Luddites and Pumpkins

I’m probably eligible for Luddite status, as my forays into technology continue to fail me.  With help, we got the wireless connection working for a few hours, then the internet went down.  By morning, both the wireless and the net were down.  To seal my fate, I set up my fancy sewing machine, a gift from my husband a few years back.  All went well till I had to switch to the zipper foot.  The electronic symbol for moving the needle to the left or right made no sense at all.  I read the manual, read it again, and then (while the internet was working) did a Google search.  Still no luck.

In the end, I simply made do with the regular presser foot and moved on.  What a frustrating day.

The pieces scattered on my kitchen counter Sunday night are now loosely sewn together.  My sister stops by tomorrow to help me with the final fitting.  Then I’ll sew in the lining, hem the skirt and I can call it a dress.

cutting a pattern

I’ve always dreamed of owning a cutting table. The kitchen counter is the next best thing when you’re tall.

The bling that will take it from dress to costume includes a length of sequins from the fabric store, several hand-made roses made by a local crafter and a few strands of leafy ribbon from Scrapbook Island.  I’m really looking forward to a bit of hand-sewing, a task I’ve always found relaxing.

On the garden front, I decided to harvest our late-season, curbside pumpkin.  It hasn’t grown in size for a few weeks, and shows no signs of turning orange.  That said, I’m wondering if this pumpkin is actually one of the blue-green varieties.  It has a bluish tinge and once inside, I realized that it turned light green but not the rich green the other pumpkins pass through on their way to orangeness.  Could it be a crown pumpkin?  What do you think?

light green pumpkin

Crown Prince

My son’s teddy-bear sweater is just the right size for dressing up our new pumpkin.  No drafty nights for this ‘crown prince.’  Who said “it’s not easy being green?”

By the way, it’s not easy being a Luddite either.

Halloween Countdown:

pumpkin in sweater

Sweater weather


15 thoughts on “Luddites and Pumpkins

  1. Yes, it looks like a crown pumpkin to me – I have two sitting in my kitchen right now waiting to be turned into puree 🙂 Sorry for your technology issues – I can relate as I am still nursing my recalcitrant lap top along. I hope the frustration of it all won’t turn off your ‘happy’ button for too long……. Things like this make me wonder what would happen to all us enthusiastic bloggers if the www went down altogether?? Hugs!


  2. We had a full moon this week. Not good for electronic behavior. Good excuse, huh? I’ve had a fancy machine for 12 years and learned things about it today that had remained elusive. The sweater on the pumpkin is adorable. Where can I get one in my size??? 😉


    • LOL! If I had awesome knitting skills, I would whip one up for you. It’s so cute on that pumpkin.

      Congratulations on learning something new on your machine. That is a day to celebrate for sure! Full moons and electronics, eh? I’ll have to ponder that one, too.


  3. Ooooh, can’t wait to see your Hallowe’en costume!! I use my dining table as a cutting table. It is a Danish Teak table and is really loooooong and narrow, so works perfectly! Now, I eat in the living room, on the ottoman. 🙂


  4. Hey, that is a really different pumpkin isn’t it. I totally think you’re right, it looks like the one on the link “crown prince”. I wonder where that came from? Do you think a squirrel planned it there for later? I wonder if the flesh is orange? It’ll look neat carved for sure. You must be sewing like made. It’s taking me 1 year to sew 1 dress, LOL Can you say “procrastinate”? I can’t wait to see.

    BTW, I hung my kitty cat clock today….OMgosh, I just have to say, IT’s FANTASTIC”. Thanks so much for making time to get there with me (and everywhere else too) xoxoxo K Will be writing about it when I’m more awake….MUST go to sleep now. SWEETEST of dreams my dear friend.


    • I’m pretty sure a squirrel planted it our a bird many have dropped it. Funny, eh?

      Apparently I harvested it way to early as it has been leaking fluid from the stem for days (bowls full!). Isn’t that odd?

      I’m so glad you are loving your kitty cat clock. I printed out your post to take to Wayne. I’m sure he’ll be tickled…aqua!


      • mmmmm a leaky pumpkin, weird. Maybe a Mollusk left the tub running and got side tracked 😉

        I hope Wayne will enjoy my clock story, thanks a bunch for passing it on 😀 Maybe he’ll be so happy he’ll treat you to one of your own….what colour would you get? Hehe, “tickled….aqua” 😀


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