Make Like a Tree


Don’t say anything, but sometimes I pretend I’m a tree.  I stand stock still in the garden and  wait to see what happens. I’m a tree with a camera, but lets not argue semantics. I get the best shots when I’m quiet and unmoving, even though I long to call out ‘come look!’ at the cuteness nature serves outdoors.

I ventured out this morning in my warmest coat and watched the ballet. One crow, then two swooped on and off the phone lines. They soared overhead, settled in the neighbors pine, then flew back again. I was so tree-like at that point that I missed the photo-op entirely.

A pair of hummingbirds danced a different dance: low, fast and chit-chit-chitting as they went, They crossed and swooped from tree to tree, feeder to tree, and back.


Hummingbird on guard

A squirrel hopped the fence, stuffed to the gills. It looks like our neighbors have a two-for one offer on peanuts this morning. This little fella looked worried, even though I assured him I was just a tree with a camera.  His peanuts were safe.

squirrel with peanuts

Two-for-one special

Squirrels don’t have wings, but I swear he flew along the fence. For all his concern, I’ll probably unearth those peanuts in the vegetable garden come June. I can’t imagine his well-padded frame could eat another bite.  Of course that never stops me from grazing.

hummingbird rear

Bums the word (and hopefully not a commentary on the gardener)

If you have a few extra moments this weekend, make like a tree. Let me know how it goes in the comments, below.

Organized at Heart

I’m posting a series of articles featuring organizing around the holidays this week on my blog Organized at Heart. If the subject interests you, please go take a peak. Today’s blog, Reorganizing Traditions, suggests evaluating our holiday traditions. then bringing them in line with our current lifestyles.

22 thoughts on “Make Like a Tree

    • Thanks, Emma! They are really something. They are the only bird that can fly forward and backward. They move at such a rapid rate that they seem like tiny helicopters. I never tire of watching them.

      Happy weekend to you, too. How is your weather holding up?


  1. This comment cracked me up “I was so tree-like at that point that I missed the photo-op entirely”. I was just thinking yesterday that I need to take more opportunity to PLAN to take photos, rather shooting on the way to and from places as I often do. I’m going to make it my goal to Make Like a Tree this weekend (especially since I pick up my newly cleaned and somewhat repaired camera in the morning – yay!). In fact, nearly every morning there are 3 to 6 deer grazing in my yard (no suprise that my plants never survive) but as soon as I walk out the door, the flee. I’ll have to get out there before they do and be camera ready.


    • Hi Laurie,

      So…did you make like a tree (a very cold tree no doubt). I must go catch up with your posts.

      I’m so glad you got your camera back. Is it in good working order?

      How amazing (says the city gal) that you have deer grazing in your yard. Wow, wow, and wow. I was out near a country club last week for a client visit and saw two dozen deer resting on a golf course. When I went back later in the week they were gone. I hope to catch a glimpse of them next week.

      I’ll bet you could bundle up, sit quietly and be treated to a nice show. Good luck!


  2. Well now, as Barbara Walters once famously asked Katherine Hepburn, “if you were a tree, what kind would you be?” You make me smile because I imagine you standing there enjoying the action and THEN saying, “oh drats, yah, I have a camera in hand”…LOL. That little squirrel is like looking in a mirror. The other day I ate at least 2 dozen jelly beans in only three handfuls…I was enjoying two flavours together :P….He looks so cute, meanwhile I had to go brush my teeth because they were all sticking in my teeth. I’m such a catch…LOL.

    “Bums the word”…HA, that made me smile. I’m almost certain that hummingbird is just pretending to be a gardener with a camera who’s pretending to be a tree..I’d know that move anywhere 😉


    • You are so funny! I’ve had a terrible sugar run this season. It’s really an addiction for me, one I must break. I would have done the same thing, except for the sticky part, since I’ve been dealing with a broken crown for two weeks. I finally got the permanent one, but get this: it broke on the way to the appointment…in a soft shortbread cookie!

      LOL…you make me smile and laugh and feel glad that you are here.


  3. So I gave your fabulous idea a go this morning – make like a tree! I figured it worked so incredibly well for you with your amazing post pictures above that it’s got to be well worth standing very still in some early morning “summer” rain! We have some spectacular rosellas that hang out in our tall birches in The Oasis early in the morning – and I have been very keen to get some snaps of them. But whilst making like a tree, they flew away – noooo! Why? I’m sure I did the make like a tree thing just as you said – and then I looked down – and five cats were also making like trees at my feet!! Teddy had let them out of the garage – and they thought me standing stock still under a tree was a great new game! Tomorrow morning they shall remain in their beds a little longer and I shall try, try and try again! Gorgeous post and gorgeous pics! xxx


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