Seeing Red

Roma tomatoes and Chinese Pistache leaves

Roma tomatoes and Chinese Pistache leaves

I’m seeing red.

I like it! The cherry and heirloom tomatoes died back a month ago, but our Roma tomatoes continue to grow unabated.

In November.

This is Silicon Valley after all, originally known for its rich, agricultural roots.  But I’m still amazed at the prolific production of this plant.  I did a bit of reading and learned that the plant will continue to produce, as long as daytime temps remain about 60F  (15C).  That explains it.  We’ve had a mild autumn so far.

While the Roma happily churns out fruit in the back garden, the Chinese Pistache flashes red outside my kitchen window.

Pistacia chinensis (Chinese pistache)

Pistacia chinensis (Chinese pistache)

The Pistache’s slow, beautiful descent into dormancy is under way.  The colors are magnificent. I’m grateful to live in this beautiful valley with such optimal growing conditions.

roma tomatoes

Seeing red

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22 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. So sweet and tasty – and full of warmth and sunshine to help get you through the days to come – though I believe it never rains in California….?? That tree, which I have never heard of, looks absolutely fantastic. Such colour!!


    • The colors on this tree are stunning. It turns so quickly, too. Yesterday you could still see quite a bit of green but now it is almost all red.

      It feels like it never rains here, but in a good year we average 15 inches in the Valley. Sadly, we’ve had about a third of that. Our ‘big’ rain months are December through February. I hope we get some decent downpours this season. I love the rain.


      • There is nothing can beat a rainy Sunday in the middle of winter – I always want it to be a ‘jamie day with a long slow late breakfast followed by a long slow late lunch, a couple of good movies, a glass of wine, a fire and back to bed to listen to the rain on the roof ……

        I also like spring rain and then again summer rain is really yummy – when the rain drops sizzle as they hit the pavement and the smell of refreshed garden hits the air …..

        Yep, rain is nice! I hope you get plenty – but not too much – don’t want you floating away! 🙂


  2. I am envious of your gorgeous view! I open my blinds to, yep, an apartment. Stunning!
    I just bought Roma’s today and look at your haul, all free! We are scheduled for more snow tomorrow around supper time. At 0 it shouldn’t be too bad. I really must clean up my porch. The hanging vines are right beside the icicles hanging from the rain gutters…LOL. How do you eat all your Roma’s…Salad? Salsa? Spaghetti Sauce? Amazing that they’re still producing, WOWee!


    • Thank you! I’m sorry your current view is another apartment. I’ve been there myself. It must be especially difficult after so many years at the lake. Now *that* is a view!

      Hanging vines and icicles. I hope you can capture a picture of that.

      I’ve been eating the tomatoes whole and sliced a few for last nights dinner (Mike made a vegie stir fry with couscous). Today, I put the rest in the freezer. I didn’t know you could freeze tomatoes, but learned that you can freeze almost anything. This will give me time to come up with some sauce recipes and the time to make them.

      We nibbled the carrots raw so they’re gone. Still sorting out what to do with the green peppers (froze a few as well).

      I wish you were here to join me for a salad and a catch up.


      • I had no idea you could freeze tomatoes or peppers! Our freezer storage is so small, 2 boxes of waffles, a loaf of bread, 2 bags of friend fries and it’s almost full. Oh ya, Jim’s maple ice cream (yuk, so grown up, give me tiger tiger). Did your wee neighbours take some carrots home too? Are your peas still growing curb side?

        I wish I was sharing a salad with you too. I just ate a granola bar and it’s 10:48..doh…I need to start thinking about Maui and swim suit…eeeek. Should we Skype this weekend? Jim’s away Saturday for overnight…do you have a free evening? xoxox


        • It was news to me, too. Apparently they slide right out of the skins too, saving an extra step when cooking/prepping. I’ll let you know how it goes.

          Our fridge has a two drawer freezer. It feels small, but it really isn’t. We ask a lot from it.

          I’m not familiar with the term tiger tiger?

          Yes, the wee ones took some carrots home, but it is probably time they harvest whats left so they don’t become tough

          Yes, the pea plants are huge! I’m going to write about them tomorrow. They are way more fun to grow then I realized. Beautiful plant, lovely flowers, delicious produce. Yippee!

          Swim suits. Eeek is right. But wow…Maui

          We have a date night Saturday and haircuts during the day. How about Friday night? Or does he leave Saturday?


          • Tiger Tiger is orange ice cream with black liquorice swirled in it…looks like a Tiger. Have you seen it? Very Yummy if you like black liquorice. What might they call is in the US?
            Your Saturday sounds action packed. I think Jim leaves Saturday noonish…back Sunday afternoon. Are you able to connect Sunday late morning, say over a hot cup of coffee in our Jammies 😀


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