Monday Musings

We’ve been dusting off the garden furniture and hanging our shade sails.  Summer is on the way. Temps shot up overnight, with a high of 90 degrees (32C) in the forecast. There’s a dry wind blowing as well, making if feel more like July than April. It’s a bit strange.

I (mostly) played hooky today, enjoying lunch on the patio of  The Left Bank with my friend Laura. I made phone calls in between our get together, but overall had a relaxing day.

left bank april 2015

The Left Bank, Santana Row

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on Laura’s birthday gift, a set of greeting cards and gift tags made using the Couture line of paper by Graphic 45.

Now that the birthday girl’s opened her gift, I can give you a little peek.


Graphic 45 cards, vintage trim


These shoes aren’t made for walking: Jet rhinestones by Kaiser Scrapbook, Couture paper by Graphic 45, vintage red seam binding from Green House Supply

Graphic 45 gift tags

Gift tags: Graphic 45 Couture paper and tags, vintage seam binding, Kaiser Scrapbook rhinestones

I trimmed the box and some of the cards with vintage seam binding from my friend Donna’s Antique Row booth. She sells a variety of ephemera with a changing selection, so it’s always fun to go look (and buy).


Box trimmed with vintage seam binding, topped with Graphic 45 Couture

box detail

Box detail

In other garden news, I’m still trying to decide what to do with our garden swing. It’s in a sorry state thanks to the nest-building squirrels. I’ll share more about that in another post.

I hope your week is off to a terrific start.

19 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Beautifully done Alys – I am sure Laura would have loved her gift! 32C is pretty hot for so early in the season however – you will need that garden swing and those shade sails! I’m thinking a swimming pool too – but [sigh!] this is California! Maybe one of those little bitty baby paddling pools?


    • Oh I remember the days of the kitty pools in our backyard. I cringe now too when I think of all that water dumped onto the lawn at the end of the day. We didn’t want to encourage mosquitos. One night it was left undrained and I found a dead rat inside the following day. Ack! Most unpleasant for me and for the rat.

      Yes, this is unseasonably warm for us, too. 90s are more common in July and August. This early heat is unwelcome.


  2. Alys, what an amazingly beautiful gift you crafted for your friend! I am in complete awe. Your passion for creating with paper shines through loud and clear, as does the love you have for your friend.

    Now, about that 90 degree weather?? Isn’t that unusual no matter what time of year it is in northern California? I thought 70s to low 80s was about the temperature range out by you! Yikes 🙂 And here in DC this morning, it was in the 40s. (By the way, I went down to shoot the sunrise from the Lincoln Memorial – stunning! – and visited your old friend, Mr. Einstein, too 😀. Thought of you all while I was there!)


    • Thank you, Sharon. I try to make the time because I enjoy it so much. I bought the paper quite awhile ago, but it was hard to carve out the time to make them. Once I’m in the zone, though, it all just flows.


  3. I LOVED the cards. You do such a wonderful job. I keep looking at the cards you sent me and I think I’ll have a struggle sharing them as I cherish them so. But I know they are meant to be shared. That looks like a wonderful spot to have lunch. I do know what you mean about the temps. We had an 85 degree day already. Scary! I’m going to take a look at the paper line. Love it.


    • Thank you, Marlene. It’s a wonderful line of paper with an amazing blog to go with it. Some of the projects created using this paper blow me out of the water. I had the chance to take a class from one of the daughters at our local scrapbooking store and was really inspired by the story. I’m so happy you like the cards. You are always so gracious. Ever comment leaves me feeling warm and loved. You’re the best.

      As for the temps, just more of the same in our crazy mixed up weather. Too hot, too cold, no rain, heavy rain. It’s impossible to know what typical is anymore.

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  4. That is one fabulous gift! If only I was flapper-thin to be able to wear those elegant beaded dresses.
    It is strange when those first hot days come before your body is ready to greet them. In Melbourne we can get those early hot days and them it crashes down to cold not long after.


  5. What a lovely gift! and you are so good at gifts, Alys. I’ve finally found a moment to look through the treasures that your brought to Virginia and I love them. Especially those Mints 🙂
    Glad you had such a lovely day!


  6. now I was busy but I wasn’t in a coma, LOL. So sorry I’ve missed this fantastic post little miss Scrapbooker. I’m getting thru my emails from way back and dang if I didn’t find one I didn’t recognize the title. Loving the way your project came together with a touch of vintage. It suits the paper so well. That’s the nice thing about G45, It’s designed perfected for projects. One of the instructors at Urban does a monthly Calendar with another one of their collections. What a perfect day to be celebrating, you are always a caring and thoughtful friend.

    I do fancy the clothing from that era too. I think the Downton girls wore it well in last season. I don’t (and have never) had the body type to suite flapper, but you sure do. You’re the Berries, the Bee’s Knee’s, the Butterfly’s boot’s, the Cats Meow. I’ll tip the giggle water to you kid! xox k

    Get your flapper on here

    I’m honestly amazed at how many words I use all the time from this era !

    Get the jargon here


  7. What a thoughtful, creative gift, Alys! I’m sure that your friend was absolutely delighted to have a special collection of handmade cards and tags created just for her! We share a passion for paper. I love making cards, too. So happy to have discovered another kindred spirit, Alys! We share so many of the same interests. Wishing you a lovely day! ♡


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