It Takes a Village: Wee Little Carrots Under Wraps

baby carrot

Baby Carrot

If you’ve been reading along, you’ll know of my recent garden misstep: failing to thin carrots.  I’ve always thinned the plants I grow from seed, but incorrectly assumed that the starter plants were pre-thinned. (They weren’t).

I’ve been getting wonderful advice (from The Contented Crafter)…

Oh dear Alys! Carrots need thinning, Boomdee was right. If you are concerned about the size of them [and you can always check with another dead of night forage] I wonder if you might suggest to the tiny gardeners that the garden fairy has whispered in your ear that the carrots need a little longer to grow a bit bigger …. … Whatever the outcome I’m confident that provided the tiny gardeners get to eat a carrot, no matter what size, it will have been a successful introduction. Can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

moral support (from LB)…

I look forward to hearing about the tiny gardeners and their excitement over the harvest! (good thing it was Boomdee there and not me; I had no idea that carrots needed to be thinned)

and a fit of giggles from Boomdeeadda:

As for the carrots…..I only know that ONE thing about vegetable gardens because I grew a whole row of mutants and misfits myself, LOL.

Attention Gardening Nirvana readers: Boomdee knows basically nada about vegetable gardens!!! LOL.

I planted abundantly to ensure wee gardener success, so it was safe to unearth one of the plants when the coast was clear. Sure enough I uncovered half a dozen tiny carrots, clustered snugly together. They looked cozy, like a litter of tiny kittens intertwined.  Carrots and kittens eventually grow up, though, and need their own space.

I quickly divided the plants, replanting within minutes hoping they wouldn’t mind the brief interruption. I patted the earth and walked away.  Nothing to see folks, nothing to see.

By day two, carrot greens rested on the soil.  I refused to give up hope.  Day three, still on the droopy side.  It’s now been a week and no real sign of recovery.  So…

Today I decided to leave the rest of the carrots undisturbed.  I’ll let them grow for one more week (it’s a 50 – 70 day crop).  Then the wee gardeners can harvest and take home tiny carrots to share with their family.

One of the best parts of documenting your garden in a blog: lessons learned for next year.  Thanks for supporting me on the journey.

Halloween Countdown:

purple monkey on pumpkin

Purple monkey on a pumpkin (This sweet little monkey was a birthday gift from my talented friend, Laura.  She dyed him this color, then added all the beautiful details.  Isn’t he cute). Dharma Trading Co.

12 thoughts on “It Takes a Village: Wee Little Carrots Under Wraps

  1. What a wonderful thing community is – none of us get it right every time, but together we can make it happen! I’m with Boomdee on this one – I know you thin carrots – it’s always seemed such a waste to me that you have to do this – I know you fertilise tomatoes heavily – I know you train peas to grow up a trellis or pergola of some kind and I know you mound up the soil around potatoes. That’s it folks!! Oh, and I’m good with roses, herbs and lettuces in pots too…. but then that’s it 🙂 I’m just hanging out to hear the happy end to the tale…….


  2. Alys, I JUST mentioned you in a post that I’ll be sharing on Weds. SInce it had to do with counting down, I came to check on the carrot and halloween countdown.
    Lessons learned yes, BUT tiny carrots are perfect for tiny gardeners!
    Love the purple monkey and the wonderful pumpkin!


  3. One thing about tiny carrots is they make really wonderful pickles. The small ones are the best because you can pop them in you mouth really fast. They’re best eaten while dreaming of a snuggling litter of kittens….you’re so cute. Thank you for the recap and ping back too….such brilliance is hard to come by, LOL. Laura did a fab job on your monkey, did she get a name? Hey! Are those a couple of new pots of succulents? I’ve always liked those straw liners. Remember that cool AIR PLANT wall we saw along the way (maybe San Francisco), I spotted some at my local market too.


    • Interesting. I never knew that. Mike loves things picketed too. I like things sweet….hence my waistline.

      I’m working on naming the purple monkey but I’ve not found inspiration in a name just yet.

      Good eye on the succulents. They were hanging on the side of the house near the deck, but we relocated them to make room for Halloween decor. I’ve got to get out there and take some pics. Right now it looks like it could all blow away. The gigantic cat is nodding up and down. So darn funny.


      • Giant nodding cats! Geez, you live in a magical place 😀 Flying giant cats might be interesting but I hope you don’t have to find out 😀 Que graceful tall lady with flowing red hair and orange and white cat running down the street xoxo


  4. I love coming to the game late and reading all the comments. They are fun too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the carrots. Did not know you could pickle them but why not, you can pickle so many things. Love the purple monkey. This was a fun visit. Thanks.


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