Watercolor Hummer

lexi hummingbird

I signed up for a banner-making class a few weeks ago at locally owned A Work of Heart.  They’re a mixed-media art studio, with the wonderful tag line: Where everyone is an artist.

I went for the Christmas banner, but  left with so much more.  I met the wonderful,  Lexi Grenzer of The Shabby Calavera.  She led the class at A Work of Heart and teaches additional classes at  Scrapbook Island.  We connected on Facebook where I spotted this ethereal watercolor.

My dad was a painter and my mom a great sketch artist, but that level of talent didn’t trickle down. We had plenty of watercolor paint sets growing up, but I never got any good at it.  I have great admiration for Lexi’s skill.

Lexi Grenzer is a teacher, jewelry designer and animal advocate in the Bay Area. She has a great love of all things Shabby Chic and Day of the Dead, which lead to the creation of her blog and business, The Shabby Calavera. Lexi’s days are spent creating in the studio, teaching classes, snuggling with her four fur babies and doting on her son and adoring husband. She attributes her love of art and hand crafted beauties to her Grandmother’s amazing influence.

So in addition to appreciating her art, I really appreciate her heart, and her contributions to our local Humane Society.

And the banner…here’s what me made in class:

Joy Banner

Organized at Heart

I’m posting a series of articles featuring organizing around the holidays this week on my blog Organized at Heart. If the subject interests you, please go take a peak.

26 thoughts on “Watercolor Hummer

  1. That is such a cool banner and it has just sparked a great creative idea for me ….. 🙂 My YD’s middle name is Joy and we work it into as many scenarios as possible and we are decorating her carport area to be a covered outdoor Christmas Entertainment Area par excellence!!
    [How’s that for a long sentence?]

    For a moment i thought you had painted the hummingbird [I don’t feel I can call it a Hummer, that is too intimate and I don’t really know any yet] and my heart skipped an excited beat 🙂

    I’m with your Lexi – I believe everybody is an artist – there are certain techniques to learn and mediums to explore to find your own place – that’s all.

    Lexi sounds quite fascinating – as a lover of shabby chic myself, but not day of the dead, I am intrigued. Must check her out 🙂

    It’s a beautiful banner dear Alys, Repeated because I just realised I rabbited on about everything else except that!! 🙂 xoxo


    • I adore your comments…and I like that expression too, ‘rabbited on.’ I’m not familiar with that one, but must use it in a sentence now too.

      What fun to learn that YD has Joy as a middle name. I would also like to hear more about the Christmas Entertainment Area. I’m really intrigued.

      The banner was fun, though I hate to admit that without my reading glasses in tow, I had a tough time seeing the scoring lines on the super-duper, Martha Stewart too. I’ll no the next time. We made the rosettes, painted and glittered up the letters and chose the colored paper for the floral shapes. She pre-papered the banner with sheet music. I love that! I have it hanging in our living room for the season.


  2. What a gorgeous banner! Handmade festive decorations are the best. I’ve checked out Organized At Heart – your other wonderful blog – and I will most definitely be a regular visitor there! How do you do it all? I really admire your energy. Two fabulous blogs, an organising business, craft classes, a wonderful family, cutesy cats, an amazing garden. Phew! Hats off to you dear friend. And big hugs. x


    • Thanks so much for checking out my organizing blog. I really appreciate that!

      Thanks loads for those compliments too. You really do spoil me. When my boys were young it was a full time job, but at 13 and 16, they are away for a longer school day, and quite self sufficient when home. I love to blog, so really it is quite enjoyable. It feels strange when I don’t write!

      The craft class was just two hours one evening…fun to try and fit them in every few months to learn something new, and also to have some away time with a girlfriend. We are so lucky living in this area. I can find a class at several different places, within 15 minutes of home.

      Just look at all you accomplish: several cats and dogs, young twins, a garden and a blog. You’re also a far better cook than I am an clearly do a great job in the kitchen.

      Big hugs to you, too. xox


  3. LOL, I just read Dani’s message above and thought the same. Can it be as basic as making a list? I’ve been incorporating that at times too but find I just keep adding stuff to the list and it never gets smaller.

    Your water colour has all my favourite colours and it’s my most loved medium. I love the looseness of her style, it’s so soft. When I think of Hummingbirds, it’s such an opposite in that they dart around so quickly and edgy. So there’s that for me too, the contrast of what you see in her art and what I think in my head…does that make sense? Anyways, so happy you found it because it’s perfect for you 😀

    Your banner turned out so cute! I linked over to the shop and what a neat idea. I see they have soldering on the class chart. I’ve done some to make charms but I sure could do with an actual course. There’s just nothing like that here. What’s the black part on your banner Alys? Is it lace or paper? I like that contract there. Aren’t rosettes fun, I’ve been putting them on everything. Handy on Gift tops too. Next time I’m in town, it might be fun to pick out a class together! Adding to the list, LUL xK


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  5. Beautiful hummingbird; my Mum’s favourite bird, too. Lexi is very talented, indeed. Thanks for the link to her site. I had a look and will be going back.
    Love your banner and I’m here now because I first saw it on Pauline’s blog, where she mentioned your conversation. It suits her, especially where she has hung it.

    I’ll have to check out your organizing blog now; sounds interesting. ~ Linne


    • Linne, thanks so much for stopping by and for connecting to the link. Lexi is quite a talent, and a very nice person to boot. We really connected during that class. She loves animals, children and art. What’s not to love?!


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