Fairy Garden Additions and The Great White Terror

Good thing I took photos when I did. As soon as I turned my back, a neighborhood squirrel dug a hole in the center of the fairy garden. I guess he wanted to put his own mark on the place, casting aside the pistachio walkway and planting a peanut in its place. Rabble rouser! He could have asked first.

I added a small fence and a ladder to the garden, both courtesy of my son’s art project cast-offs.

spooky fence

Spooky fence

this way

This way

When I bent down to take pictures, curiosity overwhelmed the cat.  Mouse that is. He’s never far from the action, and the fairy garden is no exception. So, up he went. Good thing the fairies weren’t about. Imagine how frightening.

DSC_0127 DSC_0128

They must have left in a hurry, as I found a tiny shopping bag at the foot of the stairs. I’ll hang on to it for them. I’m sure they’ll be back to collect once the great white behemoth leaves town.

pea shopping bag

Shopping for peas

If you’re reading this Friday, I hope you have a terrific weekend. For my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, I’m so happy to know that Spring is under way. Enjoy!

Halloween Countdown:

Pumpkin Mischief Maker

Pumpkin Mischief Maker

19 thoughts on “Fairy Garden Additions and The Great White Terror

  1. I am sure the fairies will not mind Mouse one little bit – look at how sweetly he puts his nose to the lavender to inhale the scent – I am also sure he did not mean to trample them underfoot…….Mouse?

    Thank you for your Spring time wishes – as I write this [4.30pm] the sky is black and thundery… this morning at 7.00 my house was flooded with sunlight and warmth and I was writing happy Springtime messages ……Spring is definitely here! Have a lovely weekend xoxo


  2. I couldn’t wait to see what the Great White Terror was 🙂 I love the photos of Mouse (and of course, of the Boomdee additions to the garden).
    Happy weekend to you, too!


  3. !! awwwwww, (( Alys )) now where ever did you get that cute little shopping bag? You’re too cute. I’m so glad you are enjoying the necklace. I hesitated buying it because jewelry is such a personal thing to select, but I knew you would feel my heart and love the message it comes with. I just love you to pea’s’s (hehe).

    So relieved to see the ‘Great White Terror’ has whiskers. Oh that Mouse! He’s just so darn cute, how can you get anything done? Dang, sorry to hear your local Squirrel Decorating Agent decided a peanut walkway would be more alluring than pistachio, they can be such diva’s those Decorators’. Hugs to both gardeners, I miss you!


    • Can you believe that shopping bag?! A friend gave me a little broken garden vignette and I’ve been using pieces here and there. It included that tiny shopping bag. How perfect, eh?

      Jewelry is personal, so I share your trepidation, but you being you, you got it in one: perfect colors, shape, style and of course so us!

      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      Yes, that Mouse is a character. I’m pretty sure by now I have over 500 pics of his cuteness.

      Hugs back atcha.


  4. Hi Alys. Halloween only really starting to take off here in the last couple of years, but somehow it doesn’t seem right. Maybe it is because it is spring and there are no pumpkins to be had anywhere! Cheers Sarah : o )


    • Hi Sarah,

      Are you enjoying your spring garden?

      Admittedly we are probably overboard on Halloween here in the States, but we do have fun. I can see that it would be odd without any pumpkins. Do the little ones get dressed up?


      • Hi Alys. We are starting to see kids wandering the streets dressed up knocking on doors, but it is slim pickings as not that many people have bought into the concept.
        Our kids generally go to a Light Party, which is something the churches though out the country run so the kids can feel like they are getting into the good bits of Halloween like dressing up and getting lots of candy and having loads of fun, without the dangers of wandering the streets knocking on doors in a community were Halloween isn’t embraced and they would more likely get nothing or an angry response than candy or old ladies being intimidated by teenagers who haven’t really made an effort but are out to see what they can get.
        Some of the Light Parties are huge and they block streets and get fairground rides and give away great prizes like bikes. Our local one is a bit more humble the kids have games and a sausage sizzle. But they have fun and that is what is most important.
        The garden is beginning to shape up. The weather has been lovely two days in a row!!! So I have managed to do loads of bits and pieces and I am starting to feel like I am regaining control. The first strawberry should come ripe in the next couple of days. Exciting times.
        Cheers Sarah : o )


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