gourds. I’ll bet someone, somewhere, has carved one.

      I’m so happy to hear you’re finding good uses for Google. It’s amazing what you can search. I love that you can pose a question and get results too, since often I don’t know exactly what I’m searching for.

      You can tell me as often as you like that you like my countdown,as long as I can say xoxoxoxoxooxoxox every time. 🙂


    • Yes, October is a busy month, filled with lots of silliness. I’m having a grand time.

      Best of luck with your goals as well.

      A few of my readers have called for the naming of my Selfie. That will surely be a great topic for a future post. thank you!


  2. Forgive me for shouting but I LOVE THIS POST!
    Shhh Laurie!
    Seriously, how on earth did you find VT logos in California? I’m sharing this post (again) on my FB page!
    The dress form is awesome and what a price! I’m constantly amazed at the creativity and talent you and my other blogger friends have.
    You are making October FUN!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love this kind of shouting!!! You made me smile ear to ear, Laurie. No ‘shoooshing’ aloud.

      Thank you for sharing this with your friends. It was a lot of fun when it came together. The helmet is a Halloween cereal bowl that one of my boys made several years ago. It has one opening to hold the bowl while eating, hence the profile view (no hole on the other side). I found the VT logo on line, copied and reduced it in size and attached it to the helmet. The lips were fun, the glasses were easy and the joy it brought you, priceless.

      I’m glad you’re having fun.


  3. Score ! on both accounts. I was also surprised to see your pumpkin helmut. LOL I think you positively knocked this one out of the park. Well wrong sports analogy but I don’t know one for football. That player has very kissable looking lips, LOL

    I’m always amazed at the deals you can get on-line in America. It’s awesome! $107 is a steal too for an adjustable dress makers form. I’ve been dreaming of a vintage one actually. Not as practical but I really love the old paper ones that are all yellowed. I’m weird, ha

    Look at all that Aqua loveliness 😀 Your Peacock feathered dress is really pretty stunning. Who would part with that? Even just shortened, would make summer wear. I’m very impressed that you can *make* your own patterns to any shape. I’ve always loved the look of slip covered furniture but the amount of material required really requires you know what you’re doing. I remember one of the gowns from a theatre production you once posted in FB, just amazing. Have fun with your new selfie 😀 (that was clever) xoxox


    • This is one kissable biker for sure. I was wondering what to do about the helmet, when I hit upon the idea of using M’.s inverted cereal bowl. It’s the perfect size, shape and it even has a hole in the side. I used a scrap of velcro from my sewing box for the chin strap, used Mike’s old glasses, and the rest of the getup came off my printer. 🙂

      Working with all that aqua fabric is like having you here in the room (well not nearly as fun and funny with us laughing, hooting and hollering) but I think of you often.

      Thanks for all your kind words and good cheer my dear. xox

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow Alys what a wonderful skill to have. I do not sew other than the basics. I LOVE that you are repurposing thrift store finds. The peacock dress is delicious. I cannot even fathom how the draping thing works so I hope you will share the finished garment. I also love that you live a creative life as I try to do.
    My trick for not eating sweets including candy cookies cakes….is chocolate. ..yes chocolate. I buy very good quality fair trade 70 percent chocolate bars and I allow myself one small square a day…to savor. It helps me avoid other sweets that are full of refined sugar and corn syrup and other yucky stuff.
    I know that I can have some so I choose each day when I will have it …sometimes even at breakfast. 🙂


    • Thank you so much. I started sewing by hand when I was 6. I’ve loved it ever since.

      I shared a bit about my draping on today’s post if you want a peak.

      I like the idea of eating one square of fair-trade dark chocolate each day. When I reach my goal, I may give that a try. I especially like that you may have it at breakfast. Your so trim and fit. Whatever you’re doing is working very well.


  5. Love the pumpkin outfit again today! Those sunglasses reminded me of Elvis… wonder if that might be a possible one? 😉 And I agree with the comment above – your dress form needs a name!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. How wonderful that you finally have a dress form. How have you lived without one for so long? I had one years ago but kept changing sizes so I passed it on during a move. I’m anxious to see your dress finished. The helmet pumpkin is interesting. Wonder what would happen if you put the pumpkin on the dress form in costume? I pulled my Halloween decor out today. Once the bugs are gone I’ll put them up.


    • I know, right??? I love that thing.

      Oh, I like the idea of the dress form with a pumpkin head. They’re so tiny, it would really look, dare I say it, frightful. Let me think on the mechanics of that idea, M.


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