Vintage Box Card: Garden Style

I’ve been at it again.

Last week I mentioned the Cameo by Silhouette, the clever addition to my crafting tools.  It’s so sophisticated, that I can hardly imagine topping it.  I won’t say that too loudly, as my limited imagination didn’t foresee carrying an entire computer in my purse a mere decade ago either.  For now, I’m thrilled with the state-of-the-art possibilities.

That said, I’ll always enjoy combining the old with the new.

My good friend Donna has a booth at Antiques Colony in San Jose called Green House Supply.  Donna is an avid gardener, crafter and purveyor of all things vintage.  She sells a variety of gently aged paper goods, including these alphabet flash cards (below), bingo cards, maps and pages from beautiful old books.  Her shop is great fun.  I never leave empty-handed.  This time I was on a mission.  I wanted to make her a thank you note to show my appreciation for the generous bag of gardening books she left on my doorstep.  I’ve been plowing my way through them and will also be offering them in our Little Free Library when we finally get that off the ground.

Here’s what I made.

Using a page from a child’s picture dictionary, I created the box card (with the Silhouette). I bought a vintage flash card with a D on it, turned it on its side, and added three-dimensional flowers. I wrote the note on the back.

Box card cut from vintage paper

Box Card and Insert

completed box card

Completed Box Card

I used scraps of paper for the face of the card and the band, inking the edges for an aged look. I added a small strand of leaf-shaped ribbon and another flower for a finishing touch

inside of box card

Note tucked inside

Closed card, sealed with band

Closed card, sealed with band

threaded leaf ribbon

Threaded ‘leaf’ ribbon, the finishing touch

The card is resting on a polka-dot plant and a dusty hydrangea, patio favorites each summer.

Box card design by Samantha Walker.

17 thoughts on “Vintage Box Card: Garden Style

  1. Well, where do I start? As someone who has been intending to try her hand at a box card for some months now – and who has never quite got round to it – I am so impressed that you just up and made one – and it is so pretty with those papers – and the upside down D is a touch of pure genius! I can see you going great places with your fancy machine 🙂

    And further – taking those photos outside, putting your pretty garden to use as a backdrop is further proof of your genius-ness :[or geniusosity] 🙂

    I also quite fancy visiting your friends booth – it does sound like it might be a treasure palace for crafters – shame it is such a long swim!


    • Thank you, Pauline! I watched the tutorials too, but the math involved made my head hurt. Imagine my delight when I learned I could make one with my Cameo Silhouette. They are perfect for tucking in little treasures, gift cards, notes, or anything small.

      Thank you for appreciating the garden flowers beneath the photos. I can’t imagine a better back drop.

      Yes, it is a bit of a swim to Donna’s shop. Do you have anything similar in your town?

      Thanks for being here! xox


  2. Donna will be ticked to see what you’ve magically whipped up with goodies from her stash. It’s absolutely awesome. How fun to use an old book page for the card box, I wouldn’t have thought of that, love love love it. I’ll be happy to sneak the template when we have some play time with your Cameo. Those pressed pink flowers are so pretty with the Royal Blue ‘D’ Are they from your garden Alys? I really like the way it closes with the little paper latch too. I’ve bought a number of book pages from ‘Treasured Memories’ but I haven’t found a way to use them yet. Your gift is really inspiring. xK


  3. I cannot even begin to grasp how you did that! It’s so pretty. You have been having lots of paper fun lately. I keep looking at the pictures and trying to understand how it’s done. Your wealth of talents just keep flowing. ;D


    • Marlene, you give me far too much credit. I watched a YouTube video on creating one of these box cards and my head nearly exploded. Too much math for my creative flow. Then I realized I could create a template on my cameo. If you want me to send you a template, I’m happy to do so. I’ll just flat mail it and you can assemble it. They’re pretty cool.


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