Hummingbird Songs

Hummer in the orange tree

Hummer in the orange tree

It’s hard to beat this fall weather. Cool mornings warm up to the low 80s F ( C). Autumn leaves drop slowly around here, but drop they do. The neighborhood maples have a dusting of gold along the top.  I’ve seen a few of their leaves carried down by the breeze.

Hummingbirds migrate south this time of year, though it’s never clear to me if the hummers in our neighborhood stay put, or if our birds move even further south, while their northern counterparts fly here. It’s a mystery, but a pleasant one. I don’t feel compelled to solve it.

We keep our feeders going year round and I’ve heard that they help the migratory birds passing through. Our Salvia remains in full bloom and should flower for another month. The hummers are big fans. We like to do our part to help our tiny visitors on their way.

This gorgeous fellow rested in our orange tree this afternoon. He seemed happy with the dappled sun on his back. I wonder if hummingbirds can actually drink from an orange or if the skin is too thick?

Sure, I can Google all these answers but for now I’m just writing from the heart. These little hummers make my heart sing.

looking up

Looking up

Halloween Countdown:

ceramic pumpkin

Birthday pumpkin from a dear friend

20 thoughts on “Hummingbird Songs

  1. Those are such lovely thoughts Alys – and beautiful shots of the hummingbird – and I like that pumpkin too – its hard to tell if it’s a real one dressed up or a pretend one made of card or porcelain …….. am I anywhere in the ball park…….?


    • Hi Pauline. It’s always nice to see you here.

      I love it when I can get a clear picture of the hummers. I have all sorts of blurred shots as they flit about. I’m so happy when I get a clear one. I love those sweet little birds.

      The pumpkin is made of porcelain. It’s about the size of a large apple. The body of the pumpkin is glazed, but the peduncle (notice how I slipped that in) is unglazed, lending to an authentic feel. My friend also made the card, adorned with (you guessed it) more pumpkins. They’re 3D stickers, quite elegant, don’t you think? I’m surrounded by talented card makers. Lucky, lucky me.

      What are you working on today?


      • I was leaning towards porcelain on account of the glaze – but you can never be too sure when looking at photos – it is lovely. I think it was a good call to leave the peduncle ala naturale mode -see how I slipped it right back in 🙂
        I also don’t know how to put in those dashy things over french words – so now you think I just can’t spell…..]

        I am working on a largish canvas -it is not going well! I haven’t worked on a canvas for at least six years and of course I had to start with one the size of a small house! The pot of gesso has been well used as a kind of eraser and the original underlay of colourful, hand stitched papers has all but disappeared …. sigh!

        No new post from me for a bit….. maybe I’ll just get on with those Christmas cards tomorrow.


  2. They are just so tiny. Geez, I know why ours hi-tail it to California in the winter but I can’t imagine why yours would ever want to leave your garden. I imagine, it’d be a few Canadian hummers mingling with their American friends. They’d swap stories about their time apart, all the why planning their next visit 😉

    What a cute pumpkin you’ve received, did you friend make it? I finally found a dish for my Gnome Terrarium yesterday…now looking for tiny accoutrement too…going to go to the $1 store for halloween decor


    • Hurray for Gnome Terrariums. I’m so happy you found the perfect dome home…or dish. Wish I could tag along for the Halloween shopping. It never gets old for me! 🙂

      I love the idea of Canadian hummers hanging out this winter. I like the idea of Canadian Boomdees hanging out here too. (A gal can dream, can’t she?)

      Have fun shopping. I can’t wait to see the reveal.


  3. I have a friend who is a bird-watcher, I’ll ask her about the hummers in our area. I love them too. One little hummer-friend sustained me during a very dark time in my life….I’ve often felt that he was a tiny angel sent from heaven to remind me that I wasn’t alone.


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