Crafty Watering Can Brings Flowers to Life

Several months ago I attended a weekend scrap-booking retreat and fell in love with the Silhouette Cameo™. In fact, one of the designs, featured today over at Boomdeeadda, uses the Silhouette. Check out the clever lantern designed by Despina Boettcher.

Over the years I’ve admired all the various die cut systems, but never jumped in. Where would I store them all? Then along came the Silhouette. Simply attach the Cameo to your computer via a USB port and download (or create) designs. The watering can design below was only 99 cents. Most of the designs are under two dollars. If you’re a designer, you can make your own creations and even sell them to other users. So darn cool!

This weekend, while hiding indoors from the current heat wave, I had fun making this paper watering can.  The design, by the clever husband-and-wife team at SnapDragon Snippets was a great way to combine my love of crafting and gardening.  Since it was my first attempt, I used paper leftover from another project to see how it turned out.  I love it!

paper watering can

Paper Watering Can designed by SnapDragon Snippets

Since none of my real watering cans look this good, I decided to age my paper one for an authentic flare. I used a water-based dye ink called ‘garden green’ and brushed on a coat of gold and copper leaf flakes, originally used on a Craft It Forward project earlier this year.

Distressed paper watering can

Distressed watering can

Then I waved my magic wand to make it waterproof (or for the less gullible I added a small jar inside).

Garden flower bouquet

Garden flower bouquet

In an effort to beat the heat, I raced around the garden early this morning snipping hydrangeas, anemones and for height, a few snips of flowering basil. (Since the flowers take away from the flavor, I could snip to my heart’s content).

pink hydrangeas and anemones

Anemones, hydrangeas and basil

It’s easy to forget how relaxing it is to pursue a creative hobby. Cutting and arranging flowers is soothing too. Note to self (and anyone else reading this): remember to make time for your favorite creative endeavors.

Searching for inspiration? Here are a few:

22 thoughts on “Crafty Watering Can Brings Flowers to Life

  1. 😀 We are truly in-sync Alys. How fun that we are able to ping each other today. I can’t get over how intricate that little gem of a machine makes your projects. I have my cute little lantern in a window in the craft room, up high where I can enjoy it but the kitties can not reach. I also have looked at my folding box card so many times, trying to figure out how I can replicate it. I will treasure it along with all your other creative gifts.

    Wouldn’t your little watering can be a cute table top at a bridal shower party? As if it wasn’t fab enough, I especially like the ‘tarnish’ you’ve cleverly added. Gives it character and depth. Your garden Tussie-Mussie is delicious. It reminds me of something picked out of a rambling English Cottage Garden. Man I wish we could grow those Hydrangea’s here, so very pretty and delicate. I will just envy them from afar…..but not for long 😀 xK


    • Boomdee, isn’t it amazing? I could hardly believe how in-sync we were with our posts.

      As for the box card, you can make a template when you’re here of the basic card, then perhaps use your existing die cuts to embellish the corners. I found a tutorial for one but it made my head spin with all the measuring (math not being my strong point). The Cameo takes away the guess work.

      I’m so glad you like the cards and it is sweet to know you treasure them as I do yours.

      I *love* the idea of using these for a bridal shower. Such a great idea. You could put the bride and grooms initials on them, or add a sentimental quote or simply create them in favorite colors. Quick…I need a bride and groom.

      You know, I think an English Cottage garden is my all time favorite. I would love to yank out the lawn and create meandering walkways, rose trellises, and little secret corners here and there. One day!

      I hope things are still in bloom when you arrive. I’m sure there will still be plenty of anemones and snapdragons and maybe even the coleus. Guess what? The garden peas came up and are looking healthy. I’m so jazzed!

      Thanks, Boomdee xox


      • I wish some of the young couples I know would make the leap too. My friend Lori’s daughter is engaged but I don’t know if they are planning a wedding. They’re actually on a world tour right now. Moving from Australia back to Canada. Her Lindsey’s fiancé Simon, is English. She met him traveling. They are a super cute couple. If I ever get to do a shower, I’ll sweet talk you for these cute little watering cans, maybe we can make a trade of some kind 😀

        I do love the cottage garden, did you see ‘Howard End’ and ‘A Room With A View’. Period movies by Merchant Ivory. Fantastic dialogue, fashions and gardens.

        May your Sweet Peas thrive ! xoK


        • Wow, what a trip. That sure sounds like fun. If they can survive traveling the world together, they’ll have a head start on the whole marriage thing. 😉

          I did see both ‘Howard’s End’ and ‘A Room With a View.’ Stunning on many levels.

          I would love to make favors for a wedding…no trade or sweet talking required. What fun that would be.

          Thanks for the Sweet Pea encouragement. It was a thrill to see so many of them up and looking healthy.


  2. You are such an amazing person – this is very clever and is so very pretty and cute too! It is so hard to tell from the photos that this watering can is made from paper! And what a clever little machine [no Pauline, you may not have one!] Thank you for the ping back – I really must learn how to do that! The flowers are just lovely – the photo’s are lovely, [even though there’s no Mouse today] the weather must be lovely – it’s cold and raining and sleety here, winter has returned! And the thunder and lightening has arrived at the very moment I wrote that last sentence!!


    • Oh my goodness (blushing) you are the sweetest. Thank you! It is clever. I also love that so many small designers can make a name for themselves with their designs. I spent an hour looking at several and finally had to drag myself off to bed.

      Mouse will make an appearance shortly…no fear. I caught his little chin in a shot just this morning. He insisted on an elevator ride up and finally got one. He is such a character.

      Wow…rain sounds glorious right about now, though not the sleet you describe. We’re into day three of a heat wave, with a forest fire burning one county over. The air quality is awful.

      You’ll have many hours of crafting in your near future. Enjoy!

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Oh, my goodness, Alys. I see another crafting habit starting up. I’ll have to look into the machine of which you speak. :(. I may be doomed to be overcome by it. The flowers from your garden do make it perfect. I wonder if you used a spray polymer on it that it would hold off moisture a bit even though it’s not really (waterproof).:) My mind twists that way to make something wonderful last a bit longer. Thank you for the ping-back. It’s appreciated.


  4. I love it! I am hearing and seeing so many amazing projects done with this machine. It turned out fantastically. It doesn’t even look like paper. I wonder if you could cut yourself a new couch or chair? 🙂 Love it. Love those anemones. I was just looking at the bulbs in the store and was wanting them sooo badly!


    • The anemones are amazing. They keep multiplying year after year and have taken over the back corner of the garden. We enjoy a wall of white flowers for nearly eight weeks.

      I’ve heard amazing things about 3-D printers so it may not be long before we’re printing out our own couch. Can you imagine? LOL

      Thanks for stopping by.


        • These stay in the ground year round. They die back almost to the ground by December, then recover in the spring, flower in August and September, then slowly fade.

          We dig up cold season bulbs like tulips so we can trick them into thinking they’ve had a frosty winter by popping them in the fridge for six weeks.

          Do you have to dig up all of your bulbs?


          • No I don’t have to dig up any bulbs for tulips. But dahlias yes. And Cana lilies yes. So that’s where I get confused. But they were selling those bulbs with the tulips so maybe they act the same. Now I really want some.


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