Garden Snapshot

Busy, busy, busy.

Did I mention I was busy?

I’m having fun in the garden in between appointments, exercise and carpool duties. Here are a couple of snapshots as I go about my day.

garden snapshot potatoes, watering can, geranium

Patio corner springs with life

There are two steps leading from our back door to the garden patio. They form an L shape, resting against the house and leading to the garden. The steps currently house a potted geranium, my new watering can and a ceramic bowl of water for the cats. I’m energized by all that color. The small fountain that the cats like to drink from is off-limits so that the birds can have a swim unmolested. The fountain is now surrounded by a small wire fence.

Staked inside the geranium are a pair of gardening tools, a gift from Talia and Belinda. They spotted them at a cat show and thought of me. Sweet, eh?

That small bowl of red potatoes grew in the center of my sheet mulch compost project. I’m looking forward to steaming them later this week. Red potatoes are one of my favorites.

bowl of red potatoes

Red Potato Compost Harvest

Here is a closeup of my garden fork and spade. Aren’t they cute?

garden tools meow

Charming gifts

And I’m off…

I hope you’re living life in the slow lane. I’ll catch up soon.

15 thoughts on “Garden Snapshot

  1. What a delightful little snapshot! I feel I need a watering can just like that to get me inspired in the garden. As for the meow tools. Where did you even find those? ? I’ve never grown potatoes but that harvest you have is gorgeous and enviable. Maybe next year. You remind me that I need several bird baths and vessels for creatures to drink and refresh. Every year I tell myself to get it done and this year I will. Enjoy as slow a weekend as possible!


    • Thank you, Leilani. Isn’t it funny sometimes what inspires us? I love that watering can, and in fact like watering cans in general.

      The garden tools were a gift from my neighbors. They found them at a cat show of all places and thought of me. Nice, eh?

      I learned a lot about having a water source in the garden for creatures big and small. The butterflies and bees need water but must get it from a slow drip. They get refreshment from fountains with a small knob at the top where the water runs slowly. They could probably do the same from water captured in the crook of a strong leaf. We have a tiny fountain that we bought about 19 years ago. We replace the small pump every five years or so. They raccoons come at night for a drink, and by day the squirrels and birds. The hummingbirds like to dip in there for a bath early in the morning. My cat Lindy sits in my bedroom and watches through the window. Mouse kitty unfortunately is young and quick on his feet and caught one as it exited the fountain. I felt terrible. I now have a small fence around the fountain to give them more time to fly away and have added a small bird bath with a water wiggler to keep the water moving, fresh and appealing.

      You are so creative that I’m sure you’ll come up with a wonderful solution to bring water to the thirsty creatures in your garden.

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  2. The colors are so beguiling, I can feel that glow of energy right through the screen. And everything from the garden art to the colors of the petals all scream, “We epitomize Alys!” You even think of the all the little creatures who benefit from the chunk of natural world you’re in charge of. They are lucky critters, indeed.
    And I’m a big fan of compost harvesting. I’ve grown the best tomatoes of my life right inside my compost heap. Of course, it makes it a little difficult to toss and turn all the ingredients while trying to be careful of roots.
    Hope the potatoes are a big win. 😀


  3. What a lovely way to start another busy day. I feel like someone turned the treadmill up to race. But those potatoes have me warming my butter and thinking of the braunschweiger in the freezer. Those were another treat for us when dad was away. Yum.. Have a marvelous Monday.


  4. What a tastey little tidbit of your day, 50 sleeps ago :/ Good Grief. Things were looking tasty, I like those red potatoes too. Funny them, just showing up (growing up) in the mist of another project. Did you see Sunshines Mulch project and all the Lilies that grew up from underneath anyways? When you gotta grow, you gatta grow…wah wah wahhhhh :p

    Cut watering can too. I found a nice aqua one at Ikea. I bought Pauline one because I know she likes the colour too but has no Ikea on that piece of rock. I was looking for the right size box and then your parcel arrived. Get this, it fits. So I shall re-allocate your box to our dear Pauline…LOL off to New Zealand from California via Canada…weeeee

    later red tatter (eater) xo k


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