Salad: It’s What’s for Dinner

I cling to the fantasy of eating a salad made entirely from my garden. Alas, we don’t have the room to grow all we would need, so our meals are about compromise.  Tonight’s dinner was a blend of both worlds: supermarket greens and a delicious avocado, along with fresh tomatoes from our garden.  I sliced our first heirloom grown from seed, and tossed in a handful of Sun Gold organic cherry tomatoes grown from a nursery starter.

garden salad

Garden Salad

Two of the peppers are turning yellow, so they’ll make it to the table by the end of the week.  Our basil continues unabated, a garden staple all summer long.

tomatoes, basil

Basil, Roma, Sun Gold and Heirloom Tomatoes

The days are shortening with our hemisphere’s Autumnal Equinox just 10 days away.  Suddenly summer is over.

Living in our moderate climate, warm days will continue into November.  The garden tells a different story, however, as plants perform the grand finale, before packing it in for the season.  It’s been a great run.

Golden pepper

Golden Pepper

26 thoughts on “Salad: It’s What’s for Dinner

  1. Looks super healthy and colourful. It helps when your food looks good I always think it tastes better. You know, I never buy avocado. I like guacamole, but never start from scratch. Maybe I’ll put that on the list 😀 My favourite Peppers are the red. But they’re always so pricey at the market. You’re are looking perfect.

    I always think it’d be nice to live where it’s summer year round. But I’d actually like it to be September year round. It’s finally cooling off at night and days are sunny but not scorching. Now around 18-21 C. Still get showers but it’s not going to be green for long.


    • I agree: pretty food does taste better.

      Are you a fan of guacamole? Consuela’s in Santana Row comes to your table and makes it fresh. I could eat chips, salsa and guac and just call it a day. Chevy’s has great chips and salsa too. Mmmmm…oh yeah…back to the salad.

      I’ve wondered why the colored peppers are so pricey…almost twice the cost. Maybe they’re not grown in abundance the way the green bell peppers are grown. I’m glad you are having a nice September. It’s cooling down here as well, at least at night.


      • Here’s a silly question, do red peppers turn green after a bit? Or are there actually 3 different colours. Dah?

        I buy a package called Stop Light Peppers. You get one of each yellow, red, green. I love them all 😀

        Yes to Santana Row, chips, salsa and guac…..on that list 😀


          • Well I’ll be. I had it totally backwards…they all start green huh. That’s so neat isn’t it. It looks like the Red ones are the way to go as far as vitamin goodness. Naturally they are the pricey ones. I bought a generous bag of baby orange ones not to long ago. They were pretty yummy and not expensive for some reason. I would imagine a number of fruits and vegetables are a lot less expensive there since they often say, “grown in California” at the market. I wish we could buy more local all year round but nothing growing much of the year in these parts. Thanks for the link, I can’t wait to tell Deb L tomorrow when I’m making our veggy pizza at lunch. Then we’re going to go to the antique mall. Wish you were coming……10 days though!!!! Holy, I can’t believe it. ❤


            • We are really spoiled living in California. We produce lots of great produce here, and live close to Mexico where they also produce great produce. This valley was originally a farming community, pre-tech industry.

              Have fun with Deb, pizza gals. What fun!


              • We were at the Antique Mall for I think 2.5 hours. We sat down and had coffee there and downloaded Ellens new APP. It’s a type of charade. A little addictive really, we really had fun with it. We’ll have to play. Deb was much better. Then we drove thru rush hour (urrggg), so she stayed for a snack too. I’m pooped, but in the best way. Hope your day was AWESOME!


    • That’s interesting. Ours is grown in a fairly sheltered area, so perhaps that helps. I haven’t grown it indoors for a few years, but that is a nice option for the colder months. Best of luck with ‘bashful.’


  2. Funnily enough, I have been having the same thoughts as you re salads and autumn! My lettuce have been bolting, so need to be eaten pretty soon, and even though my tomatoes are ripening but slowly, we had some nonetheless 🙂


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