Three Dogs: Clever, Sweet and Knotty

This is Titus. He’s a Doberman Pinscher by breed, but clearly a retriever at heart.  I fell in love with him on the trail last week when he ran by carrying…a log!

titus with stick

Titus the Clever

He’s still a puppy, just a month away from his first birthday. According to his companion, Monique, Titus is quite fond of sticks.  He carried this one around like a twig amazing all passersby.

Isn’t he clever?

titus without stick

Titus drops his stick

I meet plenty of dogs along the trail, especially when I’m walking with my friend, Karen and her dog, Dylan.  Dylan is number one, but it doesn’t hurt to flirt now and again.  No worries, Dylan.  You’re still the apple of my eye.

Isn’t he sweet?


Dylan the Sweet

Last week I encountered the most unusual dog of all.  You might even say he’s knotty.  We stood eying each other for quite some time. I even snapped a picture to be sure I wasn’t imaging things. Back home, pictures downloaded, there he was clear as day.

Isn’t he knotty?

dog tree

Knotty Dog?

Never a dull moment on the Almaden Quicksilver trail.  That place has gone to the dogs.

Halloween Countdown:


Blog Love: A beautiful piece of embroidery from the talented Marlene Herself at In Search of it All.

22 thoughts on “Three Dogs: Clever, Sweet and Knotty

  1. Your walks are fun!! Titus with his stick and Dylan just looking handsome – are both so very gorgeous – but tell me, does Mouse know you are so fickle? I’m sure he would not be impressed and may even need to accompany you on further forays into the wild to ensure you don’t bring home yet another stray …… I’m sorry to say that when I look at Knotty I just see a camel – is it just me?


    • It could be a camel, or a goat or even a ferret. 😉 I’m just glad you see something somewhat zoomorphic and not just a knotty old tree. It might have been the cool, foggy day, but I saw shapes in several trees.

      Mouse hasn’t a thing to worry about. Dylan and Titus have loving, happy homes. I wish Mouse had a loving home, but feel glad that he counts me as his surrogate. 🙂 Thanks for your always enjoyable musings, Pauline.


  2. I saw a ghost and a snake in knotty. Guess my mind is on Halloween 🙂 Ask your friend if Dylan likes bubbles. It’s great fun on a breezy day watching Mal try and catch them in the backyard. He also seems to like the soapy taste… then again, he thinks cat poop is delicious lol.


    • Oh, I’ll have to go look for those too, Mary. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      As for dogs food preferences, there is no accounting for taste. LOL.

      I’ll have to bring bubbles on one of our hikes. Dylan is sweet, playful and endearing.


  3. LOL, Titus looks like he’s having a ball. My heart skips a beat when I can meet up with a dog who’s having the time of his life enjoying a walk. We took my girlfriends dog Coco for a walk this weekend, down to our old house. She’s a chocolate lab and I love her, I miss it so much.

    Of course Dylan would be hard to resist, look at that smile and those eyes. I bet he’s really soft too. That’s such a great place to walk, with or without a furry friend. I’m surprised we didn’t spot that tree, err Knotty…ha! Good eye Alys. I wonder what made it grow that way?


    • I know what you mean. Dogs have the ability to be so carefree, always. It’s hard to imagine that they ever have a worry. It’s refreshing.

      So glad you got in a walk with Coco. What a great name for a chocolate lab. It must be bitter sweet going back to the lake and reliving some of those wonderful memories.

      Dylan is soft, especially his floppy ears. He’s super affectionate and usually showers me with kisses when I see him. He also likes to crawl in my lap, which is hilarious given his size. Makes me laugh every time.

      I’m so glad we got to share this hike when you were here. Now you can picture most of it. As for Knotty, I added on an extra half hour last week and that is when I discovered him. There is always something new!



  4. Oh! You know I have a soft spot for dogs of all kinds and this gave me my daily fix. Even the Knotty dog was cute. I’m almost embarrassed at how the card turned out now that I see it. Oh well, the thought was there. My son was bitten by one neighbors Doberman, (poorly trained to guard) so another neighbor would not stand for him to be afraid of theirs. They took my son camping and had him sleep with their Dobi all weekend to get over his fear. Worked like a champ. Titus looks like he just wants to make mom proud.


    • I’m so glad this could be your daily fix! Pooches rule!

      Your card is lovely, Marlene, and your sentiments cherished and appreciated. We’re all our own worst enemy, aren’t we? That card makes me happy. Thank you again.

      What an interesting story about your son. People spend a lifetime fearful of a certain animal after a life-long experience. I know my younger sister is also quite frightened of dogs after being chased by a pair of doberman. I give them the respect they require, and taught my boys at a young age how to best approach a dog (fingers closed into a fist with the top of the hand offered to the dog). Open hands can be intimidating (and you might lose a finger). Also, kids tend to pat a dog on the head which can be intimidating.

      Titus was a sweetheart. I love his face!

      Thanks for sharing your story.


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