Alliterating Peppers

There is something about peppers that invite alliteration. It all started when “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers…”

Personally I prefer my peppers un-pickled,

Enticingly edible, eatable and esculent,

Perfectly pleasant,

Pretty, pleasing and plump,

Effortlessly enjoyed and


How about you?

Fall bounty

Fall Bounty


You win some, you lose some,  Pepper Pests

28 thoughts on “Alliterating Peppers

  1. Oh look at you go you gardener you! And I saw what you did there – not only alliteration but also ‘pepper’. Too clever!! And the carrots, left over from the tiny gardeners efforts I presume? Your peppers are so big and dark green and shiny – yum! I shall just have to imagine one in my salad this evening……… heavens to murgatroyd, my mouth is watering ……


  2. I love my Peppers

    In Pasta Sauce
    Lip smacking
    Every Colour

    But especially


    I generally put my peppers in a pan with onions, basil, crushed garlic and cherry tomatoes then toss with pasta….I just have to have carbs…and lot’s of them. What a haul!


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  4. Hi there fellow gardener! I know how you can keep all the peppers you grow! Use Epsom Salt around your pepper plants and tomato plants too and it will make them greener and healthier. No bottom rot on any tomatoes or peppers when you sprinkle the Epsom Salt around the plants a little every week. We did it this entire gardening season and we had NO rotten veggies! Come check us out at and look up our garden posts! 🙂


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