Frosty San Jose

frosty inflatable

My son’s prized inflatable, pretend snowing in San Jose

Still no rain, and certainly no snow, but we did get some frost last night.  This isn’t a big deal for everyone, but it’s a rare occurrence around here.  It’s December 4th after all.  The tomato plant had to go eventually.


I have lots of frozen peas (and I never stepped foot in the freezer aisle). They look plump and juicy and, well, frozen. Since it’s a winter crop, I’m not sure what to think.  The plant doesn’t seem to mind, but it may take a few days for any damage to appear.  I’ll let you know.

frozen pea

Frozen peas, available now in your neighborhood garden

Last week I *finally* planted some beats. I soaked the seeds at the same time I planted the peas, but originally planned to put them in the veggie garden out back.  The tomato plant hung on and on in one bed, and the strawberries in the other, so I didn’t have room.  I planted the beats in the curb garden with the carrots and peas.  I hope they’re equally successful, and that I didn’t plant them too late.

plump pea

Plump and ready

I started my broccoli seeds indoors and all was going well. Somewhat foolishly I started hardening them off, the process of acclimatizing the seeds to their new outdoor home. It would have been better to wait till the holidays were over. I simply forgot about them.  They came back inside for water and a rest.  Hopefully enough of them will recover so I can make a go of it.

Next up, spring bulbs. My back just hasn’t been up to the task this year, so bags of bulbs sit in the garage waiting for my next move.

I think I’ll go make myself a hot cup of tea while I give this more thought. I hope you’re enjoying your day.

Frosty paw prints

Frosty paw prints

Organized at Heart

I’m posting a series of articles featuring organizing around the holidays this week on my blog Organized at Heart. If the subject interests you, please go take a peak.  Today’s blog has a few filing tips (boring) along with beautiful file folders (sweet) to inspire this mundane task.

9 thoughts on “Frosty San Jose

  1. That looks like a hard frost and so early in the season too. I wonder what that bodes?
    We would get frosts like that well after mid winter ….. but things are changing as we have noted before. I’m sorry to hear the back is still an issue for you. Not good for anybody, let alone a gardener!! Keep warm 🙂


  2. HA, your first photo had me raising my brows and saying “WHAT?” before I read on…good wake me up Alys! It seems so darn weird to me that it get’s to 32 F in San Jose but there you have it. I found that my Petunias, Alyssum and Vines all did ok with light frost. I think it’s for a short time before the sun pops up. Our weather man calls it “the mid morning slump”. We can get a couple of weeks of it before, what he then refers to as, “a hard frost”. For us, the ‘hard frost’ is when the overnight lows are around -5 or so for a prolonged time. The Geraniums always bite it first, the leaves just wilt. Love your photo of the kitty prints, so precious!


  3. The frozen pea photo is wonderful … and the paw prints, too! Smile all around. I am so ready for snow (I know, I know … all those poeple (Boomdee) who are deep in snow think I’m out of my mind 🙂


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