Frost Nipped Peas

Two days of a hard freeze were unkind to the garden peas.

frost damaged peas

Frost Damaged Peas

I gathered a handful this afternoon. There’s nothing to be gained at this point by leaving them on the vine. The vines are drooping as well.

The frost damaged the outer skin leaving it mottled.  The inner ‘pearls’ look surprisingly good though.


Peas, unmasked

garden peas

The in and out of garden peas

It’s supposed to ‘warm up’ to a low of 38º F (3ºC) by Friday, but will drop back ten degrees  the following day.  With over two weeks to go before the winter solstice is upon us, I wonder what this means for the season ahead?

Organized at Heart

I’m posting a series of articles featuring organizing around the holidays this week on my blog Organized at Heart. If the subject interests you, please go take a peak.  Today’s blog offers some tips for creating new giving traditions for the holidays.

8 thoughts on “Frost Nipped Peas

  1. Doesn’t even look like enough for a good snack. I think we are in for extremes with the weather. Good day to stay in and write or sew. Snowing a bit out there. I’m sitting in blankets so the electric heat doesn’t have to work so hard. It won’t be long before we are complaining about the heat again. 🙂


    • Boy, were you ever right! Days of hard frost did them in.

      How pretty your snow must be. Is it light snow that melts, or will it stay on the ground for awhile?

      So true about the heat, isn’t it? I find it harder to cool off then to warm up, making the in-betweens of spring and fall my favorite.


  2. Oh phooey! and everything was doing so well. Has you garden been heavily damaged then Alys? I still can’t imagine it since we’ve spent time in San Diego in December and it’s never that cold. I guess they are an 1.5 south though. We actually saw a San Jose news story tonight about your weather on our local news! It must be very unusual to make the news here. I was so sad to hear some poor homeless man passed away due to the cold.

    Glad you were able to enjoy some of the fruits of your labour. Stay warm! Poor hummers, they must be so unhappy.


    • I know, right!? They were doing really well and promised to produce a lovely crop. It looks so sad out there after seven days of frost. I’m sure that is how you feel every year, too, when your pots suddenly freeze after producing beautiful color all summer long.

      That is so interesting that San Jose made it to your news. It is unusual to have frost, not to mention seven days of it and in the fall! Crazy. When we’ve had frost in the past it might last one or two days and arrive in late December or January.

      We’ve had two homeless people (at least) parish in the cold. It is heartbreaking to see people in your own community living on the streets or in camps.

      As for the hummers, I was sure we had seen the last of them for the season, especially with so many flowers now frozen, but they continue to come to the feeders, so we continue to provide food. They must have warm spots to sleep at night. They seem quite chipper.


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