How to Braid A Carrot

Note: I’ll have to put some thought into tagging this post.  I’m not sure anyone ever did a Google search using the term “braid carrot.”  Here goes:

Step one:

Purchase nursery six-packs of small, leafy carrot starters.  Make the following assumption: each cell contains one carrot plant.

Step two:

Plant accordingly.  Be sure to gather the neighbor’s day-care kids.  Turn tiny people into future gardeners.

Step three:

Wait 50 – 70 days.  Publicize your countdown in your blog sidebar.  This is an important step for those of us with “menopause brain.”

Step four:

Take the sage advice of a couple of bloggers who inquire “did you thin the plants?”  (Note: In my gardening defense, I know about thinning seeds.  I just ASSumed they were pre-thinned before I bought them.)

Step five:

Dig up a few ‘spare carrots’, in this case, the carrots planted on the other side of the curb garden as back ups in case the tiny gardener’s crop fails.  (One or two did and I was able to fill in accordingly) Realize, oh-oh…I didn’t thin the plants.  Thin one or two and watch them droop.  They didn’t like waking up early.

Step six:

Reset the countdown in the side-bar from 50 to 70 days and wait some more.

Step seven:

The most important step of all: Watch the tiny gardeners cute, wondrous faces as they dig up a carrot and realize what they’ve grown.  Picture me smiling from ear to ear.

carrot harvest 2

Tiny gardener harvesting carrots

carrot harvest 1

Carrot unearthed

And if you’ve read this far, here is the tutorial I promised.

How to braid a carrot:

  1. Refer to steps one through seven.
braided carrots

Braided Carrots

27 thoughts on “How to Braid A Carrot

  1. This one made me smile — very clever of you to create a braided carrot! Little kids see everything as wonderous. I suppose the ordinary carrots were just as interesting to them as the braided one. 🙂


    • Nature braids in mysterious ways (Ha!)

      Yes, I think when you’re that age, everything is interesting and new. Too bad we can’t remember more of it. I’ve read that are earliest memories tend to coincide with language acquisition. Interesting that.

      I’m glad you smiled!


  2. I love this! I love the tiny gardeners little pdgy hands and round cheeks. I can imagine how excited they were. I also love the braided carrot-should be fun to cut!


  3. Well bless your heart, you little garden mentor you! How cute is that little Sydney?

    Congratulations on introducing something new to your little neighbours. I can totally see you beaming at all their wonder and naiveté. Maybe those are magic carrots or maybe carrots are suppose to look like that, there shouldn’t be any garden rules as a guest gardener. I say, “caution to the wind” when ‘to thin or not to thin” is the question.

    Might be fun to try and serve the braided carrot as is….alla, Dr Seuss. Check out these other wacky vegetables


      • Well, that oral surgery sure wasn’t fun, and keeping the pain under control a bit of a challenge BUT I am constantly reminded that things could be much worse!!! I predict I’ll feel much better, from a mouth / teeth perspective tomorrow 🙂


        • So, Laurie, how are you feeling today? Oral surgery doesn’t sound like much fun. I hope the swelling went down and as such, the pain is subsiding. Do you have follow up surgeries or is this the only one?

          Thinking of you. xox


          • I think I’ve got at least 2 more oral surgeries … hopefully that will do it but we’ll see. I had a very quiet day yesterday and that led to feeling good today. I’m feeling confident that I’ll just keep getting better and better. Thanks so much for your thoughts 🙂


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